Monday, January 20, 2014

Miracle number 5,670!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I just want you to know that this week has been so very difficult but I have seen so many blessings that they overlook the dark gray cloud that seem to never go away in my mind. I have been so blessed to be a servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ here in North Salt Lake, UT!

On Monday it was quite amazing to know that Sister Howell and I will be together for another six weeks in the area and to continue to work with all of our wonderful people! Our whole district has a new comp but us! Pretty fun, huh?!!?! We taught Noah that evening about the Ten Commandments and I just love doing it! He is so super cute!

Tuesday was quite the learning day for me. Sister Howell and I have different viewpoints on some things and I tried to talk them out but it was like totes no bueno.... I'm just grateful for inspired Elders that came by to drop off some dish soap! Yep that's right we needed some and they had it for a few weeks and now just brought it by. It was meant to be. I didn't have the spirit with me and I just was so very lost and felt like a fool! The Elders were able to leave with a prayer and then I went up to ask Grandpa Powell for a blessing (also for Howell too. She needed one real bad!) So it was a tender moment and I'm just so very grateful for our Heavenly Fathers guidance. We had dinner that night and the sweet sister told us that she could feel the spirit and she knew that we were united. I'm so very grateful that it was shown to her and her family!

So with transfers we had like a district lunch at Joy Luck and it was so very good! We have super wonderful missionaries in our area!!! After that I had to go home and take a nap... I have been feeling so very tired and just exhausted. We went to dinner that night and I just felt our Heavenly Fathers love for me and our family. There was something about this family and for some reason tears were just filling my eyes. They started to talk about James E. Faust and I was like hold up you're related to him? Me too! They shared stories from Oak City Days and pictures of him! Oh how I just love our family and felt them nearby! We left and I just cried in the car on the way to our next appointment with Dana which was just awesome! We taught Lesson 2 and the spirit was so very strong. I had found new scriptures to share from that morning’s personal study and I felt so very successful along with Howell! Dana wants this and really wants it for her family too but going to the U and her family not very supportive will be a bit hard but she is so very strong!!!

Thursday was another down day so we just planned. Dinner was with the Smart Family and they are just super wonderful! We were able to help their little daughter to share the gospel. She said she is shy and so it's hard but we got her excited and I could just feel the spirit so strongly! Can I say I just love teaching young children! Their spirits are just so very close to our Fathers and they are so willing to learn and improve! The song, I'm trying to be like Jesus, we start when we are young and then we never stop. It is this continuous process that at times may be hard because of our Pride and yet so very Humbling because of our willingness to let go of ourselves and do what He has asked of us!

Friday, we had our Zone meeting and we just have so many wonderful new missionaries in it that have like only been out for 3-5months. I'm totes the old grandma! Haha. They call me Mama Pratt! Haha. Sister Howell and I just packed our lunch and then went to our lesson with Dana. We taught Lesson 3 and again it was just amazing!!! I love her so very much and she is progressing like totes super fast we don't know what to think! Feb. 15 will come sooner than I think! When we were about to end the lessons I had asked her if she would say the prayer... she did it for the first time!!! Yeah!!!! it was so sweet and tender! We had planning and that went really well for this coming week! Then we had our first lesson with Sister Cowle! It is so very amazing to see a less active willing to come back to church and learn the gospel again!

Saturday, I wanted to fast so very badly because I felt like that is what I needed to do for some of our investigators and for some reason it was just not right! I tried and I don't know if I'm getting something or what but my stomach was like not feeling well at all. Plus I have not been able to sleep at all and I have asked some RM's in the area what I need to do... I really hate it so if you could please pray that I can sleep well at night?! But, it was so good to cuddle with Sister Howell. It's hard to be sick and help your compion feel happy too so I had to put myself aside and just love Sister Howell as I read her happy scriptures. I'm so happy for sweet Sisters that gave me some advice and I received a blessing from my DL and I know that the atonement is real! Our Savior Jesus Christ knows what we are each going through. He knows how we feel. I need to just be very patient with this trial that I have.

Sunday came so very fast and the blessings just came our way to see people we needed to and to have lessons! So many are praying for us and I can totes feel them and know that my Savior loves and knows me! I just need to remember that I need to seek Him for help and knowing the choices I need to make/ do! Everything seems to be working out for my and Sister Howells good! I may have a bad bark cloud over me but to know that the Atonement is so very real. The Holy Ghost has come into my heart and told me that all is going to be okay for these next few months! Miracles happen every single day and I know that my eyes have been opened even more to recognize them in my life! I love you all so very much and miss you lots! Continue to have a smile on your face and know that He Loves You!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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