Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A dead end is just the beginning. Chapter 3

Dearest Pratt Family,

I will for true write you this week, I'm so sorry it's going to be short but I want you each to know that despite all of our hard days, wet pillows at night, questions, and feelings of inadequacy, we are able to feel of our Heavenly Fathers love in some way. Dead ends are not the end. Sometimes we just need to break the wall down. Even though it may be overwhelming and difficult to face at the time He is there for us! For me it was reading the Book of Mormon and being humbled as I read about the atonement this week! My heart is full for the care that our Heavenly Father has for each of us! As we are able to grow and learn we will have that burning testimony inside of us and will just share it! I want to cry right now because I am so grateful for all tender love and care I have felt from all of your prayers and support. I feel my Saviors Love.

I'm grateful for the tenderness a 'father away from home' who is a worthy priesthood holder who gave me a blessing on Thursday evening. Dad, oh how much I love and miss your hugs and hands that have given me comfort late at night! and your sweet words, 'You're special sis!'

Patrick and his boys, Dallin, Ryan and Joseph are all being baptized on Saturday!!!!! You can see his eyes filled with joy and feel his humble prayer being answered as he asks for help to be baptized and to act, working on the Word of Wisdom and a few other commandments. He knows that giving this all up and living a clean life is worth the world to him and his family! The stake will be there and maybe President Hansen?! Exciting! The joy that comes as a servant of the Lord I am able to be an instrument, road sign, to guide Patrick and his family back to our Heavenly Father!

Mother, your letter/package was very timely. You knew I needed a little comfort this week with some cute paper and ribbon! Thanks!

The weather is getting cooler and I love it! It's a bit cold for Sister West! Haha. But she is doing her best with all of my weaknesses! I have had lots of evenings and wanted to sit in my rocking couch and drink hot chocolate....I haven't had chocolate for a month now and I'm excited to have some on Saturday when Patrick gets baptized!!!! So I just do the dishes to get warm and I love it! Also, I just love you all so very much!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pictures from members!

Change is just wonderful... only when you look at its better side!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been full of wonderfulness, lots of smiles, deep breaths and change! But you know me and change, we are getting along quite well I'd say these days! Haha. ;)

On Tuesday we went out for some visits and it was just totes awesome! At every place we had stopped if the person we were planning on seeing wasn't home Heavenly Father provided us with an opportunity to have a lesson and get to know the person! I just loved it! Cameron was working on his bike after school and then Nick pulls up on his pimped up bike that he put together himself! So we were able to talk to one of our potential investigators and then found out that Cameron is not a member! Who would have thought?! So we invited them both to go to Young Men's the next day. After our dinner we went by Patrick's and he had to reschedule but we still visited him! Haha. We had a great talk and because we only stayed a short time we were able to go to some referrals and it was like it was meant to be...we saw Olivia! So we were teaching her like when I first came into this area and had to drop her, she was not progressing at all. She came up to me like a good friend! We chatted and found out she was going to Young Women's! We were excited and walked her in. She was so nervous but didn't want us to go with her so we left her with a smile and hugs! When we were walking outside we saw Chris and Gabe! Who knew...they are like brothers, it's too cute! So we chatted to them and talked about how Chris' mom, Joy, wants to have the lessons! We are excited but worried about how and what Big John will say.

Wednesday was so bummy and happy all at the same time! Transfers! The elders thought we should go out to lunch for the last time so the Zone Leader's Wampler and Olsen, and Pinto, Wilcox and McCord and Sister West and I went out to eat and just laughed about all our good times in the Zone. It's sad to have Elder Wampler leave but it's all good. He will do a great job as Zone Leader in another area! Oh Pinto went home! Crae, crae! So Sister West and I worked on the area books getting them separated for the new set of sisters coming in! Shoot, the binders look totes cute, just saying! We had no idea when they would be coming so guess what we had to do...yep eat two dinners! They arrived in the area around 7 pm so we arranged for them to have a dinner and what not! It felt so good to sleep that night! Sister West and I were prayerful about what wards we would be covering. The thought had been in my mind for the whole week that we need to be in the CI, SL, BS, and PW wards. In my mind I was like no way, we don't have any investigators there and the Bishops aren't too great....so we haven't worked in that area much, that's why! But for some reason I just knew we are to be over those wards...I couldn't take it any longer and told Sister West we just need to say a prayer. As I said it words came out of my mouth that were not mine at all, 'Please help Sister West and I know what areas we are needed in at this time and as well for other missionaries that will be serving in the Stansbury Park area later.' Hold on. What?! I knew right then and there that we needed to serve in those wards. Other sisters will be coming in after me and that is where they will be needed! He loves us and does answer our prayers!

