Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feel of His Love.

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week was a  bit different than others. So many new faces and all. Heavenly Father really is helping me understand His will and not mine! On Wednesday we has stopped by Jana's and wow! Also Sister Cardon and I are the perfect companionship at this time! It's so true. Then that evening we met up with the Tooele Sisters. It was my first time going on a 24 hour exchange with out Sister Leader in our Zone! It was totes odd but like totes amazing!!!! We got up and went for a walk down our lane and personal study was just the best. Companionship study was too! Sister Hornburger is so wonderful she has just been out for like 3 or so months, already training! The day was of course super slow in the afternoon but we were diligent and obedient and I felt like the spirit was helping me the whole day as to where to go.

We visited Janny and we sang to her. She has touched my heart in a way I just can't quite explain...we sang Love is Spoken Here. And this overwhelming feeling came to me that what I was doing was right! Janny looked at me and said I'm crying and you have the spirit! Well her home has for true a different feel to it now that she has the Holy Ghost! It really does make a difference in a person's life!

When we had planned the night before, I couldn't think of anyone to visit for 4ish pm. I felt like there was someone but I wasn't ready for the answer yet. As the day went on 4 pm came around and we had said a prayer as where we need to be....no one being home is quite discouraging! So we went by Aryana's (who by the way dropped us....there is a fine line between friend and missionary. anyhow!) I then thought of Ray!!!! Of course it was our usual time on Thursdays! So we drove over and had a wonderful lesson with him! One day he will understand the atonement and come back to church!

For dinner Ward Mission Leader, Brother Bergantz invited us to a Baptist BBQ! Oh my word it was totes the best! We were singing cute hip hop Jesus songs and it was just a blast! Brother Bergantz's children go to their Summer Bible Study. Totes positive so why not?!!?! No converting but so willing to support good things! Plus free food! Love!We had ended our night and Sister Hornburger said she learned a lot from me! Well that's great! I do what I can Sister!

Friday was a bit stressful with planning for this upcoming week. The AP's have given us this step program and it like legit took us all three hours to plan out everything. BUT, I know that it was worth it because we have appointments and are working really hard on our goal! Blessings come, I'm expecting them, we worked hard!

That evening we had a lesson with Chris! Can I say prepared! Heavenly Father loves us! We had to have our lesson outside but it was wonderful the spirit was so strong as we finished talking about Lesson 3 and Chris had said that he prayed about July 27th and he feels good about it! He told us at the end, 'I feel like all of my life has helped me come to this point right now!' Tear. I'm just an instrument in the Lord's hand and feel so blessed to see the blessings! Warm fuzzy!

Saturday was so exciting. I don't know if I was more excited for Sister Cardon or for Kapree. Sister Cardon has never seen a baptism on her mission! The Relief Society room was totes filled to the max with Kapree's family and the CI ward members that came! Brother N. worked really hard arranging the primary and fellow shipper's to be there! Sister Cardon and I made a little book for Kapree, while she was changing we shared a few thoughts and then passed out cute colored papers and markers so everyone could write their testimony, feelings about Kapree's baptism! They are so cute! Her dad came and was like,'Kapree will be my motivation to go back to church!' I was so worried that Kapree wasn't ready and I said a prayer to know for sure and I know that Kapree being baptized will not only help her but her family and those around her!

I was so excited to stop by Kimberly's. We haven't seen her in a while and she was home! She has a great spirit about her as we talked at the door. Then out of nowhere a down poor of rain!!!! Like what we get in Ohio! It was the best! But of course I din't want to walk in it back to our car down the road but don't curr! It was fun with my tote adorbs umbrella! ;)

Well I have to go. No time to talk about our amazing Sunday but I'll write a letter today!! Because it's so awesome!

I love you all so very much and felt your love so strongly last night when I and Sister Cardon had a tender mercy knowing we are to be together and am so truly grateful for our eternal love of companionship! I felt His love and know it's real. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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