Monday, March 3, 2014

Words to Ponder.

Dearest Pratt Family,

My first week in the Centerville Stake and I'm so very happy to be here! I never want it to end and yet I know it will. I have just loved serving a mission and have learned so very much I can't really explain it all! But I know when I get home things will be different and I'm just grateful for our Heavenly Fathers love and sweet feeling he gives to me and the power of prayer that we can reach out and have Him help us!

Leaving North Salt Lake was a bit hard for me but I know that each of the families I met were to be in my life at that time and forever! It was a tender joy to feel of the peace that our Heavenly Father can bring into our lives and help us be happy! Grandma and Grandpa Powell are like forever in my heart! I love and miss talking to them every night before nightly planning and in between the day!

Sister T is just the very best! She is the third of 10 and from Samoa! I am learning a new language and having language study every day now!!! Super cool! She is just what I need right now and I'm so grateful for President Hansen being so very inspired to send me to this area with Sister T! I was happy to know that Sister Cross is now in North Salt Lake and will do so very well with Sister Howell!

I will have to write you a letter today because time is very short, but it was amazing to see Sabrina be baptized on Saturday and to have taught her the last two lessons! We just put the Hampton Family on date for April 26th and we are going to put Patricia on date this week for March 22!!! I'm so very happy for all the lessons we are able to have here!

I'm jumping around and am totes super sorry but I want to get this to you now, I just found out that Joy Fabella just got baptized!!!!!!!!!! and I found out that Jacob from Woods Cross is now passing the sacrament!!!!!!!!! The family is totes super active and I almost cried in the library!!!! What a happy joy it is to see all of these miracles in my life!!! I know that each of you are being watched over and I am so very excited to let you know how the rest of this week goes! Freak, I love this work and know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth today! Loves!

Your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Pic 1 my amazing District B family
Pic 2 Bountiful Zone Leader's!
Pic 3 Sister Togaga's. Best poly comp ever!!!!

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