Monday, February 18, 2013

I was able to see the blessings of two Sister Missionaries on Wednesday and two Elders who served years before me!

Dearest Pratt Family,

My heart is totally full today and this past week. It's so hard to see the effects/ or differences you make in someones life but this week it all unfolded right before my eyes!!!

Sister Yates had a training with Sister Sprouse on Tuesday and Wednesday so I was able to be with Sister Calda on those two days Tuesday being in Woods Cross and then Wednesday in Layton. What a powerful sister. She really helped me understand a few principles as we did lots of role plays! (Totally not my favorite!) But I learned so much. She let me know that she was learning right along with me and that helped me feel better about myself because I have been trying my very best but it seems like it's not enough. The spirit was in the room and Sister Calda had a 'perfect lesson' with me. She read in Mosiah....and it was just what I needed. I'm the one that has to change and speak up to my companion. Like when I was younger I was super shy going into Kindergarten, that is how it is now. It's hard to get use to. Smiling takes so much effort.

On the bright side, on Wednesday of S's Baptism you said it, ALMOST everything went wrong! Haha. Our ride to get us from Layton got lost and was late...etc. But we made it to the baptism right at 5 pm and WOW. I gave the talk on Baptism and it was straight from my heart and I was guided by the Spirit! Don't worry, I had my tissues in my hand! Such a tender moment for her. She was clean!

On Sunday, Sister Yates and I spoke in the 13th ward (Heather's ward!) I felt like I was looking at her the whole time but I talked on Faith in Jesus Christ! Totally guided again by the Spirit! Then we went to the 12th ward such a great meeting. And went to the Bountiful 7th ward to view S's confirmation. So super tender to hear of her blessings to see her three times in white! The temple is her next step! I get the goosebumps to know that this is just what mom went through....I saw her eternal family....strong in the church and serving others. Because of her life, Sister Yates and my decision to serve a mission the blessings two sister missionaries can do to a life, a family, an eternal generation!!! Please send an email to mom's missionaries! Because of them they effected S!

Tears fall knowing I have shined my light with Sister Yates right beside me helping me serve His children in Woods Cross! I'm so blessed!

Transfers are on Wednesday...I'm nervous, scared, but still willing to do as the Lord commands. I'm in need of lots of prayers today and the next few. My heart is so full of love but lacks in faith just a bit.

Still Valentine's package: Tears fell as I received the families! <3 Justine's from work, and Miss Abigail's!!!! I love you all!

Love your humbled and still learning daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt
I promise I'll write this week to each of you....Carrie and AP I have lots to tell you. Your letters were so touching <3


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