Monday, January 27, 2014

Eyes and Ears of Faith are needed.

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been one of the most eye opening weeks of my mission. We have had lots of lessons and contacts this week and I feel like I'm just following Sister Howells lead and I have been just observing and learning from her and others around me as I am trying to hold myself together, with this week I have been given some kind of added strength and determination beyond my own and I know that our Heavenly Fathers hands have lifted me this week to see all of these miracles!

So let me just start with our dinner Monday night with President Eyring! He is totes adorbs and normal! His son is in our stake and lives right down the road. His wife has wanted to feed us and finally things were able to work out and when we got to their home she told us that her husband’s parents will be coming to dinner.... Shut up! My mouth dropped and I was freaking out inside. Haha. I'm sure you could imagine what that was like! Well... (my camera broke this past week, the lens will not open anymore.) Sister Howell left her camera at home so we were like forget the car, and just ran down the road and got her camera and ran back up. By the time we got to the door I could see President Eyring in the window! He is just so full of love and sweetness, he was so very happy to be with his family. The little grandchildren were running all over and we were helping with the table and food. Sister Howell and I just sat and ate our dinner as the family caught up on life and what not! Just seeing them together brought me joy and I just smiled like really big the whole time! We then had FHE with them and he gave us some advice from the Lord for one of our investigators, Dana. I know that this is the Lords work and when we put our faith and trust in Him, He will lead us the way we need to go! I will never forget that evening and seeing him love his wife so very much and feeling so very calm like being in the temple. All of my worries and stresses went away for a brief moment while he shook my hand and told me that he loves me and thanked me for serving a mission!

The week has already gone by so very quickly and I wanted it to slow down for a bit but Tuesday we were on the go and we were able to stop by the Thomas family and visit with them. One day they will be baptized! Ha. We had our lesson with Noah and he is doing so very well!

Wednesday was just as busy as the day before! It is really amazing to go to Linda's who is less active and just had a knee replacement and is working on getting it back into shape. She taught me that short hour we were with her! Two of her grandchildren are on their missions and she is doing so very well coming back. She told me something that just hit me really hard, 'The world is so filled with bad things that you are not aware of right now with not watching the news and such. You (Howell and I) have come out here to do the Lords work. Your focus right now is to gain a strong testimony. You have got to be strong enough to concur the world when you go home.' I just haven't thought how my eyes have blinders on and I can't see everything that is going on right now. But I know the Lord is preparing me to come home with a strong testimony! We were able to make some visits and our dinner was great as always! We had a lesson with Triston and I just want to take him home with me, out of his dirty home and tv watching not so good shows... he is only eight and we are reading the BOM stories with him and he loves it! Then we taught Dana and she is still super excited to be baptized!!!

Thursday we had interviews with President Hansen and it was so good to talk to him. I just love him! Ps. I have only 1 1/2 transfers left..... my heart fell as Presz told me about what I need to do before I go home... it hurts a bit to think about it, it's too soon. So he told me that I need to tell myself that I don't go home til May 1st and I need to sprint the whole way! That is what I am going to have to do. I need to pick it up and work extra hard, I was so very overwhelmed and after lunch at Nielson's with the other Sisters in our district, I had to lay down for a bit but when I got up I felt like we needed to leave super soon. So we did and we saw future Sister Heart (Her family came from New Jersey and are not members) outside and Howell drove up to their home... She asked us if we needed any H2O and I was like sure what the heck! And then she said that she was sorry for not getting back with us and if we could just set up an appointment?!!?! Shut up!!!!! We went inside her home and chatted for a bit and have a return appointment!!!!! YEAH!!! New investigator!!!! ;) We were late to our scripture reading with Miss Sarah, but it all worked out super well! Then we were able to visit the McKinlay family and set up a return appointment with them to help their daughter get ready for baptism later in the year! Then we went to Rex and Jennifer's! They just make my evenings and will for true come to church one of these days!!! We stopped by Bro. Beesley's and I just love him and his wife and family! He is just helping us so very much with hastening the work in our Stake! He said something that hit me, 'Proactive is taking responsibility of our actions' I need to do this a bit more so we are working with the ward mission leader's more and I'm working harder to find the ONE!

Friday our distract meeting went well. I just really need to remember to stay on top of it, sorry for rambling but I'm working on it! Saturday was just heaven sent and I know that I am so very loved by all of you my family and friends, where ever they may be! So I had received mom's letter Friday after our meeting and package of the card! But it was so very tender and mom you just know what to say to make me smile and cry! I'm so very grateful you and dad were in tuned to the spirit this past week to send me that little card, 'Close your eyes and imagine my arms around you. Just a note to tell you I Love You!' Tears came down my face that night as I read that and realized who made that card... me, in 2003 for dad. Who would have thought I would need that in my life right now but our loving Heavenly Father. I feel so very blessed with all of these experiences and to know that on Saturday we went to the Stake Relief Society Fireside with some of the women in the FX ward and Linda came too! As it started I knew right then and there why we came! Everything, like I mean totes word for word what mom wrote in my letter Friday was said again at the fireside! Oh how He loves us and wants the very best for us!

Sunday came and the week just went way too fast. Sister Howell and I met with the Stake Prez and that was again another tender moment that I needed to hear. He is just so very inspired, just like Prez. Hill in WC!!! I feel my days lessening and I still tell members and everyone that I've been out for a year! Haha. As we went to the ward meetings I felt so inspired to go to those wards and the spirit was so very strong! In one of the Relief Society classes we talked about Elder Bednar's talk at conference. I got so much more out of it then tithing! 'Sometimes we may ask God for success, and He gives us physical and mental stamina. We might plead for prosperity, and we receive enlarged perspective and increased patience, or we petition for growth and are blessed with the gift of grace. He may bestow upon us conviction and confidence as we strive to achieve worthy goals. And when we plead for relief from physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties, He may increase our resolve and resilience.' This is my life. I have asked for things and have received so very different but now, my eyes have been opened and I have been blessed and guided by the Lord more than I can express in words. I don't know why I haven't noticed all of this beforehand but I know I'm at a new level now of being a missionary. I have been observing way more and have been adding so very much to my brain that I want to remember it all but I know that when the time comes I will remember and feel at peace knowing I am doing my best to serve Him. I really hope this all makes sense. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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