Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farwell talk

When you start counting down the weeks instead of months you know your time at home is coming to a close. Preparing for a mission is hard work but so uplifting. On Sunday the 21st of October I gave my 'farewell talk' in the Wauseon Branch. Being able to talk about my mission, The Utah Salt Lake City Mission, it felt so amazing to share my testimony of how I decided to serve a mission. It's simple, just listen to the Holy Ghost! Oh and prayer and fasting and more prayer and fasting! Ha. Being able to learn from past prophets and understand how they gained their testimonies has be a great strength to me, by reading the scriptures. Understanding and applying! As I was speaking on Sunday, looking out at the congregation, I was over come with the support from family, friends and neighbors. To go through Primary, Young Women's and then into Relief Society with the love of all of them helping me grow with in myself but also in my home and community, and school! I not only felt their love but the love of my Heavenly Father! How grateful I am! 

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