Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Did you know love makes you feel happy?!!?!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I just have to let you know that the letter I told you I would write last week took me forever!!!! It's like six pages and my hand really hurt by the time I got done so sorry for the quick writing! Haha. But it was totes worth it all and I sent it out today so look for it in a few days in the mail box!

This past week went by really quickly and lets just say I have worried a bit about going home but really..... MOM, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME, I'M SO VERY HAPPY! Every day was an answer to my prayers and for some reason I just felt overwhelmed on Monday with so much cleaning and organizing I wanted to get done and a few Valentines gifts I wanted to get ready and there was just no time. But We had fun with our district and had a craft day! I know totes cute, right?!!?! We had dinner at the Zimmerman's home and she was so sweet to make a meal we haven't had in  awhile... with Howells allergies I have been over blown with roast and am super fat right now that I have had to pull my skirts up higher on my waist!!!!!!!!! Hahaha. True fact! So I have been like really wanting cheese... like mom's homemade lasagna! (4 months without cheesy food is like no ice cream during the month of July!) I know it's like even more carbs but don't curr! Hahah. FREAK! It was so very yummy and I just was in heaven!!! We had our very last lesson with Noah and he is still good to go for April! It was such a tender moment when Noah's dad and him talked to each other and it was like they were the only ones in the room sharing this moment of love and happiness. Not very many converts are able to have their fathers baptize their son! Heavenly Father has blessed his family so very much and Noah's mom just thanked us for including her and not pushing her! I'm so very glad I listened to the spirit! Then our lesson with Juan was totes bueno! He really needs to read the Book Of Mormon. A person won't progress if they don't ponder upon the words and pray to find an answer.

So Tuesday was a bit different and exciting! I was able to have lunch with Sister Chelsea Martin! I trained her in SLC!!! She was on her mission for 10 months and had to come home to Orem. It was sad to see her back in some of her old habits but I know that the Lord will bless her as she strives to serve Him! I'm just so very grateful that I have had the spiritual and physical strength to stay on a mission... I really have no idea where I would be right now if I would have gone home last year? After lunch we made some visits and we were able to talk to Sister Hearts and she said she has been reading the Book Of Mormon!!! Party! She said that she, 'likes that it's all about God and it's really good!' Then we were able to have another scripture study with Miss Sarah (Yep, I totes call her what you always called me!!! <3) We had a wonderful lesson! Then after dinner Dana had her baptismal interview..... #she'sgettingbaptized #:)

Wednesday we had a wonderful lesson with Russell, who is less active and we were able to take Grandma Powell with us! He has so many antiques and I really wanted his office desk and book case! It was totes adorbs wood, carved on the edge, more detailed then dads china hutch he made and I felt like I was breaking the 10th commandment. Coveting! Haha. So my energy level was totes at a zero for the day and sweet Sister Holbrook stayed with me as I slept like all day long. Howell was amazing at our lessons! and I know I missed out on wonderful lessons but that is what Howell needed to do. So on Friday during planning Howell felt like we need to put Ashley on date to be baptized. So we prayed about it and Howell didn't want to be wrong so she asked me what I felt and it was between March 22 or the 29th. I felt really strongly about the 29th even though it was a week further out. So during Ashley's lesson she accepted March 29th and that is the same day her mom is planning on going through the temple!!! Who would have thought?!!?! The Lord really does know each and every one of us! The lesson with the McKinlay Fam went super! They are like ADD all over the place!

Thursday was just wonderful having our district study at 9 am! I just know that everything that was said was inspired by each of the Elders and Sisters in my district! On Wednesday I had felt that I needed to read my patriarchal blessing. I have always had a question about a line in my blessing and have wanted to know what the heck it means since I was like 15 years old. I have studied it over and over and have never felt right about what I have read, it was good but it just didn't fit so I just pushed it off and knew that one day I would understand. Little did I know that it would take me to be on a mission serving in North Salt Lake to find the answer! My breath was taken away and I just marveled at how that all happened in our study time of Christlike Attributes and I just know that our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. It may be years down the road but He answers them! Again that afternoon we made visits and they were super great! At dinner that night they fed us KFC and like they totes had Howells allergy list and the chicken was breaded and the mash potatoes totes had butter and milk, how else do they get that creamy?!!?! Haha. So afterwards we went home and she had some food she could eat! She was on the couch and next thing I knew she was out! So I made some calls and got Mama Adams to go out with me for the evening. I'm so very grateful for her wisdom and love! When she went to drop me off at home I just cried and told her how nervous I am to go home and how I feel like I've kept all my feelings inside and don't want to worry Howell so I just keep going. She just listened to me and it was wonderful to have someone be like a back board to understand me. She gave me hope and I need to worry. Every day I'm doing my best and that is that! I'm doing great! Miracles are happening and I'm so very happy! I was able to work things out with a wonderful member to hook me up with treats that I was able to put together for our District for our meeting Friday and it was totes super cute! Plus I decorated our mirror and made this totes cute heart on the floor for Howell so when she would wake up she would see it!!! You know me and super cute surprises! So yep she woke up Friday morning and wha bam! I scored! <3 We had exchanges that night and I went to Centerville! Being with Sister Weber and Johnson was so wonderful and fun! I learned so very much from them. They have only been out for four months and 11 weeks! We were able to have a ton of others because I made sure we testified and said a prayer with everyone we saw!!!! Also I helped them add a new!!! So when we got back Saturday evening Howell and Sister Taylor said they added two news!!! Happy day! For true, miracles happen every day!

Sunday was just amazing. We had correlation and shared our miracles and were so excited for Dana's baptism!!! Everything was lined up and it went so very smoothly... we totes forgot to get a pianist and conductor so it was a cappella and I conducted! Haha. It was so very totes beautiful! President Bennett was there from the mission pres. and so many of Dana's YSA peeps attended! Sister Claren and Howell sang this amazing song called We Believe! I was going to sing with but I just didn't have the voice like theirs! But it was just drop dead amazing! She is so happy!

Then Monday was a normal day and Howell wasn't feeling well at all so I did my studies and then the other sisters couldn't come over till later in the afternoon but I was fine with that! I was so happy to update the area book and I just started to clean and make our home a place where the spirit could be felt and I vacuumed and cleaned my desk and I felt so very warm and fuzzy inside despite I was in my skirt and blouse and like kind of got a bit warm so I opened up the windows and saw the silly golfers outside and smiled at how wonderful our Heavenly Father has shown his Love to me!

Then this morning we went to the SLC Temple and I'm just in love with it!!! Mama Adams was able to take us and I felt so calm as always and I have been praying about what will happen after my mission with school work and well.... other things and then I was praying about what I need to do here in North Salt Lake and for next transfer and I turned to Moroni 7 and then for some reason I looked at the foot note to 4a D&C 19:23

'Learn of me, and listen to my words;walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me.'

When I get off the plane I will know what I need to do! I love you all so very much and I'm going very strong and I'm so very happy to have a baptism every month!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I would really love to have a canon camera but I will be fine... I hope! Haha. Also Anna-Marie, your dress is totes adorbs and I love you so very much! Don't worry about me being there for things I just want you to be happy with DrewMan! I hope you all had a super awesome Valentines day! Love, Love, Love!

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