Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Just like miracles happen every day, crap happens too!

From the subject heading, that is what Sister Howell and I learned just this week... Read on and you'll understand.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I don't know if I can tell you enough but I just absolutely love you all so very much! First off, mom and dad another week has gone by on my mission and your sweet unexpected letters have been so very inspired! You two are so in tune to the spirit and know that all will be well with me and that as I continue to endure the rest of my mission and life blessings will come! I just need to keep smiling and enjoy every day. I was able to read the articles/ talks that you talked and sent me! Oh so very good. What I had read I thought of a chapter in Preach My Gospel and the whole week I thought about what I'm doing to keep my commitments just like our investigators are doing! We are all on this path of learning and growing. So, thank you so very much!

As you know being on a mission I have been able to see so very many miracles and have learned so much! Well this week was filled with nothing else that I've had before.... We had dinner then had Noah's lesson which went really well as always! It was like a party with his family, the Bennett’s and the Jacobson’s too! For some reason I just wasn't feeling well at all by the end of the lesson. When we left we had our last appointment for the evening and Sister Howell and I didn't want to go to the lesson, I was really not feeling well and Howell had a really bad headache. We were like maybe they are busy and we can go home?!!?! Ha. We knew we needed to go so we did and we read from the Book of Mormon Stories and it went well. We got out and we were both like shoot, 8:56 pm. We are going home! So we got home and did our planning. I was up all night and I just wanted to be able to sleep and it got so very bad that I wanted to have dad give me a blessing and I just cried going up stairs to wake up Grandma and Grandpa Powell. I couldn't move and I just hurt. I was in all day Tuesday. I couldn't eat anything … so I had called Sister Hansen and I went to the Dr. Short story long, I had food poisoning. I know, right?!!?! So now you can understand that sometimes in our life we see miracles happen and also crap too! Haha. So Tuesday was just really slow but I was so very happy that we were able to have lunch with Ash! I didn't eat but we chatted and I just love her so very much! She just tells me things like it is and that is what I needed. She helped me put things into perspective this week! Wednesday I was still not the greatest and Grandma Powell was like, 'You're not planning on going out today? Are you?!!?!' She was like you are getting your rest! Bummer, I really wanted to go out this whole week but I was able to study and read lots so all went well. Thursday we just made a few visits and it was well. We visited the list that we were given and shoot, President Hansen is just so very inspired! I know that we were to visit those people even if a few answered and we were able to talk to them.

Friday was just super totes awesome! I was finally feeling better from Monday and we had our District meeting and we were able to do so very much in the short time that we had. I felt the spirit so very strongly and it has been awhile since I was able to do a role play and learn/ receive revelation for our investigators during the meeting! We were about the end and the sisters and I looked at each other and was like, 'What? We are done?!' We all got so very much out of that meeting. I'm so very grateful for the sweet tender spirit that can witness to us of truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

'As long as we exercise Love, Patience, and Understanding even when no progress is apparent, 
we are no failing.' -Marvin J. Ashton

I know that ever where we go we are meant to be. I was able to meet Elder Godoy. His testimony is so strong and I just love North Salt Lake! As I was able to fast this week the spirit just filled me up and made me feel so very loved and comforted... I have been able to feel your prayers and love in the cold snow and ice and foggy inversion! President Bennett saw us in the hallway at church and so many people talk about Sister Howell and I! They really love us being in their Stake and I'm so very happy to be here too! Be of good cheer! As we put our faith and trust in the Lord we will see the blessings unfold before our eyes. In Moses 6 as we read in Sunday school class the spirit was so very strong. As we are humble we will have the eyes to see and know that He is with us every day of our lives! He does walk with us! I thought of Dad, Andrew and James and Drew as I read through the talk at conference by President Uchtdorf, You can do it Now! I love you men so very much and know that all things in your life will be okay! You are wonderful Priesthood men and I love you for that! And for my sweet Mother and sis, read Elder Christofferson's talk The moral force of Women. 'Strive to be that kind of disciple of the Father and the Son, and your influence will never fade. 'You are loved!

Stay warm in the super bad blizzards you are having in the Midwest! Haha. I really want to make a snowman so we will see what happens today! Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister, Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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  1. I randomly read your blog because I found you due to the same last name I love it you rock.