Friday, November 16, 2012

Sister Pratt's First Email

Yep, that's right, we received Sister Pratt's first email yesterday (November 15). We now know that she will be emailing us on Thursday because that is her preparation day (a day for missionaries to take care of personal needs, such as writing letters, emailing family, washing clothes, getting a haircut, cleaning their apartment, shopping, etc). When she begins in the mission field (Salt Lake City, Utah) this will probably change.

Here are a few things from her email this week:
  • Her companion is Sister Hansen from Arizona.
  • Sister Hansen & Sister Pratt share a room with two other Sisters.
  • Her coordinating sister and Zone Leader's are serving in the Netherlands. (Andrew served in the Netherlands, so she talks to them frequently since she has a connection with them)

"The Elders in our district are the best! They show so much respect by standing up when we walk in the classroom, holding the door and thanking us for just being here. Yes, they are still 19 but their testimonies are so strong! All our families very but we are like family already. I will finish in 18 months! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Here are some pictures:

Myself (Anna-Marie), Diana, James, Liam, and Sister Pratt right before we dropped her off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah

Elder Pfister, a Young Single Adult from Akron, OH 
(Sarah and I have spoken with him at Young Single Adult activities)

Sister Pratt's mission 
(Utah Salt Lake City Mission)

Sister missionaries!

Missionaries at the Provo Temple

More Sisters!

Sister Pratt & Elder Christensen (from the Perrysburg Ward, he will be serving in California)

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