Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a Birthday weekend with a Baptism and so many surprises!!!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I don't know how else to describe my week to you other than I'm totes thankful for all your love and prayers! I have felt them lots this week and needed them too! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Every time we have a lesson with Chris I'm just so excited to help him come closer to our Heavenly Father. Sister Cardon and I have been a bit worried with Chris and his parents but we have seen/made contact with him every day and I told Sister Cardon and prayed just like John Bytheway in the movie, 'Heavenly Father we are going to meet with Chris and try to have all the lessons work out. But we are going so if it's wrong....stop us but we're totes planning on Chris being baptized on Saturday!' I had to have lots of faith this week.

Sister Cardon and I were able to make some visits with some less active's from the ward mission leader's and they were so good! We felt great after every visit!

Wednesday was the first time I have been able to really say, 'Happy Pioneer Day!' and have people know what I'm talking about! Ha. We were able to proselyte during the parade and I wasn't even able to see the floats because we were talking to so many people!!! But it was so much fun!!! My smile muscles were like totes dead for the rest of the day!!! That afternoon we played some basketball with our Zone and it was great fun. I forgot how it felt to play it and I totes love it! I have great shooting skills!

Thursday was so spiritual! Chris' lesson was yet again amazing and we prayed to know really what was going on. It seems like we are all stepping on eggshells. So happy for the spirit and I was able to ask Chris, how are you feeling all about this?!!?! He is just nervous about his family and how they will be when he is baptized. I thought right then and there of Amy Foster. It was hard for her family too. So I was able to through the spirit bring comfort to is mind. It's okay to cry! Ask Heavenly Father for help! He is totes using the Atonement!!! We were able to have a super awesome meeting with the Stake High Counsel men over missionary work. Brother Black and Brother Lambert!!! I'm so excited! They are just wonderful! The work is moving forward! You better get your track shoes on real quick. Because the race has already started!

Friday was too funny. This whole week Sister Cardon had been making plans for something....My Birthday! She is so cleaver and cute! District meeting was wonderful and how each investigator needs to have their own recipe for helping them understand the we made a red velvet cake (my new fav besides chocolate all over!!!) So legit! Everyone is different and can't use Betty Crocker all the time! We have to rely on the spirit to help us ask Heavenly Inspired Questions! We then went to lunch so super good! and then planned!!! It's totes odd planning when I know Sister Cardon won;t be there for the lessons. (Transfers are on Wednesday and I'm so nervous like always!!! Oh also side note...our Stake will be getting another set of missionaries. So the area is being split! That means I will most likely have to teach three new missionaries the area...I'm going to need lots of prayers! But I'll just use all that I have like Preach My Gospel, the Area Books and the wonderful members to help with this new growth. (4-H and Jr. Fair Board skills here I come!!!! I've never done this before!!!!)

Well Chris had his interview Friday night and Elder Steele was great! Asked him about the Priesthood and will be receiving that the following Sunday!!!! He is so ready! GOLDEN FOR TRUE!

Saturday I have sent pics of what I woke up to on our wall from Sister Cardon and a few gifts from the Zone Leaders Wampler and Hansen! They are just too funny and awesome! Then a surprise from Chris and Gabe...on his baptism day he made me a cake!!!! Too cute! Haha. The spirit was so strong at his baptism. He had to go under three times the water only went up to his thigh!!! Shut up!!!! But the third time he was fully under!! Ha. Sister Cardon and I bore our testimonies and then Chris got up and bore his!!! He knows this is the right thing to do and was so happy! So unique, it had rained a bit and it felt so good that morning. then to think rain cleans the earth and baptism cleans us! It was all meant to be!!!

After the baptism we went to have lunch with the Zone Leaders, Elder Nuffer and Pinto, Elder Seruo and Kolumaul. It was like totes the best a bit windy but grilled hamburgers and cake, and awesome lunch! Then we taught Kaitlin and Lily they are excited to be baptized next Saturday!!! That evening was just amazing, Sister Cardon is the cutest! She has the phone so she text our dinner the Steele family (Their son is serving in the Toledo area now, was in Perrysburg!!! Crae, crae!) So they made a banner and cake!!! Haha. Then Sister Roberts took us our on rides for the night! She is the cutest! Love their family!

