Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sister Pratt - Email from a Member

Dear Pratt Family,

We had the privilege of having your lovely daughter in our home for dinner tonight. She is a delightful missionary. We enjoyed getting to know her and her companion. We wanted to share some photos. Thank you for sending such a prepared missionary to our area. We are so happy that she is serving here. She is so fun and is doing great work. She is an awesome missionary!!

Bless you,
The Roberts Family
Stansbury Park, UT

We love missionaries!!! Sabrina, Sister Roberts, Sister Cardon, Sister Pratt, Reggie, Veronica

Silly Face :)

Brother Roberts, Sabrina, Sister Cardon, Sister Pratt, Reggie, Veronica

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 23, 2013

This is Presidents last letter! So tender and wanted you to see how amazing he really is!!!!
Loves! Sister Pratt

Sunday, 23 June 2013 Sarah Jane Pratt

Dear Elders and Sisters,

This will be my last letter to you. I want each of you to know how much we love you and have been blessed for having served with you here in the greatest mission in the Church. We have loved every minute and will always remember the great experiences we have shared together. As we leave I want to share my testimony of the reality of a loving Heavenly Father, the divinity of his Son Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the restoration of the Gospel. Like you, I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ.

I have learned many things from you. You are a very special group of spirits, save for these latter-days and foreordained to usher in the second coming of the Savior. Your lives will be forever blessed by your service here in the mission. That one single decision to serve a mission will have a more profound effect on your eternal destiny than any other decision save who you will marry. Make sure you serve well, for the time can never be recovered.

Give up your personal interests for these two years and yield your hear to God. Do things His way and not your way. Own your obedience and never be distracted by other missionaries. Be proud of being a Preach My Gospel missionary. Exercise the faith to baptize every week. Work in concert with your local priesthood leaders and build up the Kingdom of God. Be happy and love the work. Only then will you find true joy and happiness on your mission.

I will read your letters this week before we leave. We know you will support and sustain the new mission presidents as you have us.We leave you with our love, our prayers, our faith and blessing as you serve the remainder of your mission. Serve the rest of your mission so that when we see each other again you can look me in the eye and tell me you served with all your heart.

We love you,

President and Sister Winn

Transfers, Stansbury Park, UT Sister Cardon!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a crae, awesome, like totes inspired week! Have I told you that I just love serving a mission with all my heart and know I'm to be here?!!?! Because I know this gospel of Jesus Christ is for true! And Heavenly Father loves us!

As Sister M and I went on the last few days together I really didn't know what would be happening but it was all for a reason. We got the call Tuesday morning and Sister M was leaving and I'm staying!!! (Just so y'all know I'm like totes the best packer ever!!!! Sister M's clothes fit perfectly in her suitcases! ;) I was so proud of myself for not crying when she left. I think it gets easier as I leave more companions. But I have missed her odd jokes and go go attitude! The girl who's Jewish, went to a Catholic school, is on a mission and has turrets! She is so cute with her bun on the top of her head! Haha.

Transfer meeting was a bit sad for us all. It's President and Mama Winn's last meeting! They were able to bear such strong testimonies and I know that we are in this mission for a reason. As Sister Winn stood up she looked our at all of us missionaries, some going home, lots staying and 43 new missionaries sitting behind her (13 are visa waiters) and said, 'I'm capturing this moment in my mind forever!' I know I was prepared in the pre Earth life. I felt the spirit tell me that I was prepared to be on a mission right now in this time in my life. Heavenly Father does not make Mistakes!

As I looked on the poster board of who my companion would be I didn't even know the Sister! Haha. Then she came up to me and said, 'Sister Pratt I wanted to be your companion!' and then we have each other a hug! In my mind I was thinking the same thing, I remember when Sister Cardon came in last transfer. She is a trial missionary so I'm finishing her last 6 week training just like I did for Sister Martin!!! She is the sweetest thing ever and is from Bountiful!!! How much happier could I be?!!?! (You know Ester Christensen from Perrysburg in our Stake? She reminds me of her and AM!!! Adorbs!!!)

In the back of my mind I knew Wednesday would be hard but I had to put on a happy face. Sister Yates went home....I don't know how to feel but I can tell you I love her so very much! She is my very best Friend! She taught me like totes a lot and am so grateful for her love! I gave her so many hugs!!!!! <3 Her parents are the best! and her sisters. I love her family! It was hard leaving the meeting because most of the missionaries I have served with are now in the East Mission.....I'm still in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission!!! But I can write them now!!!! Sister Hansen is in the East Mission now too. That was like triple hard to say goodbye to her. MTC Comps for life!

