Monday, February 24, 2014

Transfers, Centerville, UT Sister T.

Dearest Pratt Family

This week has been super totes wonderful! Tuesday after the temple and all that fun stuff we had Sister Pday and it was so cute! I again painted the sisters nails and I just loved it! The rest of the evening was pretty chill.

Wednesday, we made some visits and and we were able to stop by Sister Harts and she is just so very wonderful! We were able to set up a return appointment with her in March and she just loves the Book Of Mormon but said it should have pictures because it's a bit hard to understand! Haha. So we will bring by the Book Of Mormon Stories! Then we had a lesson with Ashley and I asked her when she is going to be baptized just to make sure she knew and all and yep, March 29th! I'm so very happy for her. We had to reteach the first lesson, she couldn't remember who Joseph Smith was but I'm just so very happy to refresh her again to help her understand, it's so very worth it! Then after dinner we made more visits and had a lesson with Aiden! Oh I just love that little boy! It was the best to have Hank, his friend from church be in on the lesson and it was the best to have Hank say, 'Is it okay if I share a spiritual moment?!' It was so awesome to see Aiden and Hank teach us! I love their fam! Then we taught a lesson to the McKinlay fam. and that was super fun to relate the gospel in Disney Movie form! Endure to the end is 'Just keep swimming!' I was happy to update our progress record and have it already to go for this coming transfer!

District Meeting was just totes inspired as we talked about our desire and obedience! I have been working so very hard on this and I know I am not the same Sister Pratt I was before I left on my mission... yea I still laugh and have fun by ALL well mostly all my prioritizes in life have changed and I know it's going to be different coming home but I'm ready for a new transfer after this! More gospel moments and baptizing with the Sister Missionaries in the BG YSA Branch!!!! Haha.

Saturday was a day of rest, my stomach was giving me issues and it was so very hard to focus but I was able to manage. We had an appointment that evening and they stood us up so Howell was really bummed about that and we had passed Sister Eyring’s home and I said that President Eyring’s car was there and so she turned around and we stopped by! Haha. We were so very up lifted as we had scripture study with President Eyring and his grandchildren! Love! Then we went to Mama and Papa Coopers and it was so very awesome we had a late night treat! So she said that we would make oatmeal cookies for Howell! It reminded me of home when Anna-Marie, mom and I would make cowboy cookies and we would have like three separate bowls... I was just totes in my element and can I say I make the best cookies ever?!!?!

Sunday was a joy to wake up and go to the meetings and feel of our Heavenly Fathers love! We were praying so very hard to have Ashley come to church and Howell and I were giving talks with Bro. Beesley.... Ashley and her whole fam came!!!!!!!!!!! It was my goal to have Ashley come before I leave the area! So very many blessings and I know all will work out for me in my last area in Centerville!

For some reason I had a feeling that I would leave... I got really comfy and knew all the people and the buildings and all and I knew I would leave. It is pretty funny though, it was a couple of weeks ago and we meet some ladies in the store from that area and I said it would be really nice to serve in Centerville area! Only Heavenly Father knows best and Sister West in the same Zone as me too so she will see me leave! I think it is hard for Howell but is will be way better off with Sister Cross! She is a boss missionary and is Sister Training Leader! I just thought on the bright side, because I'm being transferred, I will be able to shine my light to even more people here in Utah and I really am excited and happy! I know I am being prepared for something! So I wrote in my last planner last night. but I'm a planner person so I will have a planner when I go home! So not really! Haha.

Okay, so I feel like I'm just talking and don't know if any of this is clicking or not and I need to get going any way and pack my things up early so we will have time to go to the district activity! I love you all so very much! and I know that my life has been so very blessed and will continue to be happy and full of little trials that I will know how to deal with! All is well!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

The pictures are of me and Grandma and Grandpa Powell and Mama and Papa Cooper!

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