Thursday was just as stressful and busy with all of this change and full of Miracles! Sister West and I made some more visits during the afternoon to some less active's. Dinner was super with the Bergantz family! It was wonderful talking of missionary work! Then we were off to a meeting with Elder Summerhazes of the 70. President and Sister Hansen were there along with President Child and like four other stake ward councils in the area! It was just so awesome! Hastening the work of Salvation! We share the gospel one by one. It is in the most inconvenient times when the Lord asks us to serve someone, but it is in our daily lives when we are out and about when He places people in our paths to help them, serve them and love them! The spirit was so strong. Ward Counsel are for true important!

Friday at out District meeting it was a bit odd and new. We now have five districts in the Tooele Zone!!!! We have our District Leader Elder Taylor and he is training, Elder Shoaf is training, and there is another set of Elders that are trainers too! Plus Sister Cross is training and then ME ending the 12 weeks with Sister West! How amazing is this?!!?! We are like growing and peoples lived are changing every single day! I just love it!

Saturday we showed Sister Cross and Claren around The amazing Lake Point and Stansbury area! It was lots of fun plus visits! Oh so I had made arrangements for a sister in one of our wards to get the sisters some food for Breakfast and Lunch....Sister Hill was totes happy to do it and when we dropped it by the sisters they weren't expecting it at all. We have been driving up the road to where they live to bring them milk, and other foods to munch on, so it was nice we don't have to do that anymore. But it just felt so happy to have thought of it and serve the sisters! I hope they felt my love for them!

We had the adult session of Stake Conference that evening. I just love this Stake! We were the greeters and I just love helping others get ready for a spirit filled meeting! What a joy the members are and how amazing it is to hear of members coming back into the fold of God! Brother Lambert shared this wonderful story from his Grandmother, I'll have to ask him if I can get a copy of it to share with all y'all!

Sunday we were able to sit on the stand for both the 10 am session and the 2 pm session! I just felt so much love. Did you know that in the scriptures it has it written many times about the work of the Lord will be Hastened in His time. Well it's time! President Monson said that the work of the Lord is Hastening!!!! The time is now!!!! So don't be like Peter and go a fishing. D & C 4:2 Come unto Jesus!

So really all of this change that has gone on is just really wonderful and the joy that comes to me is just so much! Change really can be good! I know that we each have weaknesses but the Lord provides a way that with our weaknesses we can do great things with the talents and gifts that we do have!
Oh how blessed I am as His servant! How great is my calling? Super great!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I have plans on writing lots of letters today!!!! So look for them in the mail this week! Loves!

Picture: Sister Cross and Claren biking to their home! They are too cute!
The wonderful, sweet, member missionaries in the SB ward, The Steele Family! I'm sure Elder Steele is having an amazing time in OH!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Have the Faith to do it, and then Act.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I feel like I have grown in so many ways and don't really know how to deal with it but I know all will work out totes fine! Transfers are on Wednesday. We will continue to be together but the Stansbury Park Stake will be receiving a new set of missionaries!!! I'm totes excited about that but I don't know what wards we will be covering I'm a bit nervous for that but really not worried. I know what to do and so I just need to do it! The area book is all up to date and things are in order for the new Sisters coming in!

