Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saturday is a special day!

Dear Pratt Family,

This past week the weather has just been amazing outside. The flowers are the cutest things ever and reminded me of home with the irises for Memorial Day! Pancakes for Breakfast?!!?! Ha.

Thanks for your love and prayers!

Sister Mahterian is quite the funny companion! She is doing much better, she comes out to teach in the morning, early afternoon and then rest in the evenings! So Sister V2 and I have been going down so many lists to contact people! We had wonderful lessons with Anthony and preparing him for his baptism on Saturday!

Wednesday was a trial of V2 and my faith. We taught Sariah and she is on date for July 6th! She has amazing faith at such a young age. She love reading the Book of Mormon and all! I can totes see her being a Young Women's leader years down the road! It's that eternal perspective that we need to have in life. We went by a less active referral I had never met but V2 had. As we were just talking to Kimberly I had no idea what to say....then I opened the scriptures and Mosiah 2:21-22 came to me. Just that morning Sister V2 and I were talking about commandments and the Kite analogy! Heavenly Father loves us and that is what Kimberly needed!

Then Dakota, he is a less active and like 17. He was baptized at age 8 but never went to church. He is eager to learn more and so sweet! He wants to go into the Army... I know he will serve a mission for sure! Then we stopped by so many homes and no one was home....! Then the thought came to me, Sister Pratt just say a prayer! So we asked Heavenly Father and knew right were to go, Brightons! so we did and he is wanting to be baptized too, he just has to keep his appointments! He is like 10 and so strong! How grateful I am for the lessons I learned when I was young!

Anthony's baptism was just great. I had given the talk on Baptism and the spirit was just so strong. Support from the ward and youth his age too! His family is less active and they were all in tears. Afterwards I asked him how he felt...he said 'changed, not like my clothes', and then I said like inside? He said 'yea!' Saturday is not just a day to get ready for Sunday, but really is a special day for a baptism!!!

President and Sister Winn called me last night and asked how I'm doing. I may be transferred and whitewashing an area next transfer...but who knows! I'm praying that I will be okay and ready for this super new change. I love the people here but I'm thinking I need to have more courage with myself. I can do hard things! - The Jenny Phillips song!

I love you all! Have a super week!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. 1. All the sisters in our district. Also V2 is going back to South Salt Lake City to speak Spanish now that Sister M is doing batter.

2. Anthony's Baptism!

3. Saturday morning we helped Sariah's grandparents weed their garden!!! Super fun! Her friends even stayed for a lesson afterwards too! ;)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain, the simple things on a mission!

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been totes super awesome! With Sister Mahterian going into surgery on Tuesday I kind of freaked out a bit knowing I have to keep all our investigators on date and remember all our appointments....with faith and two amazing sisters, Sister Vawdrey and Vincent all was awesome!

We call it a 'struggle bus day/week'! Of course we had appointments fall through and people weren't home but we laughed every day and had wonderful lessons each day!

On Monday we played volleyball with our Zone and it was so fun! We were to have a lesson with Cassidy at the Steel's home (Their son is serving in our mission! Fremont area!) well he didn't show up so we just got to know the family and they are super. So we rescheduled! Tuesday we helped Brother Jason and his family move into their new home! Service is so great! Then we went on exchanges I was with Sister Vawdrey! She is great with the area and she has opened up in lessons ans we laughed lots! We had the lesson with Cassidy and wow! What an amazing young man he is. 13 years old and so wanting to learn! He loves church and scouts. At the end of the lesson (we taught Lesson we, the Plan of Salvation) he offered to say the prayer and he said, 'I pray that everyone in this room will be able to make it to the Celestial Kingdom.' Warm fuzzy!!!! Love him already! We are just needing to get his mom who is less active to have him be baptized! Pray for him and his family! Then later that evening we stopped by a less active referral and Emily is awesome. She and her family are struggling but she is so willing to help us out! So kind. She needs to come back to church, to feel the spirit! Wednesday was full of lessons and we met Kathy. She had lots of questions that we cleared up! She is ready for the gospel! Lunch with Carlos and Shaylee was just great! They are both cops and starting to come back to church! Love them. Thursday I had to rely on the Lord lots because both V1 and V2 were not feeling well so they stayed home. I went out with Sister Ward, a return missionary from Mississippi. We made visits all afternoon and didn't know like anyone we visited but it was fun! Vicki had her baptismal interview and passed flying colors! Friday our District meeting was about personal revelation Preach My Gospel Chapter 4....guess who read that that morning for personal study?!!?! I know, it was amazing! Heavenly Father knows what I need to help me feel what I'm doing it right! Then we had a lesson with Sariah Larsen. She is like 11 or so and we taught Lesson 3. She answered the questions amazingly! and then when we asked her if she was planning on going to church Sunday she said yes! She even told her friend at school that she couldn't have a sleepover because she had church on Sunday!!! Amazing! Then the Ward Mission Leader who was to have a dinner for us didn't tell us until 5:45 pm! Dinner is at 5. We were all a bit frustrated with that and lessons fell through for the evening. I said, 'I want to cry but I can't because I don't want to ruin my makeup for our next appointments!' BUT we were diligent and things worked out to have dinner later and found their cute little farm house! We had swiss steak....that is right, I just at Daisy! Haha. It then started to rain, like down pour and we had like 20 minutes left before going in. I had said a prayer to know where to go and on our way to a less active Sister V1 said....let's run in the rain!