As Sister Cardon and I have been able to serve these couple of days together my heart has been so full of love and happiness! We work so well together! She is like totes like me but 19 years old!!! As we went to visit the Bishops in our Stake we asked for 3-5 hardcore Less Active's. Bishop Stinagle said that there is a street that he wants to visit and felt strongly about it....Well we took the opportunity to be prayerful and drive down the street to know who need us at that moment. It was around 3ish pm and as we drove we both looked to our right and saw an older man on his porch. Yep, lets talk to him!We did a U turn and parked on the side of the road. I'll have to write you to explain it's long but we followed the Spirit and know we were to be there with Ray who has been Less Active for over 50 years! We read with him, and I asked if we could come back next week - same time, same place?! Ray said okay and we smiled!!!

On Sunday we went to the Stansbury Lake ward! So amazing! We went to sit by Janny and she is doing well! And Dekota was there!!!!!!!! We are helping him receive the priesthood and he has missed two Sundays but he was in a full suit and we invited him to sit by us! We may not of had any investigators at church but both Sister Cardon and I felt their spirits!!!

The Broadcast was just the best! Ward Mission Leader's pick up the work with working with the Ward Council and us missionaries!!!! Sister Cardon and I had saved the first three rows in the chapel so we could sit by the Bishops in our stake and President Child! So we greeted all who came and when we saw the bishops we invited them to sit up front! Awesome, I know! It was so great to have that unity in the Leadership! Ps. President and Sister Child live right by us and they are just wonderful!

Cathy, Robert and Ruthie had the first lesson last night! They are so strong and will be baptized this transfer for sure! When we bear our testimony the spirit is felt and we are able to know that God loves us!

Also Sariah is just wonderful! We were able to read the Book of Mormon with her and it was just great! Pray that she will be able to be baptized on July 6th!

This work is moving forward and I'm so happy and excited as well as humbled to be apart of it! I know this life is the time to prepare to meet God so we need to do our very best to keep the commandments and Choose the Right! Have a totes awesome week!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Sister Pratt and Sister Cardon

Sister Yates and Sister Pratt

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sister Pratt had dinner in a members home and they sent us pictures!

Heart throbbing, Faith promoting week!

Happy Father's Day!
Dad, James and Andrew, one day!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been a joy to see the positive tender mercies and blessings in my life and in others! So Tuesday evening we went out and worked! We have been looking in the area book for new investigators but no one is interested or ready I guess, so Sister M and I prayed to have a miracle Baptism this past weekend...Wyatt Thomson! He is the cutest 12 year old ever so since one of our Ward Mission Leader's is like totes awesome and had exchanges for both of us that night and we were able to have 12 withs!!! Crae, Crae!!!!! The spirit was so tender as Sister Matthews and I talked to Wyatt and I know he will be baptized one day! His parents are divorced. His mom and step dad are active and supportive, but his dad won't let him get baptized until he is 16 years old....He has asked his dad before but got shot down. But get this! Wyatt has been praying for his dad's heart to be softened and he hasn't exercised his faith and ask him again! Who knew! So I challenged him to pray for the courage to ask his dad to be baptized!

Wednesday was just as awesome! We went on a field trip to the Utah Cemetery! Kind of odd I know but it was awesome! To think of all that the Prophets went through just for us to be here! The impact they have on a family. As we saw President Hinckley's grave we shared what we remember most, Temples everywhere! The 6 B's! His happy smile and waving his cane! Then I was the one that thought of his Book of Mormon challenge! That for me changed our family! I totes disliked reading and it was so hard but to know that we accomplished it was the best! We didn't argue as much, we loved more and were happy when the hard times came! Reading the Book of Mormon held our family together!

That evening Sister M and I were on exchanges again and it was super! I was with Sister Heaton who had never went out before...not very many people were home but that was okay we stayed happy and positive! She told me, 'You talk to people like you know them and aren't afraid to bring up the church! You're happy!' Haha. Well it comes with time! I was a member missionary once and know that it's hard to talk to your friends and family but when the spirit is with you, you can't stop it! Sharing the gospel is like totes the best! I was able to help strengthen both of out faith that night! And Sister M had a wonderful time with her sister, Visiting Teaching is so important! You never know the difference you make in someone's life by dropping off a little gift at the door! Years later this sister found out that the sister she visit taught kept all the gifts and notes and is now active in the church!

