Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My love for Him has grown!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I have been so blessed and have felt your sweet prayers that have been on my behalf. You know that peaceful feeling in the temple, Heavenly Father's love? I felt that this week. I have been humbled by mom  and dads testimony. It has been awhile since I really listened to each of you and your inspired words and counsel to me. Thank you so much!

As it has been very difficult not thinking about me and just serving our Lord, I have been truly humbled and still am in the process.

Sister Martin and I were in a lesson with C and her mother on Thursday. This family needs the gospel! I don't know really how to help them for this is only the second time meeting with C. Please pray for her and her family!

Blessings do come! And sincere prayers are answered!

On Friday the Parley 2nd Ward has a little dinner thing and we went to it! Guess who I met?!!?! Elder Barkers mom!!!! He was a super sweet Elder I met in the MTC!!!! In passing from meals we always saw each other and his family is in my area!!!! His mom was so excited we took a picture!!! (I have an MTC picture of us on our way from the Provo Temple with Sister Hansen, Walgreen, Hill, Elder Barker and his companion! Look for it!)

Sunday was just like wow! Humbling and the normal tender mercies like usual. Sister Martin and I had PEC and other Bishop and Ward Mission Leader Meetings all morning into the afternoon. We were only able to attend the Parley 5th Ward because we were speaking in Sacrament! We spoke on Prayer! Ha. Funny huh?!!?! We went to dinner and it was a special spirit that the Duane Family had! Brother Duane gave me a blessing. Can I say priesthood blessings are inspired by Heavenly Father?!!?! They are! Also patriarchal blessings too! I read mine this morning and joy and love came to me. I read about the atonement in Mosiah 14 and 15. I just 'turned to it' for personal study!!!! He knows us. Love you all!

Ps. Have an amazing time together as a family!!! Big hugs to you all and Little Liam!!!

Personal Revelation- Sweet Hour of Prayer

Dearest Pratt Family,

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference and the power of the spirit is so strong. I received two revelations for myself and our area...role playing is so important! Be obedient and go out and serve. Use the atonement. He is there to help us. President Winn came right in front of me and said that all of us missionaries saw this happen too.

This week has been pretty good. Slow but I'm still smiling and getting through my days. I told one of our less actives, A, my mom says when you start to give up say a prayer. He will help. Thanks mom because it's true!

This morning I read Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 Humility and then read Mosiah 4:11 and then the whole chapter! We are weak unworthy creatures!!! So we need to rely on the atonement! He is there! Never far from us! Our prayers were answered with S's mom getting out of the way and have a lesson tonight and hope to put her on date for baptism!!

Please pray for S, G, and C. This week is my goal to hit the Dry SOE (Standard of Excellence) but without a baptism....so it's dry!

0 Baptism
0 Confirmation
3 on date
5 at church
8 lessons with a member present
3 new investigators

I know with prayers, planning right and faith Sister Martin and I can get through this week! I love you all so very much!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Questions to a humble prayer are answered.

Dearest Pratt Family!

I don't know where to start this week. But I know that it has been filled with the spirit! Looking forward to Conference, so so happy! We had a lesson on Thursday with D and it was a tender mercy. He felt the spirit and I thought of Dad and our tender talks about life in the kitchen or outside on a Sunday afternoon. Please pray for him. He is searching and has found it. He is homeless and needs prayers.

Sister Martin and I had Parleys Stake Correlation and I felt at 'home' (I was comfortable with the Ward Mission Leader) and I basically told them.....'umm brethren this is how it should be! I know I'm new to the area but I know (thanks to amazing leadership in Woods Cross) a better way for the members to do missionary work and how we can help this stake', nothing has happened for quite some months and we were able to receive like 14 referrals that day!!! Blessings!

Friday we had our apartment checked and the sweet older sister said, 'Oh from the looks I don't even need to look over anything.' Yep we are so super clean! I feel so happy when I have a clean desk, table and room! It's the simple joys when you are on a mission I guess! Ha. We had Zone meeting and that was just what we needed. We need our faith to have miracles happen in the SLC Zone! Please pray that Sister Martin and I may see miracles. We have non one on date for Baptism again this week....there has to be someone out there who is ready for the gospel, right?!!?!

Stopping by less actives and referrals it made Friday a long day and when I received your letters and also the Wilkins I had the energy to continue on! (Plus the chocolate the Woodruff's sent to me!) Thank you for the encouraging words, I need to have the courage! So Sister Martin and I went out and by the time we came back home 9:15ish I went to unlock the door and was like Woe?! Who heart attacked us????!!?!??!!? Then Sister Martin read Liam. SHUT UP!!!!! All I could do was laugh and cry! Jones Family, I love you! It was not just for me but for Sister Martin! She felt your love and I'm grateful you included her! She needed a little extra family love! It was inspired! A long day with blessings and hearts!

