Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blessings do come when Faith endures!

Dearest Pratt Family!

My heart was so full this week of the blessings that came on Sunday! Being sick is getting better but for sure not in my timing. The weather is so crazy still but we were able to see some blue skies! I smiled knowing that it was a simple joy that Heavenly Father loves me and knows what I need to put a smile on my face. But really, Sister Yates has been the best! She is like a mixture of Carrie, Diana, and AM. Plus Mary and Abby! ;) I love her so much!

On Tuesday Sister Yates and I were on splits. So we had a lesson with S. The lesson was in President Hill's home. They are a great support. The spirit was so strong and I felt Heavenly Fathers love for S! At the end of the lesson she told me that the note that I wrote to her was perfect! I wanted to cry. I was able to help her feel like she was loved and is loved! Warm Fuzzy!

Then the best ever, we have been working with K and T everyday stopping by. On Sunday we stopped by to walk to church with them....they just got up....8:50 am. Church starts at 9 am! So we walked to church on the ice rink! Don't worry we only slipped like 5 or so times! Haha. Then Sister Yates and I knew we had to go back and get the family. So we walked back to the home and their daughter K was ready with her cousin J. We walked them to church and then took them to primary! By the time we had to leave I saw K and the rest of the family!!!! My heart was pounding to know that they would feel the spirit in the classes! We took them to class. Too bad we had to speak in the 5th ward otherwise we would have stayed, but we left them with a good couple to help them!

Our talks that Sister Yates and I gave were so powerful! To have the Bishop say at the pulpit, 'When you shake the sisters hands you can feel their energy and know that they want to serve here!' WOW! I call that power and authority! I did feel energized because I was that blessing of everyday making contact with K and his family, reading the scriptures, praying with and seeing them go to church! Thank you so much for all your prayers! Heavenly Father answers us!

K is progressing and Sister Yates went to church with her while I went to the 7th ward and helped co-teach the 15 year old Sunday school class! Lesson on FAITH! Who knew I was just studying that and the atonement all last week?!!?! Haha.

Dinner was great too last night. Now Sister Yates is under the weather so she rested at the members home while I was able to have the opportunity to talk to S about the Restoration! Blessings of obedient studying in the morning and praying for an opportunity to share my testimony!

I know this church is true and know that I'm to be here on my mission at this time! I love you all! Lots of hugs and kisses! I'll write you a letter to tell you more!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. How is dad's work going, any heavy work? I hope HPGL is going well! Mom I'll write you a special letter...I love you!

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