Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's all about Love and Preach My Gospel.

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has really been a Preach My Gospel spiritual high! I'm so truly grateful for the resources that we have to learn from and to teach!

Today when I checked my email we got our transfer info and I'm going to North Salt Lake. My heart is a bit heavy right now and I'm wanting to cry...! I love Stansbury Park. I know the Lord knows where I need to be and who I need! I'm happy to be back in the Bountiful Zone.

The tender mercies have been felt all week as Sister West and I have been able to have lessons with members and teaching less active's! On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference which Elder Clark from the 70's was able to speak to us. As we teach as missionaries we learn from Preach My Gospel and read and gain insight from the Book of Mormon! My heart was so full to know of our Heavenly Fathers love for me and so many others this week! Take every opportunity to share the gospel with those around you, blessings are going to come and the Lord will help you open your mouth as what you need to say!

Sister West and I felt like we needed to do something for each of our Bishops and their wives. So we bought some cute flowers (you know me!) and chocolate bars with a cute homemade card I had made for them and delivered them expressing our love and thanks for all that they do! Heck, it felt so totes good to do it! It's all about LOVE!

I'm so sorry this is a short email... it's just I want to cry so badly right now but I'm for true holding them back. West hasn't said a word to me... she is so sad for me to leave. I have grown to love Stansbury Park and Lake Point. It has reminded me of home and I just can't dare to leave it now. But I know that for some reason the people I have met here will be taken care of. That Sister West will grow and learn even more with be being gone from her side. She can take the lead now and do so much! The hymn 'Each Life that Touches Ours for Good' comes to my mind. I know and feel that for some reason I have loved ones that are on the other side of the veil that are helping me not just those that have passed on before me but those that are yet to come into this wonderful world that our Heavenly Father has created just for us. This life is really the time to prepare and that is what I'm doing no matter how hard the mountain is to clime or rugged the terrain may be. I can do Hard things now and I will be able to do hard things later because of these experiences! Peace and joy fill my heart right now! I can feel of your love for me right now. I love each of you so very much! Seek those opportunities to serve others this week!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt
Love you lots!

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