Monday, October 14, 2013

Love comes back.

Dearest Pratt Family,
Looking at my planner I thought to myself, 'It seemed like every day was super hard and I was on the struggle bus'... yet looking at it now and reviewing all that happened, I thought, 'what an amazing totes super awesome week Sister West and I had!' In the moment of trials we can't or just are unwilling to see the big picture that Heavenly Father has for us. (I'll have to send you my picture I drew of this week in the mail! I think it's totes cute!)

Monday, I felt so down but was excited to wear my blue jeans and a cute blouse...! Haha. I know it sounds silly, but shoot, I haven't worn them in a while and it felt so good to wear them! At our preparation day activity I just sat on the grass watching the Elders and Sisters play Football, and looking up every now and then and seeing a really good play and just laughing as I wrote some letters! We had dinner at the Lambert's and my stomach was totes no bueno... we had a lesson that evening with a less active young woman. I'm just so grateful for the strong support I had when I was in Young Women's with my leaders! I really do love them still! (Aunt Gayle, Crystal, Sister Dunford, Sister Maughn, Sister Sworden, Sister Sauber, Sister Morris, Marsha Allen and all the other Sister Allen’s!) This girl was lost and couldn't feel of our Saviors love, her heart was closed. We invited her to pray that week and we would check back with her.

My stomach was still killing me...

Tuesday, there is a reason for all things. We all have a down day but I smile for real! We were able to have a little short lesson with Jordan and his two brothers they are 8 and under so their eyes and ears lose track... if you know what I mean. Haha. The spirit was felt and that evening we had a great time at dinner with the Peterson's. He went out hunting for the week and told us all about the Elk and such. It has been getting cooler I'd say and my nose is cold all the time! It was a joy to have Sister Condie come out with us on a visit to her neighbors! She and her husband just came home from their mission in CO. I just love it when members are involved!

Wednesday, talk about tender mercies all day long. Sister West and I haven't had like any referrals so we have been visiting lots of members and getting to know them better. But this day was just amazing our highest, 5 less active lessons!!!! So wonderful as we were able to give Jordan a Book Of Mormon Story Book! Nadine and Mark are still struggling for some reason, but when you are living in sin then no wonder. You can't feel the spirit much. Damian was outside with his friends playing in the water in the street. (The PW area has been building like a super a lot of homes really fast and so there was water running off the side, perfect for playing in, right?! Nasty) Then seeing Shaylee outside cleaning her garage a bit, chatted with her! We were able to talk to Cameron and his friend and shoot he shared a wonderful testimony!

Thursday, we have met with Keller; she is less active and wanting to come back to church and wants us to teach her and her boyfriend! We had a movie night with Jamie and Rob! It was totes fun watching the Restoration DVD!!! Loved it! We are going back this week to finish it! Happy Day!  

Friday, District meeting was wonderful all about members getting involved in the work! No tracking means we need the members help... A LOT!!!! We were able to have dinner with this wonderful family in the SL ward and they are a part member Family. It was just wonderful putting in little spiritual moments and enjoying getting to know the family. Their son is out on a mission now and their daughter just decided to serve too! How wonderful is that?!!?! We left our card, card!!! ;) and told them they should look at the site! Wink, wink!

Saturday, was just crae! We helped with a funeral and shoot, it was like I was back at the Barn bringing out food.... totes miss doing that! I loved talking to the different family members and cheering them up! It made me feel so happy to talk about how our Heavenly Father loves us and knowing we can return back to Him!

Sunday, was just wonderful! The spirit was just so super amazing!!! We planned for where we needed to be and it was so what I needed! These are just some of my thoughts from the day!

There is a way to Reach human hearts, and it is your business to find the way to the <3's of those to whom you are called. -Lorenzo Snow

Truly feeling the balm of Gillian.

As the sacrament was being passed around I thought how exciting it is for all of these people to be here! I can just imagine all of them getting baptized again!

Our greatest example is the one that obeyed His Father, Jesus Christ.

'For courage to accept thy will, to listen and obey' When we do all that He has asked us to do then He will bless us!

I know that as we continue on the path of righteousness we will be able to feel of His love. Love will fill our hearts and our fears will diminish for a time. We will be able to stand firm in our faith knowing He is there to give us help and comfort us. Love really does come back when we open our hearts to receive it! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. This is all we have of Fall... not too fun but I just had to take a cute picture of it!
Our district, E!
Oh hey! We have to have some kind of fun!!! It's been nearly two years (well almost a year!!!! YEAH!!!!)

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