Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Called to Bountiful!

We received Sister Pratt's email yesterday and two letters in the mail. It was an exciting day!

Here is her email:

Oh how grateful I am to be serving in the Bountiful Zone, in the Woods Cross area! I totally love it. It's very clean, and wonderful people. Kind of like Holland! Calm and pleasant! President and Sister Winn are just amazing! Wonderful and bright. He interviewed me and said right there, Sister Pratt I know you and your companion will be great together! What?!!?! He already knew who I would be with! It's true we are amazing together! In a way she is like Diana. Super chill and all, sweet and encouraging when I need it. I get down on myself so much to be that super awesome missionary. I just need to stop looking at the details. She is from Virginia and has her degree in Fine Arts, painting! She loves to sing like makes her own tunes like Imogen Heaps! Super cute!

The first day we did extreme contacting on 100 S. Sister Yates and I talked to everyone. I love it! I've never talked to so many homeless people in my life! Mom you would freak out! Haha. But to know that the gospel is still true! They too are a child of God with tobacco, tattoos earrings everywhere or in a business suit and tie! To put it simply, it's humbling!

Friday we went out walking at night, we try not to do that but our ride was not able to take us out. (Since we are in an area that love missionaries we have super cute bikes! Really, we have no car! Ha. So we have sisters in the wards pick us up and go to appointments with us!) So Sister Yates and I walked. It was so super windy but Sister Yates and I were able to talk about our mission and the more I talk to her and get to know her the more I love her. She told me Sister Pratt, the lessons you learn here and apply, the Lord will give you strength when you go home and make goals.

Then the most powerful words ever. As we were talking just last night about our friends. She said that I'm so virtuous! I was silent for a ling time thinking about that. She said I was so pure... So when Anna-Marie sent me her email about Bold and Bright, our favorite Virtue song I felt so humbled to know someone would think   of me like that! I'm really grateful for the example Mom and Dad and all of you siblings have set for me. I do know who I am! A daughter of God!

We had a baptism on Saturday! Brian! I have felt like I haven't contributed to his conversion but on Sunday we went to the 10th, 11th, and 1st ward! Oh by the way we cover two stakes and 14 wards! No big deal! Hahah. We were in Gospel Principles class and a sister had a question about the Holy Ghost. I was so happy that my Missionary Training Center (MTC) teacher Brother Woolf was willing to take the time to help me learn more about the Holy Ghost because I said, that the Holy Ghost is like the Sun it can move around but you can somehow still feel it's power/influence in Utah, Ohio, New York, Spain, or Japan. She said that helped her so much. Well that evening Brian and his family had us over for dinner. Sister Yates was helping in the kitchen and Brian just started to talk to me. I don't talk much surprising... I know! Haha. But really I hardly say a word most the time. And Brian told me that. But he told me that what I had said in Church today was an answer to his question too. He thanked me for that and my eyes got watery. Heavenly Father does answer our silent prayer.

There are blessings all around! I love them! We are walking and a car comes up, Hey Sisters, do you need a ride? Missionaries are awesome, let me pay for your lunch!!! Awesome! I love it! and I love you all!

Continue with getting better dad and grandma! I hope classes are well Andrew and students are behaving Carrie! Anna-Marie you're super cute! Have fun at work! Big D and James thanks for the cute cards Liam is so tender and sweet!

With all my love, your daughter and little sister, Sister Sarah Jane Pratt
Ps. still sick....I'm calling sister Winn today. :(

Sister Pratt in her letter shared with us that she started to feel ill the day before she left the Missionary Training Center. Pray that she will get better soon!

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