Tuesday was a busy day with lots of miracles!!! We had dinner and then went to a New Member lesson with Kapree. We were to have a lesson with Patrick that evening but he has totes not been feeling well because of him giving up smoking. He went from smoking 20 to 5! We are so happy! So we just had a little chat. We were a bit bummed but I knew all would work out for the evening! I totes love it when I just start talking to whom ever I see....we had gotten done contacting a referral in the CI ward and this man was on his deck (he has this totes high fence up, so all I could see was him sitting down and like his head! Haha.) So I waved and talked to him. We stood on the sidewalk for like 10 minutes talking to Scott who is less active and got to know him! It was just super great! Then we had talked to this cute older lady who was on a walk and her name is Julie Sas. She picks up trash as she goes out and about, so good! Then we were looking for a Ward Mission Leader's home. We had like 20 minutes till 9 pm and it was dark. I don't know the BM/MP wards area so I pulled over and got the map out! You know it! It was a super good night so we had our windows down....out of no where this lady says do you need help?!!?! Talk about scared me! Well she lived on the corner of where we parked and was on her way to pick up her husband from work. We got to talking and for some reason I thought to ask her name...she is a less active referral we just got. We offered her service and it was just wonderful. Heavenly Father knew Denise needed a little spiritual thought and service! The Ward Mission Leader can be visited another day! Totes awesome miracles!!!

Wednesday I had a bit of a anxiety attack. But I was able to take some deep breaths. I knew we would be having exchanges and I have not left the area to Sister West. It hit me really hard when I got in the car with Sister Adams and Sister Redford to be in the Tooele area....I asked the Sisters if we could say a prayer and I did. I knew right then and there what I needed to do with Sister West the next day when we got back together...I love her so much I don't want her to feel bad, so I do like totes everything for her- cleaning, updating the area book to taking the lead on lessons and planning, Stake meetings and everything else you can think of. I haven't allowed her to apply what she has learned. I cried for the first time in a few weeks that night. Sister Adams just gave me a sweet hug and listened to all I had to let out. Heck she is a totes amazing missionary! I'm just so grateful for her boldness and love. We talked about Woods Cross and Sister Yates and Elder Chaffin. WOW, it felt so good to have someone understand all that I was going through. (She has trained and is the Sister Training Leader and leaves in October. So she know! Sister Yates did too, but now that I'm training I'm seeing the bigger picture. I had a lot of pride at the beginning of my mission.)

It was a great personal study that I had on Thursday morning still in Tooele. 2 Nephi 2:6 totes esta bien! I thought back to an email I had received from James while in SLC. He shared that cure Mormon message about the gardener having to cut down the bush knowing that it was for his good even if it hurt a little. He knows us. And I know Sister West. I have to cut her down to help her grow. Even if that means standing at a door and having her take the lead not knowing what to say and having awkward pauses....! Haha. For true! Embarrassing! She needs to read and reread Preach My Gospel and apply it! That is the only way we become better! Think about Heavenly Father feels with us. We all can improve, it won't just take a day or two, it might take your whole life. Know that He loves you so very much to cut you down for you to grow even more!

On Friday we had a Zone Conference in Rose Park about our vision for our mission! It is just wonderful! President Hansen completely knows what he is talking about! I love him!

Saturday was another amazing day. But this September rain needs to go away, it's that time of season and I'm excited! Mom, remember our drives to my Doctor appointments when I was younger and my asthma was totes bad?! We loved looking at the fall trees! Or taking a drive to the Lock Port Bridge?! Shoot, I miss those days! Tear.

I just love doing role plays during companion study! Sister West was finally able to get it that we need to do them to understand what our investigators need and what we can say to help them! We had wonderful visits to some less active's and yet again the Lord always provides a way for us to meet someone. The door got slammed a few times that night but I told Sister West she need to keep going and one of them will let us in. We went to MP 26, Jaime. It was was a tender moment for her knowing that Heavenly Father loves her! She is less active and needed our visit. She had gotten home from work and then was like I would love to have you give me the lessons for like practice. Shut up!!!!! That is totes what Sister West needs! We answered her prayer while she answered mine!

Sunday was busy and crae, crae! So many wards going to and from and then checking in on Patrick because he didn't show up for Sunday School class and we had texted and called him and Sacrament meeting was about to start and we talked to the Bishop to see if he saw him in Elders Quorum class so I was like heck, let's go to his house! So we did. I was going as fast as tiwi would allow me to! Haha. He wasn't home nor did it look like anyone was home so we left of course a sticky note on the door! I thought well we could go to another ward but I just felt no, go back to SB. We did and it was just what I needed! A powerful homecoming talk that was not just funny and tears all over but a real talk! I took notes! Then I went up to see Brother Steele! He wanted me to read a part of his sons email....thanks so much for being so wonderful, Elder Steele loves you and was happy to give dad a hug! Then out of nowhere this man comes up to me and is like, 'Sister Pratt!' and shakes my hand......SHUT UP!!!! I start to laugh, I had no clue what to think! Elder Steadman?!!?! Yep! He had seen me and was like that looks like a Pratt girl! I told him, I'm on a mission!!!!! Haha. Too funny! Well it sounds odd but that is what I needed, a reminder from two people that my family is just amazing and I love them so very much! Tear. He is just great and his wife is adorbs! Plus their little girl! Cute!

