Monday, March 25, 2013

He answers our Prayers!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm so sorry I took so much time telling you about Kiana's Baptism that I didn't even tell you about President Winn's interview! He said just what I needed and I'm trying my best to serve His children here in Woods Cross but I'm pretty sure my time is done....He told me I'll be senior companion and Sister Adams is training. I'm being Transferred. So bitter sweet. But I'm not going to dwell on it. I had an amazing study on Saturday morning and a feeling of, I did what I was to do, I answered the call for those children who were baptized. Helped them come closer to Jesus Christ and now President said that I have grown and now I'm able to really be myself. I went from Sister Yates to Sister Adams and they were totally different but I love them both with all my heart! Now to help a sister and the people in another area on Wednesday. I'm going to need  lots of prayers these next few days!

On Saturday it was like I closed a file drawer with Pam's baptism. As I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost I felt her love for our Heavenly Father and all that she taught me! And her testimony of Jesus Christ! The Ellswort family will forever be with me! I mean she is from OHIO! But seeing her and Zach (her grandson) in the water...Plus having my sweet Sister Yates and Sister Adams beside me was like nothing I ever felt before. (Sister Yates was able to come! and it was a blessing) I'll have to tell you more about that on Mother's day or I can just write it all to you!!!

Om Sunday was the Woods Cross Stake Conference. We have a new Stake President. The spirit was so strong and I know the work is moving forward in this area. Grandpa Lingard is now President Lingard! My heart filled with a warmth of joy and aww. The blessing their state will have! Then Pam received the Holy Ghost, she said, 'I feel like you Sister Pratt, all bubbly and excited inside!!!' I wanted to cry but had to stay strong with her around!

I feel like Sister Adams and I have grown from each other more than we each know. Heavenly Father knows us! And with Easter right around the corner I invite each of you to reach out to have someone come to Conference. It doesn't have to be all sessions but to one of them. Share a clip about it on FB or email! The Lord will bless you as you do so! Have Faith! Don't worry about your friendship, if you do it in love they will feel the power and still be your friend! I promise! ;) I know that as we talk to those around us the spirit will guide us. Don't worry...I have to keep telling myself that. Heather has been amazing with asking about our baptisms we are having! I totally want to be like her when I return home! She is so sweet and willing to help us have fun as we are here serving the Lord! She is my second companion, really!

With all my love, Your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Happy Birthday Carrie!!! Yesterday was a great day and I thought of you lots!!!

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