Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Have the Faith to do it, and then Act.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I feel like I have grown in so many ways and don't really know how to deal with it but I know all will work out totes fine! Transfers are on Wednesday. We will continue to be together but the Stansbury Park Stake will be receiving a new set of missionaries!!! I'm totes excited about that but I don't know what wards we will be covering I'm a bit nervous for that but really not worried. I know what to do and so I just need to do it! The area book is all up to date and things are in order for the new Sisters coming in!

Tuesday was a busy day with lots of miracles!!! We had dinner and then went to a New Member lesson with Kapree. We were to have a lesson with Patrick that evening but he has totes not been feeling well because of him giving up smoking. He went from smoking 20 to 5! We are so happy! So we just had a little chat. We were a bit bummed but I knew all would work out for the evening! I totes love it when I just start talking to whom ever I see....we had gotten done contacting a referral in the CI ward and this man was on his deck (he has this totes high fence up, so all I could see was him sitting down and like his head! Haha.) So I waved and talked to him. We stood on the sidewalk for like 10 minutes talking to Scott who is less active and got to know him! It was just super great! Then we had talked to this cute older lady who was on a walk and her name is Julie Sas. She picks up trash as she goes out and about, so good! Then we were looking for a Ward Mission Leader's home. We had like 20 minutes till 9 pm and it was dark. I don't know the BM/MP wards area so I pulled over and got the map out! You know it! It was a super good night so we had our windows down....out of no where this lady says do you need help?!!?! Talk about scared me! Well she lived on the corner of where we parked and was on her way to pick up her husband from work. We got to talking and for some reason I thought to ask her name...she is a less active referral we just got. We offered her service and it was just wonderful. Heavenly Father knew Denise needed a little spiritual thought and service! The Ward Mission Leader can be visited another day! Totes awesome miracles!!!

Wednesday I had a bit of a anxiety attack. But I was able to take some deep breaths. I knew we would be having exchanges and I have not left the area to Sister West. It hit me really hard when I got in the car with Sister Adams and Sister Redford to be in the Tooele area....I asked the Sisters if we could say a prayer and I did. I knew right then and there what I needed to do with Sister West the next day when we got back together...I love her so much I don't want her to feel bad, so I do like totes everything for her- cleaning, updating the area book to taking the lead on lessons and planning, Stake meetings and everything else you can think of. I haven't allowed her to apply what she has learned. I cried for the first time in a few weeks that night. Sister Adams just gave me a sweet hug and listened to all I had to let out. Heck she is a totes amazing missionary! I'm just so grateful for her boldness and love. We talked about Woods Cross and Sister Yates and Elder Chaffin. WOW, it felt so good to have someone understand all that I was going through. (She has trained and is the Sister Training Leader and leaves in October. So she know! Sister Yates did too, but now that I'm training I'm seeing the bigger picture. I had a lot of pride at the beginning of my mission.)

It was a great personal study that I had on Thursday morning still in Tooele. 2 Nephi 2:6 totes esta bien! I thought back to an email I had received from James while in SLC. He shared that cure Mormon message about the gardener having to cut down the bush knowing that it was for his good even if it hurt a little. He knows us. And I know Sister West. I have to cut her down to help her grow. Even if that means standing at a door and having her take the lead not knowing what to say and having awkward pauses....! Haha. For true! Embarrassing! She needs to read and reread Preach My Gospel and apply it! That is the only way we become better! Think about Heavenly Father feels with us. We all can improve, it won't just take a day or two, it might take your whole life. Know that He loves you so very much to cut you down for you to grow even more!

On Friday we had a Zone Conference in Rose Park about our vision for our mission! It is just wonderful! President Hansen completely knows what he is talking about! I love him!

Saturday was another amazing day. But this September rain needs to go away, it's that time of season and I'm excited! Mom, remember our drives to my Doctor appointments when I was younger and my asthma was totes bad?! We loved looking at the fall trees! Or taking a drive to the Lock Port Bridge?! Shoot, I miss those days! Tear.

I just love doing role plays during companion study! Sister West was finally able to get it that we need to do them to understand what our investigators need and what we can say to help them! We had wonderful visits to some less active's and yet again the Lord always provides a way for us to meet someone. The door got slammed a few times that night but I told Sister West she need to keep going and one of them will let us in. We went to MP 26, Jaime. It was was a tender moment for her knowing that Heavenly Father loves her! She is less active and needed our visit. She had gotten home from work and then was like I would love to have you give me the lessons for like practice. Shut up!!!!! That is totes what Sister West needs! We answered her prayer while she answered mine!

Sunday was busy and crae, crae! So many wards going to and from and then checking in on Patrick because he didn't show up for Sunday School class and we had texted and called him and Sacrament meeting was about to start and we talked to the Bishop to see if he saw him in Elders Quorum class so I was like heck, let's go to his house! So we did. I was going as fast as tiwi would allow me to! Haha. He wasn't home nor did it look like anyone was home so we left of course a sticky note on the door! I thought well we could go to another ward but I just felt no, go back to SB. We did and it was just what I needed! A powerful homecoming talk that was not just funny and tears all over but a real talk! I took notes! Then I went up to see Brother Steele! He wanted me to read a part of his sons email....thanks so much for being so wonderful, Elder Steele loves you and was happy to give dad a hug! Then out of nowhere this man comes up to me and is like, 'Sister Pratt!' and shakes my hand......SHUT UP!!!! I start to laugh, I had no clue what to think! Elder Steadman?!!?! Yep! He had seen me and was like that looks like a Pratt girl! I told him, I'm on a mission!!!!! Haha. Too funny! Well it sounds odd but that is what I needed, a reminder from two people that my family is just amazing and I love them so very much! Tear. He is just great and his wife is adorbs! Plus their little girl! Cute!

That evening we had a lesson with Nila at the Bradly's home! and it was a bit hard for me to have Sister West take the lead and just kind of sit there but I was happy that I was able to apply all that Sister Adams told me/counseled me to do and what President Hansen has asked me to do being Sister West's trainer!

I love our Savior Jesus Christ! He is my personal Savior and Redeemer! I'm so grateful for my patriarchal blessing. I know that what I'm doing is right! I have felt His love all week! I pray that each of you will understand fully how much Heavenly Father is mindful of you this week and love you! I think Diana and AM were able to with their flat tire, bummer! Ha. Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Mom, also I know why I love snicker doodle cookies! When you make pies and have the extra crust we roll it out and put butte and cinnamon and sugar on it and then bake it! That's totes what the cookies taste like! Just saying! Ha.

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