Then the best thing ever....Coldstone!!!! We went with the Zone Leader's and Elder Nuffer and Pinto!!! Loved it...then they said they had my package. I knew it came but they were going up to Salt Lake City until this next week....somehow they made connections and got it for me!!!! Loved it all and that is what I needed! Oh wait that's not all! We pull up and our door is covered and I knew it was Diana's doings! Totes loved it!!!! Made my whole day!!! Face it, the Jones family has it together!!! Grateful you live in Utah!!!!

Sunday was great, two soon to be leaving missionaries gave talks.....they will sure love it! Then our lesson with Cathy, Robert and Ruthie, just wonderful! Cathy knows she will be baptized but just needs more time to understand. They are coming closer each visit we have!!!! Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to succeed! He will provide us a way!

Remember, all of our trials and hardships prepare us for the miracles!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Mom: Your Birthday card was the cutest! Happy to see dad wrote in it! I smiled! I hope you are taking care of yourself and keep your foot up! Sis. Pratt's orders!!! ;) I'm praying lots for you and for Grandma! I'm writing her today! Ps. I sent out the letter so be looking for it!!!

From the 24th Parade.

District meeting sheet cake!

Chris' Baptism! He's like totes tall!

My Birthday! 

The cute Robert girls!

                                       Cathy, Robert and Ruthie

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An email from a Member

Dear Pratt Family,

We got to spend a little time with your lovely daughter tonight on her birthday!!! We had WAY too much fun taking photos. Here you go.....You must know that we love her or we wouldn't share some of these. Haha!!!

          Veronica, Sister Cardon, Reggie, Sister Pratt, Sabrina, Grant & Lisa Roberts

                                 Silly Face

     Sister Cardon always does cross eyed this is for her. (Oh dear!)

                  Sister Pratt always does a kissing face.....this is for her :)

It was so great to be with her on her birthday! What an amazing missionary. She really is making a difference here.


P.S. I can't believe I'm sending these photos!!! She could blackmail us!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot and Preaching the Gospel.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm so sorry if I don't write much....totes not good when you leave your planner at home. I totes can't remember all that happened this week. But I do know that it was just amazing! With the weather I'm going crazy with my long hair but don't worry all is well and I'm dealing with it very well!

On Monday we had a zone pday and Sister Cardon and I weren't feeling like bowling or doing laser tag so we just like bowled for others and laughed and took pictures the whole time! It was great fun! then we went to DI.....we got these super crae, crae totes obvi legit dresses and wore them on Friday to our District meeting!!!! Haha.

Tuesday we checked on Sariah. She was nervous for her baptismal interview but we told her all would be well! Wednesday we stopped by the Oliver Family! They are a family of seven and not members!!! We met them on the street going out for an evening walk on Saturday in the CI ward. So we thought we should stop by and get to know them a little bit better. Well we did and the wife is just so awesome! She said just stop by, if we're home awesome if not then sorry! We are excited to met with them next! That evening we had a lesson with Chris in his home and met his parents, Joy and 'Big John'! He is a funny guy. His mom said in the lesson I'm 100% supportive with Chris being baptized. John is but doesn't want anything to do with the lessons. Sad. I feel I offended them, no one in the BC ward has introduced themselves....and thinks it's soon to be baptized. Chris is totes ready!

Sister Cardon was able to see her older brother and family on Thursday! They are just wonderful. That evening we taught the cure Pierce girls, Kaitlin and Lily! They are so excited to be baptized and have their program all ready for August 3rd!!!! So many miracles!!!

Friday was so funny wearing our DI dresses! I can't believe I even put it on but I guess anything to make your companion happy I guess! The zone leader's were like, 'I think my grandma has that same dress?!!?!' Hahahaha. I felt like an old flower garden...head to toe! ;) Planning went really well and we are doing great! Sister Cardon is having a hard time focusing because she opened her mission call on Saturday and that was just awesome!!!! She reports to the MTC on August 7 going to Colorado Fort Collins Mission! I'm so excited for her, she is the very best and I so love her!!! Then we got ready for Sariah's Baptism....we both gave a talk and the spirit was just so strong! I'm so happy she made this choice! Tender moment to really teach her and see the end!

