Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Every day can be a Warm Fuzzy one!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I don't know how to start my email today because of the compete joy and overwhelming love I have at this time. We just got done with a session at the Temple......! Oh my heart is full of gratitude because this morning I told myself I wouldn't rush (I remember the first time going to the temple with Sister Yates! Tender.) I wanted Sister West to have the very best experience so I didn't rush myself or her. We were 10 minutes late but I was totes calm. With my stomach not doing the greatest I thought of all the promises Heavenly Father has offered to me....all I could do was smile at the temple workers knowing that I'm going to be just fine! My stomach hasn't hurt at all this morning; there was a reason why we were late! I'm drinking lots of water, taking naps when needed, when I'm doing well I work my hardest and we have seen so many miracles! So let me tell you about them!

Monday we took it easy and enjoyed cleaning and writing letters/making super cute cards out of what I have which is so awesome! Dinner at Sister Lambert's was really nice as always! The meal was meatballs and noodles! So amazing to see her serve us so much!

On Tuesday we had a bit of a mix up with dinners and I was down again but we had dinner with the Nielson's in the CI ward. It's hard not being able to control everything and beating yourself down. But Bro. N told me that I just need to work with the members and smile more! Let it shine! Being depressed I don't smile as much or laugh and people can tell. So I need to feel good about everything I do....it's a work in progress! So I went out with sweet soon to be Sister May, she has turned in her call and we went by the Perkins in the Bayshore ward and it was wonderful to talk to her and Hunter who is now 9 and not baptized! We are hoping to put him on date very soon! Then for some reason I had the feeling to stop by a referral from the SB ward, Patrick. He is a single father of like 3, moved back with his parents and wants to do better with his life and be an example to his children. He welcomed us right in and I had to take the lead on the lesson not expecting to actually teach him right there in his kitchen! Haha. So let the Holy Spirit guide?!!?! We did the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the spirit was just tender. Since Sister West wasn't there I didn't want to invite him to be baptized.......I could only hold it in for so long and then it just came out! He is totes ready and is on date for the 31st! I wanted to cry knowing it's been a while since I've invited someone to be baptized. Sister May was just over joyed, now she knows what it will feel like to invite someone to be baptized on her mission! She was glowing! She is going to be a wonderful missionary!

On Wednesday, it was another down day but we were able to visit Shaylee and Carlos. We sang in their home and wow, the spirit is just amazing! Then we had a lesson with Dakota, he is having troubles reading the Book of Mormon....reading problems.....I can totes relate! As he was reading my thoughts went to when I hated reading during family scripture study every night and sounding out the words. I thought my life was so hard. I hated it. But mom kept at me to read a verse, along with the sibs. Now I know I'm not a pro at reading the Book of Mormon but I totes have improved and know that it was the help of the Lord. So I felt like I had to tell Dakota about my experience.....School work became easier and so did learning about the church! We just have to be humble and ask for help! We then went to the SL ward cook out where Roben was helping to cook the food! It was great seeing him interact with the ward members....He might be an 'eternagator' but he need to exercise his faith more and get baptized! Haha. I love the members in that ward, Maranda Person, Kaitlyn Hinton, the Nunes Girls (Young women are like the best!)

Wednesday I learned that there is such an importance of companion study and planning for lessons! With Sister West being totes new I have to take the lead on the lessons....So with Jordan it was a bit hard and I had to give her little hints to say something....Shoot is that how it was for me when I first came out?!!?! Haha. I just felt so silly. Why am I stressing?!!?! It's so much fun laughing at yourself! For dinner that night, we ate with the Wood family....she had her mother-in-law and she is recovering from heart surgery I just felt her grandma love and I smiled all dinner. We chatted a bit after and I thought of Grandma Iliff and I just had to tell her, 'When I left for my mission my grandma told me that she is just a letter away.' I wanted to cry but I felt way to much of Heavenly Fathers love to cry so I just smiled and she gave me the cutest and most tender Grandma hug, I didn't want to let go! Did you know Heavenly Father puts people into our paths for some reason?!!?!

Then we had a lesson with Patrick and our ride for the night was just so sweet, Sister Hill! Sister West was able to invite his twin brother to be baptized also on August 31st! The spirit was so strong as we bore testimony of Joseph Smith and recited the 1st vision! Warm Fuzzies all over! I love it when members can experience these kinds of lessons. The gospel does change our life!

