Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Satan doesn't want me here!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been quite the up and down for me but I am totes in this to the end. So I thought I would write this week a bit different. Since I love my sticky notes I thought I would write my email like I do on my sticky notes just for fun! I hope that's okay with ma and pa?!

Smile. A mission is hard. Feel His love. Having ice cream at Coldstone. A mission is the funnest most happiest decision I have ever made!...I hope to make more like this! 9 months and I'm loving it! Lessons are so meant to be. Who knew you would answer someones prayer today. I just love my family. Cute notes. Laugh, and laugh some more. Sing to your companion in the car. My life is a gift. For this is a hard thing that thou hast required of me. Referrals are totes awesome! The tender spirit in a sacrament meeting, I just have to bear my testimony. My spirit just shines! Telling your companion, I serve you because I love you. Pictures on my wall, I have such great friends. Warm Fuzzy! Goals/Actual. Stopping to talk to people about the gospel for 15 minutes as they are sitting in their car, you make it to your car 30 minutes later then planned! Food miracles, a roast for Sunday dinner! Role Plays. Rides after dinners are just wonderful! Rest. You know what, I'm a good missionary! Members are an answer to your prayers. I was led not knowing before hand what to say at a door. The Spirit! I'm in line for lunch sharing the gospel....Sister West looked at Sister Adams and says, she never stops does she?! Nope! Forgives includes forgiving yourself. Don't judge me. Do something that makes you happy. I have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Singing in Primary is totes the best! Love. Reading the Book of Mormon in bed, I feel so blessed right not. Tear. I crack myself up! He didn't say it would be easy. I know He is my Savior.

I know this was different but I felt like it. Just my thoughts and what people/companions have said to me this week! A wonderful man told me just today as I was telling him who I am. I told him I have depression and he told me, 'You can't have depression define you. It's not who you are it's just how you feel sometimes. You know?!' It really made me think. I am happy! and I am on a mission sharing the gospel because it makes me feel happy, joy and I feel at peace knowing who I am and who I can become! Heavenly Father loves me. It's just every now and then I feel sad and it's okay. I just need to remember, and we each do, that we are doing our best and that is all we can do! Satan doesn't want me to be here on a mission right now. But that is just tough! He will have to deal with it for a few more months and others can enjoy my crae, crae laugh, cure smile and tender hugs! (For some reason, so many people have told me that I have great hugs....! Wow, that makes me feel good! Haha.) I do love you all. Not just my family but close family friends. I pray and think of you often. Enjoy the great sun and fresh air! Be happy today!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The picture was taken across the road from where we live. I just love to wear a little blush every now and then, I just had to sit on the hay bail. I'm a little farm girl at heart and wanted to share the gospel to the cattle! Loves!

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