Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saturday is a special day!

Dear Pratt Family,

This past week the weather has just been amazing outside. The flowers are the cutest things ever and reminded me of home with the irises for Memorial Day! Pancakes for Breakfast?!!?! Ha.

Thanks for your love and prayers!

Sister Mahterian is quite the funny companion! She is doing much better, she comes out to teach in the morning, early afternoon and then rest in the evenings! So Sister V2 and I have been going down so many lists to contact people! We had wonderful lessons with Anthony and preparing him for his baptism on Saturday!

Wednesday was a trial of V2 and my faith. We taught Sariah and she is on date for July 6th! She has amazing faith at such a young age. She love reading the Book of Mormon and all! I can totes see her being a Young Women's leader years down the road! It's that eternal perspective that we need to have in life. We went by a less active referral I had never met but V2 had. As we were just talking to Kimberly I had no idea what to say....then I opened the scriptures and Mosiah 2:21-22 came to me. Just that morning Sister V2 and I were talking about commandments and the Kite analogy! Heavenly Father loves us and that is what Kimberly needed!

Then Dakota, he is a less active and like 17. He was baptized at age 8 but never went to church. He is eager to learn more and so sweet! He wants to go into the Army... I know he will serve a mission for sure! Then we stopped by so many homes and no one was home....! Then the thought came to me, Sister Pratt just say a prayer! So we asked Heavenly Father and knew right were to go, Brightons! so we did and he is wanting to be baptized too, he just has to keep his appointments! He is like 10 and so strong! How grateful I am for the lessons I learned when I was young!

Anthony's baptism was just great. I had given the talk on Baptism and the spirit was just so strong. Support from the ward and youth his age too! His family is less active and they were all in tears. Afterwards I asked him how he felt...he said 'changed, not like my clothes', and then I said like inside? He said 'yea!' Saturday is not just a day to get ready for Sunday, but really is a special day for a baptism!!!

President and Sister Winn called me last night and asked how I'm doing. I may be transferred and whitewashing an area next transfer...but who knows! I'm praying that I will be okay and ready for this super new change. I love the people here but I'm thinking I need to have more courage with myself. I can do hard things! - The Jenny Phillips song!

I love you all! Have a super week!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. 1. All the sisters in our district. Also V2 is going back to South Salt Lake City to speak Spanish now that Sister M is doing batter.

2. Anthony's Baptism!

3. Saturday morning we helped Sariah's grandparents weed their garden!!! Super fun! Her friends even stayed for a lesson afterwards too! ;)

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