That evening we had a lesson with Nila at the Bradly's home! and it was a bit hard for me to have Sister West take the lead and just kind of sit there but I was happy that I was able to apply all that Sister Adams told me/counseled me to do and what President Hansen has asked me to do being Sister West's trainer!

I love our Savior Jesus Christ! He is my personal Savior and Redeemer! I'm so grateful for my patriarchal blessing. I know that what I'm doing is right! I have felt His love all week! I pray that each of you will understand fully how much Heavenly Father is mindful of you this week and love you! I think Diana and AM were able to with their flat tire, bummer! Ha. Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Mom, also I know why I love snicker doodle cookies! When you make pies and have the extra crust we roll it out and put butte and cinnamon and sugar on it and then bake it! That's totes what the cookies taste like! Just saying! Ha.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Satan doesn't want me here!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been quite the up and down for me but I am totes in this to the end. So I thought I would write this week a bit different. Since I love my sticky notes I thought I would write my email like I do on my sticky notes just for fun! I hope that's okay with ma and pa?!

Smile. A mission is hard. Feel His love. Having ice cream at Coldstone. A mission is the funnest most happiest decision I have ever made!...I hope to make more like this! 9 months and I'm loving it! Lessons are so meant to be. Who knew you would answer someones prayer today. I just love my family. Cute notes. Laugh, and laugh some more. Sing to your companion in the car. My life is a gift. For this is a hard thing that thou hast required of me. Referrals are totes awesome! The tender spirit in a sacrament meeting, I just have to bear my testimony. My spirit just shines! Telling your companion, I serve you because I love you. Pictures on my wall, I have such great friends. Warm Fuzzy! Goals/Actual. Stopping to talk to people about the gospel for 15 minutes as they are sitting in their car, you make it to your car 30 minutes later then planned! Food miracles, a roast for Sunday dinner! Role Plays. Rides after dinners are just wonderful! Rest. You know what, I'm a good missionary! Members are an answer to your prayers. I was led not knowing before hand what to say at a door. The Spirit! I'm in line for lunch sharing the gospel....Sister West looked at Sister Adams and says, she never stops does she?! Nope! Forgives includes forgiving yourself. Don't judge me. Do something that makes you happy. I have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Singing in Primary is totes the best! Love. Reading the Book of Mormon in bed, I feel so blessed right not. Tear. I crack myself up! He didn't say it would be easy. I know He is my Savior.

I know this was different but I felt like it. Just my thoughts and what people/companions have said to me this week! A wonderful man told me just today as I was telling him who I am. I told him I have depression and he told me, 'You can't have depression define you. It's not who you are it's just how you feel sometimes. You know?!' It really made me think. I am happy! and I am on a mission sharing the gospel because it makes me feel happy, joy and I feel at peace knowing who I am and who I can become! Heavenly Father loves me. It's just every now and then I feel sad and it's okay. I just need to remember, and we each do, that we are doing our best and that is all we can do! Satan doesn't want me to be here on a mission right now. But that is just tough! He will have to deal with it for a few more months and others can enjoy my crae, crae laugh, cure smile and tender hugs! (For some reason, so many people have told me that I have great hugs....! Wow, that makes me feel good! Haha.) I do love you all. Not just my family but close family friends. I pray and think of you often. Enjoy the great sun and fresh air! Be happy today!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The picture was taken across the road from where we live. I just love to wear a little blush every now and then, I just had to sit on the hay bail. I'm a little farm girl at heart and wanted to share the gospel to the cattle! Loves!

Let's hold to the Rod!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a wonderful week it has been. Some random rain here and there but it's the normal summer and I have totes met a family from Oak City! Here are the names she knows, Shipley's and Lesal Finlinson (I'm sure I spelled them wrong but don't curr!) They sound familiar to me!