Sunday was totally filled every hour. Sister Cardon and I spoke in the BC ward! I was a bit nervous for some reason but I prayed that all would be smooth and our talks would go together. Well earlier in the week I was reading for personal study and I read in Preach My Gospel Pray in Faith it hit me that that is what their ward needed! Oh my word I have never felt so good at the end of my talk then that day! The spirit was strong. Sister Cardon talked about obeying the words of Prophets and I talked about how great we can exercise our faith and look to the prophets for that faith. So of course I had to use me favorite, Daniel 6:22, 1 Nephi 7:16-17 and Joseph Smith - History 1:14-15. Then I put in my wonderful ancestors story of Jonathan Blackmore Pratt! (Mom your letter came just in time to remind me to use that. I was thinking about him all this week. I'm sure I got the story wrong but I know our family has great faith in Jesus Christ!) Call upon the Lord. He has extended the invitation, and He will answer. I'm excited for Pioneer day! It's like totes big out here so we have our preparation day on Wednesday and will be at the Parade in SLC! I'm really grateful for all my family that went before me to be able to be here in the Great Salt Lake!!! It was great Chris was there and his friend Gabe from the BS ward! We found a perfect family to help fellowship Chris is the BC ward, the Winters family! Super excited! Then that evening we had dinner and a lesson with Cathy, Robert and Ruthie. The spirit was so strong! I feel like because of all that I have gone through on my mission, I can truly tell people we are teaching that the atonement is real. I hope each of you back home are able to feel of my love for the Savior in my life at this time. He has given me the strength to continue to serve Him. It still hurts but I'm coming to terms with it all, slowly but it's coming. As we were role playing for Chris the other day on Lesson 2, plan of happiness it hit me so hard, PTL, personal revelation for true! When we pass on and are able to be resurrected, our bodies will be perfect, our minds will be clear. Tears came to my eyes as I internalized Heavenly Fathers plan for me and each of us. One day we will be made whole with no imperfections! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feel of His Love.

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week was a  bit different than others. So many new faces and all. Heavenly Father really is helping me understand His will and not mine! On Wednesday we has stopped by Jana's and wow! Also Sister Cardon and I are the perfect companionship at this time! It's so true. Then that evening we met up with the Tooele Sisters. It was my first time going on a 24 hour exchange with out Sister Leader in our Zone! It was totes odd but like totes amazing!!!! We got up and went for a walk down our lane and personal study was just the best. Companionship study was too! Sister Hornburger is so wonderful she has just been out for like 3 or so months, already training! The day was of course super slow in the afternoon but we were diligent and obedient and I felt like the spirit was helping me the whole day as to where to go.

We visited Janny and we sang to her. She has touched my heart in a way I just can't quite explain...we sang Love is Spoken Here. And this overwhelming feeling came to me that what I was doing was right! Janny looked at me and said I'm crying and you have the spirit! Well her home has for true a different feel to it now that she has the Holy Ghost! It really does make a difference in a person's life!

When we had planned the night before, I couldn't think of anyone to visit for 4ish pm. I felt like there was someone but I wasn't ready for the answer yet. As the day went on 4 pm came around and we had said a prayer as where we need to one being home is quite discouraging! So we went by Aryana's (who by the way dropped us....there is a fine line between friend and missionary. anyhow!) I then thought of Ray!!!! Of course it was our usual time on Thursdays! So we drove over and had a wonderful lesson with him! One day he will understand the atonement and come back to church!

For dinner Ward Mission Leader, Brother Bergantz invited us to a Baptist BBQ! Oh my word it was totes the best! We were singing cute hip hop Jesus songs and it was just a blast! Brother Bergantz's children go to their Summer Bible Study. Totes positive so why not?!!?! No converting but so willing to support good things! Plus free food! Love!We had ended our night and Sister Hornburger said she learned a lot from me! Well that's great! I do what I can Sister!