Oh Conference, with our mission your last transfer on your mission you get tickets, we didn't even think about this being Sister Martin's!!! We had amazing seats for the first session! My first time to see the Prophet! My heart was and is full! I had to tell myself this is real! It seemed so fake, but I know the spirit doesn't lie! Ha. This is my letter I wrote to President Winn today!
Dear President Winn,
     This transfer Sister Martin and I are hoping to have more faith! What a blessing it was to be able to attend General Conference for the first time! As Sister Martin and I were going through the week we did a little packet that was for the primary children....we wrote down our questions we had and then prayed in faith that our questions would be answered at Conference. And they were answered in every talk! I feel so blessed to know that I am loved by a Heavenly Father, I am accepted by Him! How can we come closer to our Heavenly Father? Living the gospel, keeping the commandments, having a Christ centered home! Just come and see! Just having the belief is enough for us to have the faith to endure to the end! As we turn away from ourselves and rely on our Savior we will be able to be the answer to someone's prayers! Have the Faith to baptize. These blessings will come!
     I'm grateful for my own family and what they have taught me in a Christ centered home! I have the love of the gospel and now it's my time to share it to our Heavenly Fathers children here in SLC!! I need to love them! Don't judge, they are able to change! They too need to feel loved by someone. I'm excited to be that missionary to help whether it be a less active member, non member or even a member that needs the tender words of this amazing Restored Gospel!
     General Conference gave me that extra faith to serve Him more by serving His children! I love this super awesome plan, the Plan of Salvation! As we have the big goal in mind, eternal life, we will one day return to him! So I will continue to face these trials with good cheer, with a bright smile and share the joy that I feel of my Heavenly Father!
Love, Sister Pratt

I learned so much and at the very last session that we went to, when President Monson came in, all I could do was smile! He is called of God and this is His Church! I'm grateful to have it in my life and to be sharing it to others! Being with the two less active sisters in the last session, I told them to think of a question and pray that it will be answered....they thanked me for saying that. The spirit was so strong. I know I'm to be here in SLC. It's still hard to say that, but I know as we work with the members it will come together and this will be home! I love you all so much! I'm happy you were able to go to General Conference! What stood out to you? How can you apply that into your daily life? He will help you, He loves you! Be of good cheer! Blessings will come!

With all my love, your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transfers, Salt Lake City, UT - Sister Martin

Dearest Pratt Family,

From the start of last week I knew I would be transferred. Saying goodbyes you know are not easy for me but I know I will be able to keep in touch with the members and the people in Woods Cross. But the memories are so clear in my mind from the first step when I entered into Heather's home with Sister Yates the sweet spirit of a missionary was so real, to the lessons and seeing investigators progress to not keeping commitments to using the atonement of Jesus Christ and being baptized!

I feel so blessed. What more can I say?!!?! Sister Adams was a shock to my system but we worked well together and our District was the best!!!! I will miss all of them, we were such an odd group but we all got along so well! Best Friends! They each helped me stretch more which I didn't like but I know what I can do with faith and the Lords help! Knowing that I have talents and gifts is hard at times to share them. But transfer meeting was just super awesome on Wednesday!

President Winn said, "It will be hard. But growth comes through trials and experience." That has been this week. Sister Martin is a trial missionary....She is out for only three months and so she has only been out for five weeks and I'm finishing up her 12 weeks program that all new missionaries go through. So President Winn I think is prepping me for training.....! NO! She knows the area and I'm driving and traffic is so super crae, crae! But Sister Martin has an amazing conversion story and it's so personal. We are what each other needs right now. I don't know these people here is Salt Lake City. They are for sure the outdoors biking in the mountains, skiing, wealthy..or what I call, Recreational Weekend members BUT, I have met with Leadership and we are going to work with them really well!!! Also I have a feeling we will be working with Less Active members more but I'm still praying for a baptism this transfer! I want Sister Martin to know what it feels like! That warm fuzzy that you get inside seeing someone you helped teach come closer to Jesus Christ, it's a special moment!

Sunday was just tender to my heart knowing that I have felt like Mary when she saw the tomb empty...she felt alone and in need for comfort. Why weepest thou? And yet the whole time it was HIM, our Savior Jesus Christ right behind her talking to her. He is not far from us. Every moment, Every word, Every pain. It was for me! For you! For each of us!!! How grateful I am to be His servant. To learn and grow, to come closer to HIM! Ether 12:27, as we come closer to Him he will show our weaknesses because it is only through trials that we can become better and use the atonement! He loves each of us! I'm excited for conference! And love you each so much! Keep smiling and sharing your love to others!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I'm writing you all a letter today!!!!!!! I promise!!!! I can't thank you all enough for your love and sweet spirit in your emails, James.....thank you! I needed that along with Anna-Marie's! Carrie, your letter was just perfect! Track will be awesome this year! AP's are just always great with Mom's, tender mercies of the Lord flow to you! Dad's too when he writes! ;)

                               Sister Pratt & Sister Martin