Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blessings do come when Faith endures!

Dearest Pratt Family!

My heart was so full this week of the blessings that came on Sunday! Being sick is getting better but for sure not in my timing. The weather is so crazy still but we were able to see some blue skies! I smiled knowing that it was a simple joy that Heavenly Father loves me and knows what I need to put a smile on my face. But really, Sister Yates has been the best! She is like a mixture of Carrie, Diana, and AM. Plus Mary and Abby! ;) I love her so much!

On Tuesday Sister Yates and I were on splits. So we had a lesson with S. The lesson was in President Hill's home. They are a great support. The spirit was so strong and I felt Heavenly Fathers love for S! At the end of the lesson she told me that the note that I wrote to her was perfect! I wanted to cry. I was able to help her feel like she was loved and is loved! Warm Fuzzy!

Then the best ever, we have been working with K and T everyday stopping by. On Sunday we stopped by to walk to church with them....they just got up....8:50 am. Church starts at 9 am! So we walked to church on the ice rink! Don't worry we only slipped like 5 or so times! Haha. Then Sister Yates and I knew we had to go back and get the family. So we walked back to the home and their daughter K was ready with her cousin J. We walked them to church and then took them to primary! By the time we had to leave I saw K and the rest of the family!!!! My heart was pounding to know that they would feel the spirit in the classes! We took them to class. Too bad we had to speak in the 5th ward otherwise we would have stayed, but we left them with a good couple to help them!

Our talks that Sister Yates and I gave were so powerful! To have the Bishop say at the pulpit, 'When you shake the sisters hands you can feel their energy and know that they want to serve here!' WOW! I call that power and authority! I did feel energized because I was that blessing of everyday making contact with K and his family, reading the scriptures, praying with and seeing them go to church! Thank you so much for all your prayers! Heavenly Father answers us!

K is progressing and Sister Yates went to church with her while I went to the 7th ward and helped co-teach the 15 year old Sunday school class! Lesson on FAITH! Who knew I was just studying that and the atonement all last week?!!?! Haha.

Dinner was great too last night. Now Sister Yates is under the weather so she rested at the members home while I was able to have the opportunity to talk to S about the Restoration! Blessings of obedient studying in the morning and praying for an opportunity to share my testimony!

I know this church is true and know that I'm to be here on my mission at this time! I love you all! Lots of hugs and kisses! I'll write you a letter to tell you more!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. How is dad's work going, any heavy work? I hope HPGL is going well! Mom I'll write you a special letter...I love you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A successful Missionary - Not being sick!

Dearest Family,

This past week has been a bit long because on Tuesday I was just totally sick. Out. In Bed. Dead. Ha. It was so not fun and I didn't like way I felt or looked! I couldn't even stay awake for study time all I did was sleep, cough, and plow my nose... Bummer. I felt so alone and afraid. I wasn't fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and I was like why is this happening? Really? Right now? Our numbers were down, investigators weren't getting spiritually feed because I'm in bed. I wanted to run in the streets and talk to them tell them that I still love and care for them. But I couldn't. Then worrying about all of you back home...going through so much, job, work, school, car problems and such...I want to help but I couldn't. This is when I turned to prayer as I laid in bed for about 2 1/2 days and the third was still inside but I was up and moving somewhat. I realized and felt the Atonement in my life. The power of Heaven was felt. I haven't had any baptism, investigators are making not so good choices to commit to come to Church but Sister Yates and I couldn't give up, not yet. So I had a total break down on Friday, my first day outside and we went to our District meeting (we have a new district only two sets of Elders and they are kind of odd but it's okay!) I received a blessing from our Zone Leaders and felt like okay I'm not the only one going through this sickness as a missionary. It's okay to rest from your labor. They told me to call Sister Winn. She didn't answer do I left a message.

That night K (she is preparing for a mission) came out with us. We went to K's. She was my first lesson when I entered into the Field so it was so tender sweet. She came back from NY and visiting the church historical sights!!! Yes Kirtland was one stop! Awesome! She has totally progressed and everything! Her testimony is strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had asked K before we went in to share a scripture....challenge! :) By the end of the lesson K shared a scripture with K!!!!! I felt so proud of her! After the lesson K told us that Satan has been working hard on her. Her friends wanted to hang out but she chose to go out teaching with Sister Yates and myself! Warm fuzzy!!!!

Saturday morning came around and there was Sister Winn!!! Remember that phone call?! She had groceries, and loving items from a mother to cheer up her daughter!!! Sister Yates and Sister Winn said the most powerful uplifting words and lets just say....I may not have success now but as I continue to learn and grow success and miracles will come!

Sunday we talked at the 12th ward and I didn't feel like I got the members motivated, but that night we taught the Woods Cross North Stake mission Prep Class! They are so awesome!!!! Can I say I love to teach in the classroom, I was in my element!!!! They had amazing questions too. Wonderful youth, wonderful future missionaries! We came home from having a member lesson spirit filled and H (the awesome lady we live with) was up so we chatted! She is so amazing and funny! She played songs on the piano and we sang with her. She even has written notes so we can learn how to play! She is so sweet! Haha. You know how I pluck!!!! I love her so much. She really has become a dear friend to Sister Yates and myself. BFF!

Today I was able to get my hair cut! ;) I needed it! And after, H took us out to lunch to Kneaders! It's like Panera! AM I totally thought of you and I had a chicken salad with broccoli soup and a smoothie!!!! ;) Too bad it wasn't Breakfast like with James and Big D with the french toast!!! Yummm!