Friday was a bit stressful with planning for this upcoming week. The AP's have given us this step program and it like legit took us all three hours to plan out everything. BUT, I know that it was worth it because we have appointments and are working really hard on our goal! Blessings come, I'm expecting them, we worked hard!

That evening we had a lesson with Chris! Can I say prepared! Heavenly Father loves us! We had to have our lesson outside but it was wonderful the spirit was so strong as we finished talking about Lesson 3 and Chris had said that he prayed about July 27th and he feels good about it! He told us at the end, 'I feel like all of my life has helped me come to this point right now!' Tear. I'm just an instrument in the Lord's hand and feel so blessed to see the blessings! Warm fuzzy!

Saturday was so exciting. I don't know if I was more excited for Sister Cardon or for Kapree. Sister Cardon has never seen a baptism on her mission! The Relief Society room was totes filled to the max with Kapree's family and the CI ward members that came! Brother N. worked really hard arranging the primary and fellow shipper's to be there! Sister Cardon and I made a little book for Kapree, while she was changing we shared a few thoughts and then passed out cute colored papers and markers so everyone could write their testimony, feelings about Kapree's baptism! They are so cute! Her dad came and was like,'Kapree will be my motivation to go back to church!' I was so worried that Kapree wasn't ready and I said a prayer to know for sure and I know that Kapree being baptized will not only help her but her family and those around her!

I was so excited to stop by Kimberly's. We haven't seen her in a while and she was home! She has a great spirit about her as we talked at the door. Then out of nowhere a down poor of rain!!!! Like what we get in Ohio! It was the best! But of course I din't want to walk in it back to our car down the road but don't curr! It was fun with my tote adorbs umbrella! ;)

Well I have to go. No time to talk about our amazing Sunday but I'll write a letter today!! Because it's so awesome!

I love you all so very much and felt your love so strongly last night when I and Sister Cardon had a tender mercy knowing we are to be together and am so truly grateful for our eternal love of companionship! I felt His love and know it's real. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A dead end is just the beginning. Chapter 2

Dearest Pratt Family,

We had Zone Conference yesterday so that is why I'm emailing today!

There is so much going on in the mission field right now and to know that I'm a part of it is like totes the best! Y'all are totes apart of it too! This past week Sister Cardon and I have had a little hard time being excited in the morning and being ready to work but we have exercised our faith and we have seen blessings come to the Stansbury Park Stake! We have been really working with the Ward Mission Leaders and the members are really getting into it! I love it!

We ave been looking for someone to teach and Sister Cardon and I have been looking through and updating the area book we got a phone call from a youth in the BS (Bayshore ward), Gabe told us that his friend Chris went to Youth Conference and talked with one of the leaders for like 45 minutes and wants to meet with us........! SAY WHAT?!!?! It is amazing when we are trying our very best because that is all we can do Heavenly Father blesses us with unexpected lessons. People who are prepared and ready to be taught! The spirit was strong Monday evening (the 1st).

Tuesday, Sister Cardon's 20th Birthday!!! We did some service and I saw a snake! It was like totes obvi crae, crae!!!! We walked for some of the day and oh my word it was so hot! But everyone is so nice and gave us ice cream bars and water. So thoughtful! Also our lesson with Mohan we were able to have a member come and wow! CPR (Church Pray Read) is so very important! We told them we are coming to pick them up for church on Sunday!

Wednesday we did service yet again! I just love doing it! We were able to talk to Sariah and she is reading the Book of Mormon and so ready for baptism on the 20th! Kapree was out of town for the week but we are okay with her being baptized. I think this will be great for her whole family to come back to church.

Happy 4th!!!! We had breakfast at the Grist Mill with the stake and it was so homey and cute. The Winter's family sang! It was just so amazing how Heavenly Father has provided us with this freedom to serve him in our country today! I'm grateful for so many that give their lives so I can have joy in mine! We then had like a half of a P-day to clean, do laundry and go to the store because we had a Mission activity in Bountiful!!! We passed Woods Cross and I wanted to see Heather, the Rasmussen's, the Wensel's, Pam, Grandma and Grandpa Lingard and others....but I just savored the moment passing by and seeing our district building and where we would always eat at!!! ;) The activity on Friday was awesome! President and Sister Hansen are amazing! Love them! It felt like we were in 5th grade science class making rockets but it was so much fun!

