Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am a Child of God! And He loves me!

Dear Family,
What an exciting time it is, I'll be calling the Family home phone on Christmas Day!!! I'm so excited!!! I hope that works with you all being able to help at the Legion and hope Carrie, Andrew, and Grandma can be there and have James, Diana and Liam on the cell!
This week was a sure trial of my faith and following the spirit. I'm grateful for the little promptings of the Holy Ghost and for the Elders in our Zone. Monday going to the Temple made my day. We had a Family Home Evening lesson with the W Family. They are becoming active and preparing for the temple, so we are doing Family Home Evening with them to bring the spirit into their home and keep them focused! I love their family! Tuesday was a downer we stopped by the Green Lead apartments and four of them weren't home....two of them rescheduled.....It's hard and discouraging, but I just had to keep smiling. Wednesday was another day we went out and about and still nothing. We walked in the snow and cold and it made my heart break...I could be doing better, We could be doing better. I kept thinking, "What am I doing wrong???" So we watched a MTC Devotional from Elder Holland, Feed my Sheep...I studied that more because in seminary with Brother P it touched me so much and brought back memories....what can I do to feed His sheep? Do I love Him enough? We had a few appointments but they weren't super awesome. It came down to Thursday and we served D by cleaning her home. We had dinner with the G Family and awesome Mexican food. Sister G drove us around that night. We had correlation. Please pray for the Woods Cross North Stake and Woods Cross Stake Mission Leaders to help us with the work. We had a lesson with K, it was touching to finally have a lesson and feel the sweet spirit testify of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, Sister G was able to read the first vision and testify/share her testimony! I was so grateful for a member being in the lesson with us. K then asked so what do I read next??! WHAT?!!?! So tender sweet!
Friday came and we had District meeting I was feeling like...'Where is dad? I really need help and I can't do this alone, I need a blessing to help me continue on.' The day went on and we had a lesson with L. Elder R forgot his scriptures at the meeting that morning so we took them with us. When they came to pick them up, he asked me how I was doing. I knew I needed a blessing and help. I'm so grateful they were there and able to talk to me. I needed that blessing and just knew Heavenly Father was speaking to me! I am a child of God and He love me! Personally! Don't postpone the promptings of the Spirit. 
Pray for K and his family that they can be married and be baptized. He is awesome and a spiritual man! L is progressing! Teaching her is amazing!
I love you all so much and will TALK to you later! Enjoy your week and a wonderful day! Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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