Well I know this week will be better and my health is improving, still blowing my nose and cough...bad air ;( But I just continue to learn and teach our investigators here in Woods Cross! People are to be taught and I'm  pretty for sure I can bring the spirit into their home! I love the gospel. He loves us so much! Scripture Power!!!!!! Have a super awesome week! I hope all is well back home thanks for your cute letters and notes from family and friends! I can totally feel your prayers! Thank you!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Me at Kneaders!
We walk two by two
In the big Blizzard!!!! Haha.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013

Dear Family,

I just wanted to tell you that I love you all. I have been having issues with my health but the Lord is providing for me. I received a blessing from Grandpa L and went to the insticare. I'm okay my asthma is going cray cray! I'm safe with members helping with rides in this freezing weather. I'm learning lots and growing. I've had to use the Atonement a lot this week. But my understanding of Jesus Christ has never been better. DON'T WORRY!

Mom in response to John 21: 15-17. Missionary work. If ye love me keep my commandments! The Lord knows our heart and if we really do love Him we will put our faith in Him and willing to serve Him in any way we can. In our home, at work or school. We have that responsibility to feed His sheep so we need to study and pray so we may know how to help others.

My heart is full knowing that mom will be amazing in her calling with wonderful sisters!!!!! Such a happy day! Blessings will come, it's overwhelming but the Lord knows and loves each of us.

Sister Yates and I are helping with a Stake Mission Prep Class! How awesome is that! Bearing my testimony.... looking at the bright smiles and unsure of what the future holds...their lives and others will be blessed!

Transfers: I'm still in Woods Cross and the names and faces are coming together. I'm being to take over lessons now aka Senior Companion for a day! Odd but I'm learning. Sister Yates is humbling me to learn and grow! My life has been blessed because of her! We are BFF's! ;) We have our days but in the end I give her a hug and feel her sweet spirit and know we are loved by each other!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. T and A are the best of friends! They stopped by last night...so happy for the both of them! I pray for them always! And my other sweet YSA friends and Work peeps!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years!

Dear Family,

I received the package and loved it! You are all so sweet. I'm so glad you enjoyed New Years! My district is amazing and had some sweet treats and a sparkling drink! Yummm! Like pop and apple juice! Haha.

Experience 1 We met with L and we didn't know how to help her with some issues and we did a Book of Mormon read, she turned to Mormon 3. Answer to my prayers when I was in HS and such I never really listened and it was your prayers that I now know your faith as a family for me is so strong. I am putting faith in Jesus Christ. We visited K and wow. He is ready he said the closing prayer and was like 'thank you so much for Sister Yates and Sister Pratt coming back into my life and helping me go back to Church!' So sweet! I make a difference in someones day?!!?! He hasn't yet come to Church but is reading and will get married in Feb. Just imagine his family can be baptized and then go to the temple!!! Oh my word! Tender mercy. The Lord is blessing Sister Yates and I in Woods Cross.

Sunday, Fast and Testimony meeting was so sweet! Power and authority is real. I represent Jesus Christ. It's hard but as I testify of the true gospel I feel the Love of our Heavenly Father! We had like four investigators at Church in the 12th ward!!!!! Happy Day! Continue to pray. I know I can feel them for the people we teach! K and T, family can come to church
S can learn the lessons and invite friends to church and be baptized!
T, we had an FHE in the bishops home! She is so ready for baptism!
K is excited to be baptized!
T, needs to get married to M and baptized! Bro. P, Ward Mission Leader, awesome!
Love you all so very much! Your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt
Ps. We walked last night and it was so super cold 12 degrees!!!!!! But it's humbling and I love it! Faith and Trust!

Picture 1. Me calling the Family
2. Grandpa and Grandma Lingard!
3. Heather and her nieces!!!
4. New Years eve Party!!! AM I thought of you.... I miss you so much!

Sister Pratt and Sister Yates photo shoot:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trust in the Lord

Dear Pratt Family,

I don't even know where to start! Christmas Eve was amazing with our mission and all. Christmas day came and opening presents was a great experience to know how much love the members love me and all missionaries. Their warm gifts and treats! Blessings everywhere.

I was able to see the lights on Temple Square...peace and comfort filled  my heart!
Please pray for T and M. They have met with missionaries before and know they should get married. L and A came to church yesterday! Progression! They need to get married too! W family is awesome, their daughter J deferred her scholarships to serve the Lord!!! The FHE lessons are helping them come closer and closer to Heavenly Father too! T is hoping to be baptized and on date in March or April. Pray for sooner! We will be doing FHE lessons with her and her family too! There are people here to baptize!!!!

I gave my first talk in the 10th ward yesterday. Elder Bednar's talk of conversion gaining a testimony and then share the Gospel! I'll write you today and tell you more about this week! I love you all! Please ask me any questions that I din't answer on the phone. Such a happy day to hear Grandma, I couldn't understand but Uncle John and Gayle and Benjamin.....I'm so glad I could talk to them.

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt
Ps. FHE in Preach My Gospel and read the Book of Mormon!!!! You will be blessed! I'm starting the 90 day Book of Mormon read tomorrow, feel free to join me!!!! ;)

Another Special Email

We received another email from a member in Sister Pratt's area. Below is the email and pictures we received.

Dear Parents,  (Yates & Pratt)

Just a quick email to share some pictures of your Daughter's who we had the privilege of having over to our home last night for dinner. We had an enjoyable short time with them, and a chance to get to know them both better. Just wanted you to know that they are doing great and are loved by everyone here. It was a pleasure to have them in our home and hope to have them over again soon. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Sister L and I recently had (2) both our son on Mission's and getting contact like this was the BEST. So I am passing on the same enjoyment to you.
Thanks for sharing them with us and know that they are being well taken care of here.

Bro & Sister L