Friday for district meeting the training was all about the Book of Mormon! I'm so great I studied it that morning ;) Not really the Zone Leader's sent a text to us on accident but I used it for my benefit! Ha. The spirit was so strong we each shared our testimonies about how we know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Mine came over time and truly applying it to my life and praying lots to understand! We also had interviews with President Hansen. He is just amazing, like a Grandpa that cares! He said he wants me to get better and be the best trainer....and I can do it! I know what to do.....I have had many companions that have taught me like totes important lessons that I have already shared with Sister West. She is now into sticky notes (on the walls and leaving them at peeps homes!) and pictures by her bed!!! Too cute!

Saturday was slow, it was Stansbury days and so everyone was out on the Lake. I'm grateful for the sweet promptings of the spirit so I texted Sister Mama Roberts to see if they could feed us for dinner. I needed them! They brought a smile on my face and they didn't know I was having a hard day. Tear, she gave me a mother hug!

Sunday was just as wonderful as the week...really! Patrick and Michael came to church with their families!!!! Seeing them there just made my heart full taking these steps. Being so reverent and feel so much peace. The sacrament hymn was perfect for me and I'm sure them too. It states, 'at the throne I intercede; For thee ever do I plead.' He wants us to become like Him! I can't fully write all my feelings down but the spirit has whispered to me that the atonement is real! It is not just for me so I'm sharing it with others! Everything is going to be okay! We were able to see Janny, another tender grandma hug! and then correlation meeting was just great! The ward mission leader's have the vision and the members need to get on the ball! But they are doing better!

I'm just so grateful for my Heavenly Fathers love. He cares for us! I know that we can overcome all through the atonement of Jesus Christ! I have been able to look at each day and remember a moment I felt a warm fuzzy. That makes me smile and know that this is the plan He wants me to live, serve and share with others! At the temple today I didn't know a zone from the Salt Lake City East mission would be there too, so I was able to see the other wonderful missionaries! Sister Hansen just came up to me and gave me a big long hug. (I was doing really well with no tears and then she made them start! Ha.) I guess love grows fonder as we are far apart. I don't know really what I have done to have her be so emotional but she said to me that she misses me lots and she learned so much from me. If I haven't done anything I've helped her to love your companion no matter what! I love you all so much! Thanks for your prayers for my health and the people in the Stansbury Park area!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another week in Stansbury Park!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been one that I never knew I would go through but have like always learned from it! In so many of our prayers when we are sick or down we may ask our Heavenly Father 'why am I going through this?' and 'help me feel better.' As I had to rest for three days in the Fryers basement in the recliner chair with my cute hot rice pad Sister Lambert made for me on my stomach and my water and pills right next to me, those were the questions I was asking in my long drawn out 45 minute prayer as I was trying to sleep Monday/Tuesday evening when I for true wanted to be out teaching our lessons and having dinner in the members home. But since our Zone Leader's are the best and so are the members, they brought food by our place! It was like the best ever....my comfort food! ;)

In so many of the lessons I have taught I explain that we have Heavenly Fathers will and our will. We need to be doing our very best to align ours with His....easier said then done! It hit me that I was not doing that at all. I have been working so very hard, going all day long, you know being Super Sister Pratt and I just couldn't do it any more. My spiritual eyes and ears were opened during another long drawn out prayer the next day....'Heavenly Father what am I to learn from this?', 'How will this help me be a better Preach My Gospel missionary and trainer to Sister West and down the road?' Sometimes it's all in how we ask a question that we can receive a better/clear answer!

I was finally about to go out on Thursday and feel somewhat good. (Bishop/ Dr. Bezar had given me the medication to take and shoot it has totes been helping. Mom you are just so smart with all the pills and such! Truly grateful you know what I'm taking!) Our lessons were just great with Jana, Dakota, and a new investigator, Chloe! Then on Friday I was able to go to our District meeting and get through planning for the week....The bathroom is still my bff but not as much! We like it that way!!!!

Quick story from our dinner on Friday. We went to the Hinton's, they are just the cutest things ever (I have a picture of their family!) So missionary minded and all we shared a little message before dinner about how te Prophets obeyed God and so can we. We learn about that in the Book of Mormon and then sang the totes adorbs song, Book of Mormon Stories! They asked us all sorts of cute questions and are excited to serve a mission when they are 18 and 19!!! They had given us a referral to their neighbors next door! They have been inviting them to church and sometimes they come! So wonderful when we have a Christ centered home we have the desire to share His love and happiness with others! Even when we are 11, 8, 5 and younger!