On Tuesday we had a great New Missionary Training from President Hansen, the AP's and the STL (Sister Training Leaders!) It's all about applying Preach My Gospel to our everyday work in the field! Here are some thoughts I want to share with you. How do we define our success? He said, you will succeed if you help your companion know Preach My Gospel! Conversion leads to obedience and obedience is key to conversion! We need to see the big picture as we hasten the work of Salvation! To build the faith and be obedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

On Wednesday I felt the spirit so strongly in my personal study! Sister West is having a hard time teaching the lessons in English. I told her she needs to then study the lessons in English! Silly Sister! I felt prompted to do role plays all morning and that is just what she needed. I need to have her do them not me. I am taking over lessons and she is not able to learn like that! So I have been changing my teaching skills and adjusting them to Sister West, I have too in order for her to teach openly and feel comfortable about it! I know it's hard doing role plays to inanimate objects (Hello! I did it and hated them but I learned and totes love them now!) but you have to do it in order to feel good about talking to someone at a door. Ha. Sister West is really great and has had a hard life being in a split family from Cali but I know she is to be here!

The wards have been great on having referrals for us and being excited about sharing the gospel....a little! Ha. I was totes a crae, crae day on Thursday. My health is for sure better and all, but I was not motivated to wake up at all but I'm so grateful for the spirit and prayer. I pleaded with Heavenly Father to help me gain the energy and strength to just get up. We had a super wonderful day of visiting referrals. We didn't have a dinner (we thought one of the Ward Mission Leader's never called/texted us) so I thought of a bishop who always wants to help but never has been able to so I called them and he said come on over! It was the cutest meal ever and reminded me of mom! Grilled cheese sandwich and fruit! It was super simple but for some reason I loved it! I just knew they were to feed/ serve us that night! We then went to our actual dinner with a less active family in the BC ward! It was just wonderful too! For the first time I ate Elk meat!!!!!!!!! It was like normal beef! Love it!

With Patrick and Michael, I just love it when members are able to be in on lessons! We had Reggie with us and he has a great testimony! I know they will stop smoking and what not. I made them cute sticky notes and they wrote down five reasons why they need to stop smoking and they put them up around the house right then and there! I was so happy for them and Sister West and I are giving up something as they give up smoking, so I'm not eating chocolate until they get baptized!!! What have I gotten myself into?!!?! Haha.

Friday was super awesome! District meeting was yet again so motivating for me to help Sister West be the very best missionary that she can be! We are making daily contact with Patrick and Michael and they were outside playing catch....I love softball! So we had given them some talks to read, super good! and then I just had to...I asked if I could play with them for a but! Oh it was so fun! I know me in a skirt throwing a baseball around with these cute little 8-11 year old boys and girls! They were so shocked to see me playing!!! They said I have a good arm! Yep, all of CB's, Big D's and AM's softball games mom and I watched being the cheerleader paid off I guess! Haha.

Saturday was just a blast, my first Lake Point Days!!!! (It's kind of like Friendship Days for Pettisville!) It was so much fun meeting new people in the area, members, less active's and totes lots of nonmembers!!!! We had a super great talk with John and Joy, Chris' parents! They are for true the best! He brought his cute old truck, dad would just have loved it!!!! It's just so wonderful to talk about the gospel and still be normal! Heck, I just love being a missionary!!!! And yes, I even have a t-shirt!!!!!! Totes a plus! ;)

Sunday was just wonderful too. We were able to give a talk in the BM ward and I talked all about sharing the fruit! 1 Nephi 8:12. Just like Lehi partook of the fruit of the tree of life he didn't just keep it to himself. He then looked for his family and others who were with him to partake of it also! Lehi had charity and Love! Just like the Savior! We need to love those around us and share this complete and wonderful knowledge that we have been so blessed with!

I love you all and pray for you much! Have a wonderful day and week! Oh I have reached my half way mark! August 28 was the day I came into the USLCM!!!!! Oh how I'm so blessed to be serving at this time in my life!

Love you daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. the pictures: President and Sister Hansen!
Sister West and I having fun in the car!
Lake Point Days!!!
She's the cutest truck on the block (well it would be lane....Lake Point isn't big enough to have blocks!)