Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A dead end is just the beginning. Chapter 3

Dearest Pratt Family,

I will for true write you this week, I'm so sorry it's going to be short but I want you each to know that despite all of our hard days, wet pillows at night, questions, and feelings of inadequacy, we are able to feel of our Heavenly Fathers love in some way. Dead ends are not the end. Sometimes we just need to break the wall down. Even though it may be overwhelming and difficult to face at the time He is there for us! For me it was reading the Book of Mormon and being humbled as I read about the atonement this week! My heart is full for the care that our Heavenly Father has for each of us! As we are able to grow and learn we will have that burning testimony inside of us and will just share it! I want to cry right now because I am so grateful for all tender love and care I have felt from all of your prayers and support. I feel my Saviors Love.

I'm grateful for the tenderness a 'father away from home' who is a worthy priesthood holder who gave me a blessing on Thursday evening. Dad, oh how much I love and miss your hugs and hands that have given me comfort late at night! and your sweet words, 'You're special sis!'

Patrick and his boys, Dallin, Ryan and Joseph are all being baptized on Saturday!!!!! You can see his eyes filled with joy and feel his humble prayer being answered as he asks for help to be baptized and to act, working on the Word of Wisdom and a few other commandments. He knows that giving this all up and living a clean life is worth the world to him and his family! The stake will be there and maybe President Hansen?! Exciting! The joy that comes as a servant of the Lord I am able to be an instrument, road sign, to guide Patrick and his family back to our Heavenly Father!

Mother, your letter/package was very timely. You knew I needed a little comfort this week with some cute paper and ribbon! Thanks!

The weather is getting cooler and I love it! It's a bit cold for Sister West! Haha. But she is doing her best with all of my weaknesses! I have had lots of evenings and wanted to sit in my rocking couch and drink hot chocolate....I haven't had chocolate for a month now and I'm excited to have some on Saturday when Patrick gets baptized!!!! So I just do the dishes to get warm and I love it! Also, I just love you all so very much!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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