Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Change is just wonderful... only when you look at its better side!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been full of wonderfulness, lots of smiles, deep breaths and change! But you know me and change, we are getting along quite well I'd say these days! Haha. ;)

On Tuesday we went out for some visits and it was just totes awesome! At every place we had stopped if the person we were planning on seeing wasn't home Heavenly Father provided us with an opportunity to have a lesson and get to know the person! I just loved it! Cameron was working on his bike after school and then Nick pulls up on his pimped up bike that he put together himself! So we were able to talk to one of our potential investigators and then found out that Cameron is not a member! Who would have thought?! So we invited them both to go to Young Men's the next day. After our dinner we went by Patrick's and he had to reschedule but we still visited him! Haha. We had a great talk and because we only stayed a short time we were able to go to some referrals and it was like it was meant to be...we saw Olivia! So we were teaching her like when I first came into this area and had to drop her, she was not progressing at all. She came up to me like a good friend! We chatted and found out she was going to Young Women's! We were excited and walked her in. She was so nervous but didn't want us to go with her so we left her with a smile and hugs! When we were walking outside we saw Chris and Gabe! Who knew...they are like brothers, it's too cute! So we chatted to them and talked about how Chris' mom, Joy, wants to have the lessons! We are excited but worried about how and what Big John will say.

Wednesday was so bummy and happy all at the same time! Transfers! The elders thought we should go out to lunch for the last time so the Zone Leader's Wampler and Olsen, and Pinto, Wilcox and McCord and Sister West and I went out to eat and just laughed about all our good times in the Zone. It's sad to have Elder Wampler leave but it's all good. He will do a great job as Zone Leader in another area! Oh Pinto went home! Crae, crae! So Sister West and I worked on the area books getting them separated for the new set of sisters coming in! Shoot, the binders look totes cute, just saying! We had no idea when they would be coming so guess what we had to do...yep eat two dinners! They arrived in the area around 7 pm so we arranged for them to have a dinner and what not! It felt so good to sleep that night! Sister West and I were prayerful about what wards we would be covering. The thought had been in my mind for the whole week that we need to be in the CI, SL, BS, and PW wards. In my mind I was like no way, we don't have any investigators there and the Bishops aren't too great....so we haven't worked in that area much, that's why! But for some reason I just knew we are to be over those wards...I couldn't take it any longer and told Sister West we just need to say a prayer. As I said it words came out of my mouth that were not mine at all, 'Please help Sister West and I know what areas we are needed in at this time and as well for other missionaries that will be serving in the Stansbury Park area later.' Hold on. What?! I knew right then and there that we needed to serve in those wards. Other sisters will be coming in after me and that is where they will be needed! He loves us and does answer our prayers!

Thursday was just as stressful and busy with all of this change and full of Miracles! Sister West and I made some more visits during the afternoon to some less active's. Dinner was super with the Bergantz family! It was wonderful talking of missionary work! Then we were off to a meeting with Elder Summerhazes of the 70. President and Sister Hansen were there along with President Child and like four other stake ward councils in the area! It was just so awesome! Hastening the work of Salvation! We share the gospel one by one. It is in the most inconvenient times when the Lord asks us to serve someone, but it is in our daily lives when we are out and about when He places people in our paths to help them, serve them and love them! The spirit was so strong. Ward Counsel are for true important!

Friday at out District meeting it was a bit odd and new. We now have five districts in the Tooele Zone!!!! We have our District Leader Elder Taylor and he is training, Elder Shoaf is training, and there is another set of Elders that are trainers too! Plus Sister Cross is training and then ME ending the 12 weeks with Sister West! How amazing is this?!!?! We are like growing and peoples lived are changing every single day! I just love it!

Saturday we showed Sister Cross and Claren around The amazing Lake Point and Stansbury area! It was lots of fun plus visits! Oh so I had made arrangements for a sister in one of our wards to get the sisters some food for Breakfast and Lunch....Sister Hill was totes happy to do it and when we dropped it by the sisters they weren't expecting it at all. We have been driving up the road to where they live to bring them milk, and other foods to munch on, so it was nice we don't have to do that anymore. But it just felt so happy to have thought of it and serve the sisters! I hope they felt my love for them!

We had the adult session of Stake Conference that evening. I just love this Stake! We were the greeters and I just love helping others get ready for a spirit filled meeting! What a joy the members are and how amazing it is to hear of members coming back into the fold of God! Brother Lambert shared this wonderful story from his Grandmother, I'll have to ask him if I can get a copy of it to share with all y'all!

Sunday we were able to sit on the stand for both the 10 am session and the 2 pm session! I just felt so much love. Did you know that in the scriptures it has it written many times about the work of the Lord will be Hastened in His time. Well it's time! President Monson said that the work of the Lord is Hastening!!!! The time is now!!!! So don't be like Peter and go a fishing. D & C 4:2 Come unto Jesus!

So really all of this change that has gone on is just really wonderful and the joy that comes to me is just so much! Change really can be good! I know that we each have weaknesses but the Lord provides a way that with our weaknesses we can do great things with the talents and gifts that we do have!
Oh how blessed I am as His servant! How great is my calling? Super great!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I have plans on writing lots of letters today!!!! So look for them in the mail this week! Loves!

Picture: Sister Cross and Claren biking to their home! They are too cute!
The wonderful, sweet, member missionaries in the SB ward, The Steele Family! I'm sure Elder Steele is having an amazing time in OH!!!

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