Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My love for Him has grown!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I have been so blessed and have felt your sweet prayers that have been on my behalf. You know that peaceful feeling in the temple, Heavenly Father's love? I felt that this week. I have been humbled by mom  and dads testimony. It has been awhile since I really listened to each of you and your inspired words and counsel to me. Thank you so much!

As it has been very difficult not thinking about me and just serving our Lord, I have been truly humbled and still am in the process.

Sister Martin and I were in a lesson with C and her mother on Thursday. This family needs the gospel! I don't know really how to help them for this is only the second time meeting with C. Please pray for her and her family!

Blessings do come! And sincere prayers are answered!

On Friday the Parley 2nd Ward has a little dinner thing and we went to it! Guess who I met?!!?! Elder Barkers mom!!!! He was a super sweet Elder I met in the MTC!!!! In passing from meals we always saw each other and his family is in my area!!!! His mom was so excited we took a picture!!! (I have an MTC picture of us on our way from the Provo Temple with Sister Hansen, Walgreen, Hill, Elder Barker and his companion! Look for it!)

Sunday was just like wow! Humbling and the normal tender mercies like usual. Sister Martin and I had PEC and other Bishop and Ward Mission Leader Meetings all morning into the afternoon. We were only able to attend the Parley 5th Ward because we were speaking in Sacrament! We spoke on Prayer! Ha. Funny huh?!!?! We went to dinner and it was a special spirit that the Duane Family had! Brother Duane gave me a blessing. Can I say priesthood blessings are inspired by Heavenly Father?!!?! They are! Also patriarchal blessings too! I read mine this morning and joy and love came to me. I read about the atonement in Mosiah 14 and 15. I just 'turned to it' for personal study!!!! He knows us. Love you all!

Ps. Have an amazing time together as a family!!! Big hugs to you all and Little Liam!!!

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