Rain is now one of the simple things on my mission that I find joy in! I know it's hard to believe me, Sister Pratt running in the rain! Can you just see three sister missionaries running in a golf course parking lot in skirts and super cute tops getting all wet?!!?! Well it happened and I loved it! Looking at the sky at night and seeing the stars brings back memories!

Vicki's baptism was so tender on Saturday. Sister V1, Vawdrey got transferred to Tooele, a trial missionary went home. But we were all there for the Baptism and to know that Brother Peterson received the priesthood at 3:30 , baptized his wife at 4:20 and placed his hands on her head so she could receive the Holy Ghost! Now they will wait a year to enter into the temple with their family! The gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today! Joseph Smith History 1:13-20, 25. Anthony's baptism is on Saturday!!!! Exciting!
A mission is hard but the joy is so much more!
Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Sister Mahterian is doing well. She can only come out to work an hour in the morning and in the evening. It was funny I was able to wash her hair in the kitchen sink! Haha. Fun times!

Pss. I'm happy all is somewhat well with the family, thanks for the emails and pictures! You all are so cute!

I'm one in a million because my mother taught me!

Happy Mothers Day to Mother and Diana! Happy Sister's Day to Carrie Beth and 
Anna-Marie! I love you mom!!!!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a crae, crae joy it was to finally see all your faces!!!! I was totes excited to see you all happy and well! Bummer we couldn't do it all at once but I love you all so much! Your prayers are felt every single day as I have too prayed hard to understand Heavenly Fathers plan for me while serving here in the USLCM! I just love the country side and the lake! Oh how Could I forget the mountains too! Ha.

The members are just wonderful and we have quite a few people on date! All will be well this week as Sister  Mahterian has to go in for surgery. (her mom will be here and it's not too bad I guess.) I know as I and Sister Vawdrey and Vincent put our faith in Jesus Christ he will help us know the area and the people! All is well and I'm full of smiles as you all gave me an energy pump!

I feel bad for cutting off Big D and James but I do love you so much! Your faces were so cute with Liam! I'm grateful for all your support and love, your emails are the best and James I'm sure you will be the best teacher for seminary ever!!!!! I would take your class!

Continue to share your testimony to others, Heavenly Father will provide a way to help you just like he has with me! The priesthood power is real and I know it has guided me here and has given me the strength to continue on with my service to Him and His children in the USLCM!!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. the pictures are from Ensign Peak, Mother's Day Skype and the sunset in Stansbury Park!

Transfers, Stansbury Park, UT Sister Mahterian and two Visa Waiters, Sister Vawdrey and Vincent

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm excited to Skype with all of you on Sunday! Because of transfers the time might be like 6:30 pm...just be ready?!!?! Haha. I'm sorry I don't know for sure.

This transfer was not expected out area got White washed and/or pink washed! (I hope they transfer all my mail from SLC.) But all is well! I love my companions! Sister Mahterian and two visa waiters who I'm training :) Sister Vawdrey and Sister Vincent going to Argentina! (Sister Vincent is a cousin to the Eckel's!!! Super small world!)

Stansbury Park is like a super cute Oak City that is upgraded to a modern look! I love it, farm land and all! Today we had interviews with President Winn. This is where the Lord wants me now so I will make the very best to help all the people we have on all eight of them! Blessings do come! I just had to have a hard trial to receive this amazing area!

Love you all and excited for Sunday! Your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

It was a calm week serving the Lord!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm so glad you were able to help Brother Owen in going to the temple! Tender sweet! And Stake Conference! (Ps. kind of a bummer I couldn't see the Woodruff's) That is awesome the YSA were able to go the the Temple. So cute pictures! I love the Bowling Green YSA!!! And Big D, mom and Liam at the track I cute! My love of OHIO!

