Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot and Preaching the Gospel.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm so sorry if I don't write much....totes not good when you leave your planner at home. I totes can't remember all that happened this week. But I do know that it was just amazing! With the weather I'm going crazy with my long hair but don't worry all is well and I'm dealing with it very well!

On Monday we had a zone pday and Sister Cardon and I weren't feeling like bowling or doing laser tag so we just like bowled for others and laughed and took pictures the whole time! It was great fun! then we went to DI.....we got these super crae, crae totes obvi legit dresses and wore them on Friday to our District meeting!!!! Haha.

Tuesday we checked on Sariah. She was nervous for her baptismal interview but we told her all would be well! Wednesday we stopped by the Oliver Family! They are a family of seven and not members!!! We met them on the street going out for an evening walk on Saturday in the CI ward. So we thought we should stop by and get to know them a little bit better. Well we did and the wife is just so awesome! She said just stop by, if we're home awesome if not then sorry! We are excited to met with them next! That evening we had a lesson with Chris in his home and met his parents, Joy and 'Big John'! He is a funny guy. His mom said in the lesson I'm 100% supportive with Chris being baptized. John is but doesn't want anything to do with the lessons. Sad. I feel I offended them, no one in the BC ward has introduced themselves....and thinks it's soon to be baptized. Chris is totes ready!

Sister Cardon was able to see her older brother and family on Thursday! They are just wonderful. That evening we taught the cure Pierce girls, Kaitlin and Lily! They are so excited to be baptized and have their program all ready for August 3rd!!!! So many miracles!!!

Friday was so funny wearing our DI dresses! I can't believe I even put it on but I guess anything to make your companion happy I guess! The zone leader's were like, 'I think my grandma has that same dress?!!?!' Hahahaha. I felt like an old flower garden...head to toe! ;) Planning went really well and we are doing great! Sister Cardon is having a hard time focusing because she opened her mission call on Saturday and that was just awesome!!!! She reports to the MTC on August 7 going to Colorado Fort Collins Mission! I'm so excited for her, she is the very best and I so love her!!! Then we got ready for Sariah's Baptism....we both gave a talk and the spirit was just so strong! I'm so happy she made this choice! Tender moment to really teach her and see the end!

Sunday was totally filled every hour. Sister Cardon and I spoke in the BC ward! I was a bit nervous for some reason but I prayed that all would be smooth and our talks would go together. Well earlier in the week I was reading for personal study and I read in Preach My Gospel Pray in Faith it hit me that that is what their ward needed! Oh my word I have never felt so good at the end of my talk then that day! The spirit was strong. Sister Cardon talked about obeying the words of Prophets and I talked about how great we can exercise our faith and look to the prophets for that faith. So of course I had to use me favorite, Daniel 6:22, 1 Nephi 7:16-17 and Joseph Smith - History 1:14-15. Then I put in my wonderful ancestors story of Jonathan Blackmore Pratt! (Mom your letter came just in time to remind me to use that. I was thinking about him all this week. I'm sure I got the story wrong but I know our family has great faith in Jesus Christ!) Call upon the Lord. He has extended the invitation, and He will answer. I'm excited for Pioneer day! It's like totes big out here so we have our preparation day on Wednesday and will be at the Parade in SLC! I'm really grateful for all my family that went before me to be able to be here in the Great Salt Lake!!! It was great Chris was there and his friend Gabe from the BS ward! We found a perfect family to help fellowship Chris is the BC ward, the Winters family! Super excited! Then that evening we had dinner and a lesson with Cathy, Robert and Ruthie. The spirit was so strong! I feel like because of all that I have gone through on my mission, I can truly tell people we are teaching that the atonement is real. I hope each of you back home are able to feel of my love for the Savior in my life at this time. He has given me the strength to continue to serve Him. It still hurts but I'm coming to terms with it all, slowly but it's coming. As we were role playing for Chris the other day on Lesson 2, plan of happiness it hit me so hard, PTL, personal revelation for true! When we pass on and are able to be resurrected, our bodies will be perfect, our minds will be clear. Tears came to my eyes as I internalized Heavenly Fathers plan for me and each of us. One day we will be made whole with no imperfections! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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