Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A successful Missionary - Not being sick!

Dearest Family,

This past week has been a bit long because on Tuesday I was just totally sick. Out. In Bed. Dead. Ha. It was so not fun and I didn't like way I felt or looked! I couldn't even stay awake for study time all I did was sleep, cough, and plow my nose... Bummer. I felt so alone and afraid. I wasn't fulfilling my purpose as a missionary and I was like why is this happening? Really? Right now? Our numbers were down, investigators weren't getting spiritually feed because I'm in bed. I wanted to run in the streets and talk to them tell them that I still love and care for them. But I couldn't. Then worrying about all of you back home...going through so much, job, work, school, car problems and such...I want to help but I couldn't. This is when I turned to prayer as I laid in bed for about 2 1/2 days and the third was still inside but I was up and moving somewhat. I realized and felt the Atonement in my life. The power of Heaven was felt. I haven't had any baptism, investigators are making not so good choices to commit to come to Church but Sister Yates and I couldn't give up, not yet. So I had a total break down on Friday, my first day outside and we went to our District meeting (we have a new district only two sets of Elders and they are kind of odd but it's okay!) I received a blessing from our Zone Leaders and felt like okay I'm not the only one going through this sickness as a missionary. It's okay to rest from your labor. They told me to call Sister Winn. She didn't answer do I left a message.

That night K (she is preparing for a mission) came out with us. We went to K's. She was my first lesson when I entered into the Field so it was so tender sweet. She came back from NY and visiting the church historical sights!!! Yes Kirtland was one stop! Awesome! She has totally progressed and everything! Her testimony is strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had asked K before we went in to share a scripture....challenge! :) By the end of the lesson K shared a scripture with K!!!!! I felt so proud of her! After the lesson K told us that Satan has been working hard on her. Her friends wanted to hang out but she chose to go out teaching with Sister Yates and myself! Warm fuzzy!!!!

Saturday morning came around and there was Sister Winn!!! Remember that phone call?! She had groceries, and loving items from a mother to cheer up her daughter!!! Sister Yates and Sister Winn said the most powerful uplifting words and lets just say....I may not have success now but as I continue to learn and grow success and miracles will come!

Sunday we talked at the 12th ward and I didn't feel like I got the members motivated, but that night we taught the Woods Cross North Stake mission Prep Class! They are so awesome!!!! Can I say I love to teach in the classroom, I was in my element!!!! They had amazing questions too. Wonderful youth, wonderful future missionaries! We came home from having a member lesson spirit filled and H (the awesome lady we live with) was up so we chatted! She is so amazing and funny! She played songs on the piano and we sang with her. She even has written notes so we can learn how to play! She is so sweet! Haha. You know how I pluck!!!! I love her so much. She really has become a dear friend to Sister Yates and myself. BFF!

Today I was able to get my hair cut! ;) I needed it! And after, H took us out to lunch to Kneaders! It's like Panera! AM I totally thought of you and I had a chicken salad with broccoli soup and a smoothie!!!! ;) Too bad it wasn't Breakfast like with James and Big D with the french toast!!! Yummm!

Well I know this week will be better and my health is improving, still blowing my nose and cough...bad air ;( But I just continue to learn and teach our investigators here in Woods Cross! People are to be taught and I'm  pretty for sure I can bring the spirit into their home! I love the gospel. He loves us so much! Scripture Power!!!!!! Have a super awesome week! I hope all is well back home thanks for your cute letters and notes from family and friends! I can totally feel your prayers! Thank you!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Me at Kneaders!
We walk two by two
In the big Blizzard!!!! Haha.

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