This morning some of the Zones in the area had the opportunity to hike Ensign Peak! What a super cute view of the valley! I truly feel blessed to be serving here in the USLCM! This week has been a bit hard for Sister Martin with her going home and all but I'm grateful for all that Sister Yates taught me so I can help Sister Martin by reading D&C 6. She felt the spirit and then got the call that she received her Mission Call! So Thursday her family was there and opened it up! She is going to the Tacoma Washington Mission!!! Happy Day!

This week we have been working with the Ward Mission Leader's and the members. How grateful I am for each of them that are supportive in our missionary work! Numbers don't count, but it's good to set goals for sure. On Friday we had Zone Meeting and it was all about planning. I have a testimony of it! It hit me when I was studying that week for the meeting about Moses 2-3 and Preach My Gospel Chapter 8, Planning. How do they go together?! It's like a PB and J Sandwich! Ha. Heavenly Father didn't just create this world and us without giving it thought. Just like our investigators, we need to be prepared to teach and make visits to see them. Plan ahead, I'm all about it! We plan with the ward and Bishops and that is how the work moves! Also, on Saturday we went to a member funeral to support. It was so tender to know that life happens but to know that this sweet Sister was so happy and caring, always willing to serve! The power of the temple and Heavenly Fathers love is real! Our service here on Earth is so important! We are able to bless so many and we don't even know it!

Transfers are on Wednesday and I'm nervous yet again. I think I'll be staying in this area and they say all the sisters will be training.....oh no! Ha. Another hill to climb but I can do it with faith!

We will talk on Sunday! Please email me back before Friday. What time to call you or how the heck do we do this Skype thing? We may be at the Campbell's home to Skype? 6 pm Utah time, does that work?!!?! I'm able to check my email during time on Friday so let me know please!
Happy Mother's Day! Mother I love you, mother I do!
I love you all so very much! Talk to you soon! Your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The pictures are of our Zone in the Gym
Sister G and Gould and Martin outside our apartment area! Ha.
Sister Martin reading her Mission call!

It's the simple joys on a mission that make it Super Spiritual!

Dearest Pratt Family,

As I have made it another week on a mission I have felt your prayers and love! I'm so grateful for all of you! You mean so much to me!

Every single day I have seen little miracles that have come up and I know they have been an answer to my many prayers. Transfers are on May 8th and I'm nervous what will happen. But for now we are working so super hard with the Ward Mission Leaders and Missionaries in the Wards! Our High Councilman are just wonderful with helping us get to the Bishops and the members! It doesn't matter if I see a baptism or not..I'm helping the members get excited about the work in their area and later for some other missionary to have a baptism! It's the small things, that can help any of us be happy. It's hard, but out Heavenly Father knows us. Moroni 7:20, he answered my prayer! There was a question and the answer, Moroni have to wait a few verses to know! Just like in life! Imagine that!!! Ha.

I love you all! Continue to shine your light! You are amazing! All I could do was smile at the cute, adorable, wonderful twinki, temple, sibling outing pictures and think to myself...HOW BLESSED AM I! I pray that as I become a better Disciple of Christ we may all receive the blessings that He has to offer to us all as His servant!

With all my love from SLC, your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The pictures are: 1. Our Zone Leader's cover the U and they asked us to help with a Mission Preparation Class on Campus!!! It was just amazing! I love teaching that class! Elder Cluff, Portas, Me, Sister Martin, Gould, and G.
2. These young men were my group, we role played 'The Perfect Lesson' and I could just feel the spirit there as they addressed the needs of their investigators! They had a scripture and then changed it last minute. That is what the spirit does when you are open and receptive. Wow! They are going to be great missionaries. Three of these young men have their mission call and Brother Anderson, the tall one in the hoody is going to Cleveland, OH Mission!!!! YEAH!!!!! We talked quite a bit!!! ;)
3. We were able to do a service project with a few other Zones! We painted a homeless was humbling to walk the sidewalk seeing how they have nothing but what is on their back and in a big bag they carry or push a cart around. We said Hello with a big smile and they thanked us for what we are doing. I'm grateful for my home!
4. Temple day! We were able to do baptisms! The spirit was so sweet! I love the Salt Lake City Temple!

Please pray for Samantha, Gregory, Dawn, Chantell and the Highland and Parleys Stake!