Monday, March 31, 2014

Blessings don't just pass by.

Dearest Pratt Family,

To start off I have the letter I wrote from last week in the mail today. This week has been one of the most tired weeks ever. Sister T and I had so very many meetings before this next transfer and it drained me but I'm still sprinting forward! I'm not going to have this just pass on by. My mission has meant everything to me! I'm so grateful for all that our Heavenly Father has blessed me with!

On Monday I was oh so very happy to have gotten a nap in even if it was in the car with the seat leaned back! Haha. It was such a big deal for me! Sister T played Vball with District A at a park as I just slept in the car! We got cleaning done and I was so very happy and we had a great night of lessons!

Tuesday was a somewhat normal day as far as a missionary! We made lots of visits to those in our wards. Dinner was just fun with this cute family. The ages are 17-2 years old! The mother didn't have dinner ready when we arrived so I offered to help because I just love to help put things together... that's what I did back home! Just don't ask me to make it by myself! JK The mother said she got it so I didn't just want to do nothing so Sister T and I had just so much fun with the two youngest children! It was so sweet playing cars with the little boy who is 5 and his little sister who is 2! We made a car ramp and it was super awesome seeing which one went the furthest! The little girl just came up to me and gave me the cars to put down the ramp! I was singing my cute little children songs that I sang with AJ before the mission! Oh how I love preschool and Kindergarten age! As we had dinner it was so wonderful to help them get their food and talk to them about the gospel in simple terms! That evening we had a lesson with The Calls! They are just oh so very good! I'm so very blessed to know them and to help them get to the temple. Bro. Call is still doing awesome with no tobacco! Happy and then they told us that during the week they were already in bed and asleep, then they both were thinking they didn’t read their scriptures… they thought we can do it tomorrow but they both felt they needed to do it right then and there so they got up and told each other what they were thinking and they knew they needed to read their scriptures! They didn’t want to get out of that habit and so they were obedient despite of their natural man weakness of sleep. What an example they are to me in my life!

Wednesday we had exchanges so we switched companions on Tuesday evening. It just amazes me at how the spirit works with each of us. I was with Sister Hornburger. I know that we were to go to each of the homes that day at the times that I had put them into my planner. I love having the spirit guide me in this super awesome work of the Lord! We stopped by Sister Jensen’s home and it was wonderful to talk to her and her mother. To see the light in someone’s eyes that have been a bit dark for a while was so very tender to me. I could relate to her mother. We had stopped by Sabrina’s and just chatted with her. It is sad to see her drift away just after being baptized but I know that she will come back it is so very hard to have a past of abuse and it is so very hard to overcome. I’m so very grateful for the atonement that we really can be made whole. We stopped by lots of others that we hadn’t been able to get a hold of so I just felt so great! That evening we were able to attend young women’s! Super totes fun! I just love it! Of course they were doing scrapbooking such stuff and I was just in heaven! ;) There is just no time for that on the mission! It was super to meet the girls and to chat with them about all that is going on in their life and to see them smile and be so bright and cute! We were able to end exchanges and I was super happy to be back with Sister T! She is just one of a kind and I just love her with all my heart! I just want to pinch her checks! Haha.

On Thursday it was another early morning we had my last Zone Conference and I’m was able to learn oh so very much as the spirit guided President Hansen and the AP’s! AP Olsen is just so super great! He really has been like a brother to me and teaches to the needs of those around him. He knows what it means to serve with love! I just loved role playing with Sister T and I know that what the mission is doing now making the lessons shorter and more compact is a blessing! I love using the pictures and reading from the BOM! It’s the best book ever and if anyone hasn’t read it they totes should! The blessings will come and the spirit will fill your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling that is just the best thing ever!

Friday was a day of go, go yet again and with weekly planning it was crae! We had a lesson with Mackenzie and Patricia which were just super with members! Then that evening we went on exchanges because Sister T is not doing so well with the change of weather… she went to lay down and I was like maybe you should check your temp… she had a fever and I just wanted to cuddle with her and give her all my love. So I did what I know best and gave her some Advil to lower it and a cold washcloth and had her sleep. I went to the lesson we had with the Hamptons and went over their baptismal program! That was just super! When I got back home I had checked Sister T’s temp and it was down a bit all I could do was just say a prayer and sing sweet peaceful happy songs to her! Oh how I love her so very much! I don’t know why but it is so tender to kiss your companion on the forehead. I want so very much for her to be better.

The early mornings didn’t stop and the go, goodness! We had gotten up early to go over to North Salt Lake to get our hair trimmed. I was just going crae and couldn’t stand it flipping out! So sweet Meredith cut it and then Sister Beesley drove us over to Ashley’s baptism! Yep, that’s right! Ashley got baptized and oh how sweet it was to see her and her fam again! I miss her cute little smile and I just told her how much I love her! Sister Howell, Sister Cross and I did a musical number… I keep telling these people I can’t sing and yet they still want me to sing with them! Ha. So we sang How Great Thou Art I had this sweet overwhelming feeling of love and knowledge come over me knowing that He Lives! I’m so blessed to have the gospel in my life. Then to go to the General Women’s Meeting was just so very touching! Can I just say that Diana is just an amazing sister and a wonderful mother?! I love everything about her and know that cute little Caleb will be just as cute as Little Liam!

To know that as I have been here on a mission I have learned even more how to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I am going to be ready to go home and know who I am and know that the temple is what I want for everyone I come in contact with to have the blessing of! When President Eyring was speaking to know I have personally felt of his love and testimony. Then the thought came to me how President Hansen has always told us missionaries, there are No Empty Chairs. Oh how I love that man!

Sunday didn't stop with the go either! Haha. We had almost attended all of the wards only two missed us out of the seven! It was so very good though. One of the Bishops asked me to bare my testimony in their ward… it was so very different. Simple but with all my love! I really don’t want to leave and I know it’s going to happen but I want to stay here forever! Sister T bore hers and wow! I have one amazing companion and I’m so very blessed for her strong spirit and love! This is a song she sang…
‘I have a testimony no one can take from me. I know that if I nurture it, It will grow. I believe through study and prayer more truth will unfold. I have a testimony to share.’

I know that my life is a gift. I have been so very blessed to serve a mission here in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. May we always strengthen our testimony through study and prayer. He will answer our prayers and with General Conference I know that our Heavenly Father will answer your questions! He loves you! You are His child! I love you all and know that this week is going to be so very wonderful and happy! Blessings are just flowing over, I can see and feel them every day!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. I will be having my departing interview on the 4th of April. I’m excited to go to the temple on Monday the 7th for the last time as a missionary with the eight Elders that are going home too on Wednesday! Loves!

Pic 1 Elder Clark, Kroug, Marying. I'm their grandma and I just love these little Elders!
Pic 2 Oh how lovely was the morning!

Pic 1 Ashley's baptism. With Sister Howell and Sister Cross
Pic 2 Diana came to watch the General Women's meeting with Sister T and I!

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