Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's the simple joys on a mission that make it Super Spiritual!

Dearest Pratt Family,

As I have made it another week on a mission I have felt your prayers and love! I'm so grateful for all of you! You mean so much to me!

Every single day I have seen little miracles that have come up and I know they have been an answer to my many prayers. Transfers are on May 8th and I'm nervous what will happen. But for now we are working so super hard with the Ward Mission Leaders and Missionaries in the Wards! Our High Councilman are just wonderful with helping us get to the Bishops and the members! It doesn't matter if I see a baptism or not..I'm helping the members get excited about the work in their area and later for some other missionary to have a baptism! It's the small things, that can help any of us be happy. It's hard, but out Heavenly Father knows us. Moroni 7:20, he answered my prayer! There was a question and the answer, Moroni 7:25....you have to wait a few verses to know! Just like in life! Imagine that!!! Ha.

I love you all! Continue to shine your light! You are amazing! All I could do was smile at the cute, adorable, wonderful twinki, temple, sibling outing pictures and think to myself...HOW BLESSED AM I! I pray that as I become a better Disciple of Christ we may all receive the blessings that He has to offer to us all as His servant!

With all my love from SLC, your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The pictures are: 1. Our Zone Leader's cover the U and they asked us to help with a Mission Preparation Class on Campus!!! It was just amazing! I love teaching that class! Elder Cluff, Portas, Me, Sister Martin, Gould, and G.
2. These young men were my group, we role played 'The Perfect Lesson' and I could just feel the spirit there as they addressed the needs of their investigators! They had a scripture and then changed it last minute. That is what the spirit does when you are open and receptive. Wow! They are going to be great missionaries. Three of these young men have their mission call and Brother Anderson, the tall one in the hoody is going to Cleveland, OH Mission!!!! YEAH!!!!! We talked quite a bit!!! ;)
3. We were able to do a service project with a few other Zones! We painted a homeless shelter...it was humbling to walk the sidewalk seeing how they have nothing but what is on their back and in a big bag they carry or push a cart around. We said Hello with a big smile and they thanked us for what we are doing. I'm grateful for my home!
4. Temple day! We were able to do baptisms! The spirit was so sweet! I love the Salt Lake City Temple!

Please pray for Samantha, Gregory, Dawn, Chantell and the Highland and Parleys Stake!

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