Thursday we went to T2 (Temple Square!) with Aryana! It was so amazing to help her look at the Christus and feel out Heavenly Father's love. I don't know if it was for Aryana or her mom. She had lots of questions and I know we were to be there on T2 having that lesson! I went out with Sister Jones! She is so full of faith! I felt bad I didn't really know where we were needed that evening so we pulled over and said a prayer! Have I ever said that Heavenly Father loves us?!!?! Because He does! She told me, 'You, Sister Pratt, listen to the spirit and I'll take you where he tells you to go!' Then we ended our evening with a less active family, Jamie and Rob! WOW! It all clicked for Rob and I know the spirit was there! He can overcome his addictions and return to the temple with his family! Reading the Book of Mormon with the family was so good!

Friday was our last District Meeting so we had a Pizza Party!!!!!!! Haha. Thursday night I made puppy chow! Sister M and I were just eating it like nobody's business! Haha. I was like, 'we should totes keep this for us!' Sister M said, 'oh yeah!' and then as we kept eating more of it I said, 'NO we have to have the others have this because we're going to get fat!' Hahaha.

Saturday was relaxed and low. The weather was just amazing we went out walking for the evening and a little boy gave us a polar pop!!!!! Ps. those are so good! Haha.

Then for Sunday!!! Father's Day, and I have sent out a card for dad that I made! LOVE YOU DAD!!!!! What a sweet feeling it was to have things click with me, our investigators and my family! All three sacrament meetings were wonderful! Dads, young men, Grandpas, they all have the potential of being or are worthy Priesthood holders! It's a calling to obey and truly be a Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ! Be worthy of it! I know why I'm here on a mission and I'm so grateful for all your support and love, your quiet prayers are heard and I know all will be well! Keep holding onto the iron rod and look to the Temple!

Transfers are on Wednesday and I still don't know what's going on! Sister M's pretty for sure nervous. She doesn't have to tell me! I remember my first Transfer and I know it was the best! She is recovered and just has a scar from the incision on her neck! She makes me laugh in little ways and I totes love her! Maybe we will be together for another transfer?!

Have a super awesome week! And I love the pictures of Little Liam and James, you're totes awesome! Ha. and the Father's day pics, Super cute! Ps. AM, I want that dress so bad!!!! Haha. I hope AP is taking it easy with his leg. CB, all will work out! Love you! So little time and so much to talk about! I'll for sure write to you all this week!

Oh look on Facebook for Deseret Book or Deseret Credit.....we were interviewed for a Father's Day clip!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When you're serving you're Happy!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This past week has been go, go, go but I think the heat is getting to me! By the time we leave at 10 am it's already like in the high 80's. But I'm not complaining at all! There is no humidity!!! ;)

For some reason we have this amazing gift called agency BUT we can't take it away from anyone! From the start of the transfer we had like 8-10 on date and now we have 3. Sariah, Corbin, and Kapree! What happened? What am I doing wrong?! Well I'm trying to do my best and yes we can always improve but this week maybe I haven't had as much faith as I need too. President Winn sent us our weekly email today and it talks all about faith! So cute how Heavenly Father knows us so very well!

As we have been working with Carlos and Shaylee, less active, he has to be interviewed by the Bishop to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood! And then we talked about Patriarchal blessings. He was like yea, I need one! So wonderful helping someone come closer to Heavenly Father to strengthen them and also his future family!

Aryana doesn't want to be baptized but we are going to Temple Square in hopes to help her get a desire but she really needs the family support! Brighton needs to come to church, any help here?!!?!

We were able to help Kathy clean her home. What a wonderful lady, her friend April sent us a text that said, 'Kathy loved testimony meeting and will be a member soon!' There is hope. With all these people dropping us there must be someone out there who needs us more, we just have to find them!

As the week has gone on, Sister M told me, 'You know Sister Pratt, I was thinking about what you said earlier this week about our investigators, How solid are they? Are they really committed to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ?' We may have a testimony of Jesus Christ and gospel principles but are we really committed or converted to living them every single day? Are we putting forth our work to see miracles happen in our lives? Conversion doesn't come easy. Just like Peter being a fisherman, he still went back to his job. And then finally loved HIM enough, knew HIM enough to say, Yes I will follow thee! Sometimes being a disciple of Christ means standing alone, but you aren't alone because we have been blessed with the Spirit and it will be with us all the time.

Alone in the world but not alone in Christ.

