Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a Birthday weekend with a Baptism and so many surprises!!!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I don't know how else to describe my week to you other than I'm totes thankful for all your love and prayers! I have felt them lots this week and needed them too! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Every time we have a lesson with Chris I'm just so excited to help him come closer to our Heavenly Father. Sister Cardon and I have been a bit worried with Chris and his parents but we have seen/made contact with him every day and I told Sister Cardon and prayed just like John Bytheway in the movie, 'Heavenly Father we are going to meet with Chris and try to have all the lessons work out. But we are going so if it's wrong....stop us but we're totes planning on Chris being baptized on Saturday!' I had to have lots of faith this week.

Sister Cardon and I were able to make some visits with some less active's from the ward mission leader's and they were so good! We felt great after every visit!

Wednesday was the first time I have been able to really say, 'Happy Pioneer Day!' and have people know what I'm talking about! Ha. We were able to proselyte during the parade and I wasn't even able to see the floats because we were talking to so many people!!! But it was so much fun!!! My smile muscles were like totes dead for the rest of the day!!! That afternoon we played some basketball with our Zone and it was great fun. I forgot how it felt to play it and I totes love it! I have great shooting skills!

Thursday was so spiritual! Chris' lesson was yet again amazing and we prayed to know really what was going on. It seems like we are all stepping on eggshells. So happy for the spirit and I was able to ask Chris, how are you feeling all about this?!!?! He is just nervous about his family and how they will be when he is baptized. I thought right then and there of Amy Foster. It was hard for her family too. So I was able to through the spirit bring comfort to is mind. It's okay to cry! Ask Heavenly Father for help! He is totes using the Atonement!!! We were able to have a super awesome meeting with the Stake High Counsel men over missionary work. Brother Black and Brother Lambert!!! I'm so excited! They are just wonderful! The work is moving forward! You better get your track shoes on real quick. Because the race has already started!

Friday was too funny. This whole week Sister Cardon had been making plans for something....My Birthday! She is so cleaver and cute! District meeting was wonderful and how each investigator needs to have their own recipe for helping them understand the we made a red velvet cake (my new fav besides chocolate all over!!!) So legit! Everyone is different and can't use Betty Crocker all the time! We have to rely on the spirit to help us ask Heavenly Inspired Questions! We then went to lunch so super good! and then planned!!! It's totes odd planning when I know Sister Cardon won;t be there for the lessons. (Transfers are on Wednesday and I'm so nervous like always!!! Oh also side note...our Stake will be getting another set of missionaries. So the area is being split! That means I will most likely have to teach three new missionaries the area...I'm going to need lots of prayers! But I'll just use all that I have like Preach My Gospel, the Area Books and the wonderful members to help with this new growth. (4-H and Jr. Fair Board skills here I come!!!! I've never done this before!!!!)

Well Chris had his interview Friday night and Elder Steele was great! Asked him about the Priesthood and will be receiving that the following Sunday!!!! He is so ready! GOLDEN FOR TRUE!

Saturday I have sent pics of what I woke up to on our wall from Sister Cardon and a few gifts from the Zone Leaders Wampler and Hansen! They are just too funny and awesome! Then a surprise from Chris and Gabe...on his baptism day he made me a cake!!!! Too cute! Haha. The spirit was so strong at his baptism. He had to go under three times the water only went up to his thigh!!! Shut up!!!! But the third time he was fully under!! Ha. Sister Cardon and I bore our testimonies and then Chris got up and bore his!!! He knows this is the right thing to do and was so happy! So unique, it had rained a bit and it felt so good that morning. then to think rain cleans the earth and baptism cleans us! It was all meant to be!!!

After the baptism we went to have lunch with the Zone Leaders, Elder Nuffer and Pinto, Elder Seruo and Kolumaul. It was like totes the best a bit windy but grilled hamburgers and cake, and awesome lunch! Then we taught Kaitlin and Lily they are excited to be baptized next Saturday!!! That evening was just amazing, Sister Cardon is the cutest! She has the phone so she text our dinner the Steele family (Their son is serving in the Toledo area now, was in Perrysburg!!! Crae, crae!) So they made a banner and cake!!! Haha. Then Sister Roberts took us our on rides for the night! She is the cutest! Love their family!

Then the best thing ever....Coldstone!!!! We went with the Zone Leader's and Elder Nuffer and Pinto!!! Loved it...then they said they had my package. I knew it came but they were going up to Salt Lake City until this next week....somehow they made connections and got it for me!!!! Loved it all and that is what I needed! Oh wait that's not all! We pull up and our door is covered and I knew it was Diana's doings! Totes loved it!!!! Made my whole day!!! Face it, the Jones family has it together!!! Grateful you live in Utah!!!!

Sunday was great, two soon to be leaving missionaries gave talks.....they will sure love it! Then our lesson with Cathy, Robert and Ruthie, just wonderful! Cathy knows she will be baptized but just needs more time to understand. They are coming closer each visit we have!!!! Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to succeed! He will provide us a way!

Remember, all of our trials and hardships prepare us for the miracles!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Mom: Your Birthday card was the cutest! Happy to see dad wrote in it! I smiled! I hope you are taking care of yourself and keep your foot up! Sis. Pratt's orders!!! ;) I'm praying lots for you and for Grandma! I'm writing her today! Ps. I sent out the letter so be looking for it!!!

From the 24th Parade.

District meeting sheet cake!

Chris' Baptism! He's like totes tall!

My Birthday! 

The cute Robert girls!

                                       Cathy, Robert and Ruthie

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