Friday we had a party for the birthday and some of the Elders one year mark!!! It was a blast!

Saturday we were like, 'hello Heavenly Father are you really there?!!?!' So Sister Cardon and I had to sing and it was wonderful! We got motivated and back to work!

Sunday was just a joy to fast and feel of Heavenly Father's love for the people here! We were blessed to bear our testimonies three times in the Sacrament meetings and each time the spirit told me that we were to be there at those meetings! Our lesson for Sunday School was just amazing in the Stansbury Lake Ward! Janny, Sister Fox and Brother Bergantz were in our class and the lesson was on #38 but for some reason I had Sister Cardon start it out and then I realized she was on the wrong lesson.....opps! But it was perfect! We worked in unity and the spirit was there! We are placed into families for a reason with a mother and a father! We watched the Mormon message about, 'Grandpa are you in there? Mother, father are you there?' We have such a big influence on our children and even grandchildren to help them learn and grow in truth and righteousness!

We then had a Youth Fireside at Lake Point. Was I prepared.....? No. Haha. I had no idea what I was going to say but my topic was being financially prepared for a mission. The scripture (sorry I can't find it right now) that talks about Nephi and his family finding the promise land and they call it Nephi and they were blessed by the Lord to work with all manner of ores and whatnot to have food and animals. We have to work for what we have. First we work, then we get paid! Tithing is a commandment and when you put him first a way will be provided to support you doing his work. He has for me! I know it!

Side note, we saw the Gillette's and guess what?! His father is Ray!!!!! Who knew?! His family has never gotten him to talk about the church....The Lord provides a way that his servants may enter into homes that need him in their lives! It was so touching to think that when Sister Cardon and I feel like we are at a dead end we just turn around and keep pressing forward! There are no dead ends in this life we simply just took the wrong exit and need to get back onto I-80 heading West! Haha. ;)

The tender smile of President and Sister Hansen is just amazing! This is what I need right now. Zone Conference, President is all about a rocket! A gradual incline and obedience and we will see baptisms! We learned about Repentance and did so many role plays.... fun! But really they were totes awesome! The AP's and ZL's Wampler and Hansen were like #bestzl's #inspiredforourcompanionship

My goal is to be on time to personal study so then it will be effective so during the day I can feel happy and teach with greater power. 

When we got home we went by Brother N's home to talk about Kapree and he is a great ward mission leader! So wanting to help! We then went to dinner at the Lambert's! Such a good meal, well her’s is always the best! Chicken salad sandwich!!! To die for!!! Then we walked to the Taylor's home for our lesson with Chris, the one that went to Youth Conference. We felt that we were to teach about Lesson 3 so we did. I forgot my pamphlet and sticky notes that we use for the lesson... funny how the Lord trusts us with our own knowledge! So Sister Cardon and I were a bit nervous for the lesson but it went totes well. We were talking and I looked at Chris and could tell he was feeling something... but I wasn't then the lesson went on and I had the feeling that I need to tell him that the spirit was there in the Taylor's home. I did so and then it was even more powerful as we testified and taught in unity and love! It was an overwhelming feeling that I had and to know I have gone through so much and have been humbled and then the blessings come. We like ran over to the Lambert's after the lesson and Sister Cardon and I hugged! ;) It didn't feel like this super power but in my mind I knew it was the spirit! We talked to Brother and Sister Lambert and I just started to cry as I felt the love from Heavenly Father testify to me that what I was teaching and where I am right now in my life is okay! I can't explain it all in words but I hope you know that I have been so humbled and have understood the atonement of Jesus Christ a little bit more. I'm working through things and helping others come unto Jesus Christ! Chris is on date for July 27!!!!

How blessed we are to have the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you feel His love this week! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Our new mission address is:
1535 S. Edison St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Ps. Today for morning study we hiked the T!!! It was so tender to look back and see how far we went! Kind of like a mission or life, I love the mountains so very much! Love ya!