In our last Sacrament meeting we attended yesterday the closing hymn was 142, Sweet Hour of Prayer. 'Believe his word, and trust his grace, I'll cast on him my ev'ry care And wait for thee sweet hour of prayer! I'll cast on him my ev'ry care And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer!'

As we are able to build our faith and testimony of Him we will come to know Him like he knows us. We will be able to cast on him our every care, use the atonement, and feel the burden of life be lifted. Pray and seek for His help this week. He knows you and loves you! We are on this earth to grow. To read from the scriptures and attend church. He provided this wonderful plan for us to return back to Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt


On Saturday the Stewart's signed up to feed us and so we had a cook out!!! They are such a cute couple! Their son is in West Virginia waiting on his visa for Argentina! They have this tp up every summer and take it to Young Women's camp too!

It was the first time I could relate to the Elders that would come over to our house for a cook out! So much fun with other members!  I loved it so very much!!!!

P.S. I am sorry the first three pictures are horizontal instead of vertical. In Sister Pratt's email the pictures were good, but for some reason when I put it on the blog it won't let me change the direction.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Working with Members is Awesome!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This past week has been totally inspired and super fun!

On Monday we were able to be with our Zone. We played some volleyball, Elder Hansen spiked it and the ball hit me in the side! yea, big scream! But no big deal! Then we went outside because the weather is like totes awesome and played ultimate frisbee!!!! Best ever! Haha. I got clobbered by Elder Steel! Hahhahaha. You should have seen it! I was on the grass and all I heard was another elder say, 'Elder your on top of Sister Pratt!' Haha. It was super awkward but so funny!

Tuesday was just so spiritual. Being able to have a Sister Meeting was tender! I saw all my wonderful cute sisters and older companions that I just love with all my Heart!!! Sister Yates will forever be my sister! Her sweet hugs are the best and I love it how she knows me so very well! ;) Kind of hard thinking back to those memories but I was okay! It was all about mothers and what we can do now to become that person! I DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT to be a great missionary and EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY! So I figured it out, relax and be obedient! The Lord will provide a way!

This week that is totally what happened! Sister Mahterian stayed at a member home while I went out with wonderful ward members who want to be engaged in this great work! I had to call the Relief Society President's and put together a schedule! It was great fun...okay so a bit stressful but we were able to do it by Thursday night for Fri, Sat, Sun, today and tomorrow! It was a learning experience for me to tell Sister M that it's okay to sleep in, only go to one appointment. She feels like she's not a successful missionary. It hit me, that is what I went through when I was sick! What Sister Yates told me so many times while I was serving in Woods Cross was right! Heavenly Father really does know what we need to be effective in the future! I was able to read this amazing talk by Elder Bednar! , the Mormon message is wonderful! This is my life every day! Tears come to me knowing that I need to look for them even more because I know that they are happening every day! I am NEVER left alone! I feel your love for me, your prayers and have been blessed to have the teachings in my life while I was young and have been able to remember them while I am serving the Lord on a mission to bring the gospel, Jesus Christ into and back into so many lives each day!

We were able to go to the temple this morning! The spirit told me with so much power, 'Sister Pratt be obedient and listen.' It's President and Sister Winn's last P-day temple with us, so sad to see them leave. I've grown to love them very much! Heavenly Father I think has something coming this next transfer.....President asked me on Tuesday at the Sister Meeting if I'm ready to train and/ or white wash! I'm excited and nervous! Funny Heather sent me a card (via Sister Adams, super cute!) and said that she thinks I'll be training in the near future!!! Haha. We will see. I'm just taking one day at a time with myself and doing my best to help our investigators keep their commitments!

Sariah is on date for July 6th! Brighton (I was able to visit with his mom Tory who is also not a member while we were on splits and she is great but needs to be motivated!), Aryana and Mohan need to come to church! Cassidy is doing well along with James who needs to get divorced and then married! Super crae, crae! Please keep them in your prayers!

I love you all so very much!
Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I hope Mom and Dad got my Anniversary card. You know me kind of late! But I hope June 1st was the best! Because Janny was baptized too! It took her three years to get to this point! And the Wensel family was sealed on Saturday too! It's a special day for me!

Pss. Enjoy your week at work. From the sounds of it the garden is pretty big?!!?! Haha. Or is that an understatement?!!?! Haha. I'm not quite for sure! I hope also things go well with Grandma moving and what not...Mom, don't keep all the boxes! Ha. How are all your callings going?!