Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transfers, Salt Lake City, UT - Sister Martin

Dearest Pratt Family,

From the start of last week I knew I would be transferred. Saying goodbyes you know are not easy for me but I know I will be able to keep in touch with the members and the people in Woods Cross. But the memories are so clear in my mind from the first step when I entered into Heather's home with Sister Yates the sweet spirit of a missionary was so real, to the lessons and seeing investigators progress to not keeping commitments to using the atonement of Jesus Christ and being baptized!

I feel so blessed. What more can I say?!!?! Sister Adams was a shock to my system but we worked well together and our District was the best!!!! I will miss all of them, we were such an odd group but we all got along so well! Best Friends! They each helped me stretch more which I didn't like but I know what I can do with faith and the Lords help! Knowing that I have talents and gifts is hard at times to share them. But transfer meeting was just super awesome on Wednesday!

President Winn said, "It will be hard. But growth comes through trials and experience." That has been this week. Sister Martin is a trial missionary....She is out for only three months and so she has only been out for five weeks and I'm finishing up her 12 weeks program that all new missionaries go through. So President Winn I think is prepping me for training.....! NO! She knows the area and I'm driving and traffic is so super crae, crae! But Sister Martin has an amazing conversion story and it's so personal. We are what each other needs right now. I don't know these people here is Salt Lake City. They are for sure the outdoors biking in the mountains, skiing, wealthy..or what I call, Recreational Weekend members BUT, I have met with Leadership and we are going to work with them really well!!! Also I have a feeling we will be working with Less Active members more but I'm still praying for a baptism this transfer! I want Sister Martin to know what it feels like! That warm fuzzy that you get inside seeing someone you helped teach come closer to Jesus Christ, it's a special moment!

Sunday was just tender to my heart knowing that I have felt like Mary when she saw the tomb empty...she felt alone and in need for comfort. Why weepest thou? And yet the whole time it was HIM, our Savior Jesus Christ right behind her talking to her. He is not far from us. Every moment, Every word, Every pain. It was for me! For you! For each of us!!! How grateful I am to be His servant. To learn and grow, to come closer to HIM! Ether 12:27, as we come closer to Him he will show our weaknesses because it is only through trials that we can become better and use the atonement! He loves each of us! I'm excited for conference! And love you each so much! Keep smiling and sharing your love to others!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I'm writing you all a letter today!!!!!!! I promise!!!! I can't thank you all enough for your love and sweet spirit in your emails, James.....thank you! I needed that along with Anna-Marie's! Carrie, your letter was just perfect! Track will be awesome this year! AP's are just always great with Mom's, tender mercies of the Lord flow to you! Dad's too when he writes! ;)

                               Sister Pratt & Sister Martin

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