Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let's hold to the Rod!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a wonderful week it has been. Some random rain here and there but it's the normal summer and I have totes met a family from Oak City! Here are the names she knows, Shipley's and Lesal Finlinson (I'm sure I spelled them wrong but don't curr!) They sound familiar to me!

On Tuesday we had a great New Missionary Training from President Hansen, the AP's and the STL (Sister Training Leaders!) It's all about applying Preach My Gospel to our everyday work in the field! Here are some thoughts I want to share with you. How do we define our success? He said, you will succeed if you help your companion know Preach My Gospel! Conversion leads to obedience and obedience is key to conversion! We need to see the big picture as we hasten the work of Salvation! To build the faith and be obedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

On Wednesday I felt the spirit so strongly in my personal study! Sister West is having a hard time teaching the lessons in English. I told her she needs to then study the lessons in English! Silly Sister! I felt prompted to do role plays all morning and that is just what she needed. I need to have her do them not me. I am taking over lessons and she is not able to learn like that! So I have been changing my teaching skills and adjusting them to Sister West, I have too in order for her to teach openly and feel comfortable about it! I know it's hard doing role plays to inanimate objects (Hello! I did it and hated them but I learned and totes love them now!) but you have to do it in order to feel good about talking to someone at a door. Ha. Sister West is really great and has had a hard life being in a split family from Cali but I know she is to be here!

The wards have been great on having referrals for us and being excited about sharing the gospel....a little! Ha. I was totes a crae, crae day on Thursday. My health is for sure better and all, but I was not motivated to wake up at all but I'm so grateful for the spirit and prayer. I pleaded with Heavenly Father to help me gain the energy and strength to just get up. We had a super wonderful day of visiting referrals. We didn't have a dinner (we thought one of the Ward Mission Leader's never called/texted us) so I thought of a bishop who always wants to help but never has been able to so I called them and he said come on over! It was the cutest meal ever and reminded me of mom! Grilled cheese sandwich and fruit! It was super simple but for some reason I loved it! I just knew they were to feed/ serve us that night! We then went to our actual dinner with a less active family in the BC ward! It was just wonderful too! For the first time I ate Elk meat!!!!!!!!! It was like normal beef! Love it!

With Patrick and Michael, I just love it when members are able to be in on lessons! We had Reggie with us and he has a great testimony! I know they will stop smoking and what not. I made them cute sticky notes and they wrote down five reasons why they need to stop smoking and they put them up around the house right then and there! I was so happy for them and Sister West and I are giving up something as they give up smoking, so I'm not eating chocolate until they get baptized!!! What have I gotten myself into?!!?! Haha.

Friday was super awesome! District meeting was yet again so motivating for me to help Sister West be the very best missionary that she can be! We are making daily contact with Patrick and Michael and they were outside playing catch....I love softball! So we had given them some talks to read, super good! and then I just had to...I asked if I could play with them for a but! Oh it was so fun! I know me in a skirt throwing a baseball around with these cute little 8-11 year old boys and girls! They were so shocked to see me playing!!! They said I have a good arm! Yep, all of CB's, Big D's and AM's softball games mom and I watched being the cheerleader paid off I guess! Haha.

Saturday was just a blast, my first Lake Point Days!!!! (It's kind of like Friendship Days for Pettisville!) It was so much fun meeting new people in the area, members, less active's and totes lots of nonmembers!!!! We had a super great talk with John and Joy, Chris' parents! They are for true the best! He brought his cute old truck, dad would just have loved it!!!! It's just so wonderful to talk about the gospel and still be normal! Heck, I just love being a missionary!!!! And yes, I even have a t-shirt!!!!!! Totes a plus! ;)

Sunday was just wonderful too. We were able to give a talk in the BM ward and I talked all about sharing the fruit! 1 Nephi 8:12. Just like Lehi partook of the fruit of the tree of life he didn't just keep it to himself. He then looked for his family and others who were with him to partake of it also! Lehi had charity and Love! Just like the Savior! We need to love those around us and share this complete and wonderful knowledge that we have been so blessed with!

I love you all and pray for you much! Have a wonderful day and week! Oh I have reached my half way mark! August 28 was the day I came into the USLCM!!!!! Oh how I'm so blessed to be serving at this time in my life!

Love you daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. the pictures: President and Sister Hansen!
Sister West and I having fun in the car!
Lake Point Days!!!
She's the cutest truck on the block (well it would be lane....Lake Point isn't big enough to have blocks!)

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