Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Transfers, Stansbury Park, UT Hermana West!

Dearest Pratt Family,

What a humbling week again and full of out Savior's love for me and for the people here in Stansbury Park! I have received letters this past week that have really touched my heart knowing that my Heavenly Father is looking out for me.

Monday was a fun filled Pday with playing Basketball! Shoot, I love that game! (Haha. Funny, shoot, get it?!!?!) But tears are coming less as each companion leaves me. Transfers were on Wednesday. My heart was burning when Sister Cardon left! What an amazing influence she has been on me.....just like Sister Yates! Each companion will be forever a dear friend to me! So I am training Hermana West who is 20 and is from California! She is so cute and like totes new! 12 weeks here it comes! Well as wee were leaving transfers you know me I get lost so I followed a set of Elders in our Zone! Haha. Totes funny! It's different not having someone who knows Utah and the exits!

Thursday we had our District meeting and there are so many in out Zone/District! In the mission we have over 250 missionaries!!! and they just keep coming! We have been busy visiting all the Bishops and doing lessons! Fun but really go go go! Friday we had New Missionary Training and that was a big help for me! President Hansen is just wonderful! Also the other missionaries are just so great, strong examples to me!

So on Saturday was Kaitlin and Lily's Baptism and it was just so wonderful! The spirit was so strong and to feel of our Heavenly Fathers love was just amazing! They will be wonderful young women and mothers some day! Tears filled my eyes to see their joy and happiness! I'm on a mission to help others have that experience!

Please don't worry but Sunday was one long day! As we were getting ready for the day Sister Hansen called us and told me that I needed to go to the ER. I told her on Friday at the meeting that I have been having stomach issues. Well one of the Bishops in our Zone Leader's stake is a Doctor so I went to see him a few weeks ago and nothing has improved, it's just gotten worse. So, Mama Lambert (she's the best!) drove us to the ER at 9:30 am Sunday morning. They did so many tests, CAT, blood test and such. They even checked my low heart rate, 40-45! ;) So I didn't get out till like 2:30ish pm and I was like so tired! I cried my eyes out because I don't know what is wrong but Bishop Beazer said to be grateful, we know what it is not! No stones, no appendix, no gallbladder, no whatever. So I'm taking maylax.......Haha. Our bathroom is my new bff!!!!!! ;) So I'm at home taking it low. If you need to call Sister Hansen go ahead but I'm fine and moving around! Did you know that preaching the gospel in the Hospital is like totes awesome?!!?! Drinking some lemonade with some medicine and who knows what else, an IV up my arm talking to Sweet Nurse Christensen about church and knowing she is a wonderful person and daughter of God!!!!

Tears are falling knowing that I am to be here on a mission. I am helping others come unto Jesus Christ and learning myself! So I'm going to continue on not knowing what Heavenly Father has in store for me next or after my mission. I'm happy! I'm blessed! I'm like totes loved! I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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