Saturday and Sunday were both slow days but things worked out as the spirit directed us where to go! We don't have any one on date but we are trying to build up our teaching pool again. Sunday was Sister West's first time giving a talk on her mission! She was just wonderful! They went over really well. Family, marriage and missionary work! I thought of the hymn, Love at Home. Each verse outlines three points in Preach My Gospel under The Restoration, The gospel bless families. So tender for me to know that our Heavenly Father is smiling on High when there is love at home! As we each have a goal and help each other work towards it blessings will come to help us achieve it!

I am feeling much better. Thank you so very much for all your prayers! I do feel them. I still have some pain in the stomach but it's like a 2 now instead of an 8 1/2. I'm out working and taking it easy too! Sister West said that I need to stop worrying and stressing....chill out! We can be late! Ha. Opps! Looks like I still have things to work on!!! But Ether 12:26-27! His grace IS sufficient for the meek!

I love you all lots! I know you will have such an amazing week! Two more weeks till school starts back up for the students here! FUN!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. We had crae, crae winds the one day and we almost got blown away!!! Haha. Also, yes, Diana there was a fire over the mountains on Sunday it was totes different. I'm used to tornado's not fire!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Transfers, Stansbury Park, UT Hermana West!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a humbling week again and full of out Savior's love for me and for the people here in Stansbury Park! I have received letters this past week that have really touched my heart knowing that my Heavenly Father is looking out for me.

Monday was a fun filled Pday with playing Basketball! Shoot, I love that game! (Haha. Funny, shoot, get it?!!?!) But tears are coming less as each companion leaves me. Transfers were on Wednesday. My heart was burning when Sister Cardon left! What an amazing influence she has been on me.....just like Sister Yates! Each companion will be forever a dear friend to me! So I am training Hermana West who is 20 and is from California! She is so cute and like totes new! 12 weeks here it comes! Well as wee were leaving transfers you know me I get lost so I followed a set of Elders in our Zone! Haha. Totes funny! It's different not having someone who knows Utah and the exits!

Thursday we had our District meeting and there are so many in out Zone/District! In the mission we have over 250 missionaries!!! and they just keep coming! We have been busy visiting all the Bishops and doing lessons! Fun but really go go go! Friday we had New Missionary Training and that was a big help for me! President Hansen is just wonderful! Also the other missionaries are just so great, strong examples to me!

So on Saturday was Kaitlin and Lily's Baptism and it was just so wonderful! The spirit was so strong and to feel of our Heavenly Fathers love was just amazing! They will be wonderful young women and mothers some day! Tears filled my eyes to see their joy and happiness! I'm on a mission to help others have that experience!

Please don't worry but Sunday was one long day! As we were getting ready for the day Sister Hansen called us and told me that I needed to go to the ER. I told her on Friday at the meeting that I have been having stomach issues. Well one of the Bishops in our Zone Leader's stake is a Doctor so I went to see him a few weeks ago and nothing has improved, it's just gotten worse. So, Mama Lambert (she's the best!) drove us to the ER at 9:30 am Sunday morning. They did so many tests, CAT, blood test and such. They even checked my heart........my low heart rate, 40-45! ;) So I didn't get out till like 2:30ish pm and I was like so tired! I cried my eyes out because I don't know what is wrong but Bishop Beazer said to be grateful, we know what it is not! No stones, no appendix, no gallbladder, no whatever. So I'm taking maylax.......Haha. Our bathroom is my new bff!!!!!! ;) So I'm at home taking it low. If you need to call Sister Hansen go ahead but I'm fine and moving around! Did you know that preaching the gospel in the Hospital is like totes awesome?!!?! Drinking some lemonade with some medicine and who knows what else, an IV up my arm talking to Sweet Nurse Christensen about church and knowing she is a wonderful person and daughter of God!!!!

Tears are falling knowing that I am to be here on a mission. I am helping others come unto Jesus Christ and learning myself! So I'm going to continue on not knowing what Heavenly Father has in store for me next or after my mission. I'm happy! I'm blessed! I'm like totes loved! I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt