Monday, November 25, 2013

Be Grateful.

Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been another trial of my faith and willingness to serve HIM. As a mission we have really been applying what Elder Bednar has taught us and most of all what the spirit taught me! Monday evening we met with Juan who is less active and is wanting to come back to church! It is so amazing to know of members who are helping him come back! He is just so amazing, he is in his 40's and is helping his parents back in Mexico. (I practice my EspaƱol on him! Ha.) He is a vet and doing really well. We watched the movie, On the Way Home. Tears came to my eyes as I thought of watching it when we were younger and now I can really understand the importance of our baptismal covenants! I know Juan will understand all of it too! That evening we had Sister Exchanges with the sister training leader's I stayed in North Salt Lake with Sister Taylor. I was so worried about the area... I'm so glad I was able to use Sister Howell's GPS! Ha.

So Tuesday we had our scripture study with Sarah, the bishops daughter of the HL Ward. The whole lesson was by the spirit... I don't know where any of the words coming out of my mouth were coming from but I just kept talking and then I turned to Preach My Gospel Ch. 6, Humility. We all need to work on it and I felt the Saviors love knowing that I can improve on my weaknesses that I have. This week it has been hard giving my will over to the Lord! Aiden is just the cutest little boy, he reminds me of Benjamin!!! Ha. He is 11 and was for true totes teaching us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We used the tea bag and he just loved it! I guess the 30th doesn't work for him and his family so I asked Aiden what day he would like to be baptized (His mom said any Friday or Saturday in Dec.) So he told me, Dec. 6th! I asked why... it's the soonest he can get baptized! Aww. It was the cutest thing ever! He really wants to do this! Then our lesson with Brother Kay who is less active didn't go as planned but as I just sat and listened to the spirit I knew he is not ready to come back to church. He feels pushed and I told him no matter what he decides to do, if I see him at Smiths, I'm going to still say hello to him! He is still a child of God and needs to feel of His love for him!

Wednesday was a another day as a missionary! We had our lesson with Ashley and she is still off date but we were able to talk about the 10 Commandments and she just loves the hand motions!!! Oh then that evening we went to Young Women's and did Zomba!!!!!! Hahahaha. Totes crae, crae fun!!!! Hahaha. Good thing it was just the girls! Haha. ;) I forgot how much I love that workout!

Thursday was just another day on the farm! Slow but just wonderful sharing our testimonies! Ha. Friday we were able to have our district meeting and we talked about Elder Clark and Elder Bednar's talks. The spirit just filled the room as we are all learning together, doing our very best to be what our Heavenly Father wants us to be. I would totes have to say it's really hard to see that some days when all goes.... not the way you want it to. But things work out. I'm so grateful for prayer! So for some reason we had dinner and afterwards I kept getting this feeling to go to one of our Bishops homes. I just pushed it back thinking he doesn't need a visit!... Big no, no! Haha. So we drove around and then it hit me... shoot, Sister Howell we need to say a prayer... nothing is coming to me. As Sister Howell said the prayer she said a few things in it that hit me really hard, tender to my heart, knowing that this Bishop I was thinking of did not need us but we needed him! So we drove over and asked if we could share a message with his family! His children gathered around and the spirit was so very strong. We laughed and sang cute primary songs, my fav! In the back of my mind, all day, I just needed a blessing from dad. I don't know why but I felt like I needed one. Right when we were about to leave.... Bishop asked, is there anything I can do for you?! I said no and then we got up and I asked him. He said of course. I have just been super overwhelmed this week. Full of stress and with that, my stomach started hurting, so I was even more stressed and concerned about the work and how I was doing with reaching my full potential. The blessing was just so tender and just what I needed. I just wanted to feel dads love for me, and I did! It is truly just wonderful how our Heavenly Father knows us so very much to give us the strength and help that we need to continue on.

Saturday was just a pleasant day but my spirit was just really down so was Sister Howells. After our studying I went back in bed and just silently cried my eyes out watching Mormon Messages. Why hast thou forsaken me? It's because I have put up this wall and am not allowing him to help me. The atonement is real! I just need to be willing to let him in and help me overcome all of my list of weaknesses! After an hour nap and kneeling in prayer I was able to get out of the house and Sister Howell and I were able to walk down our road and share our testimonies! It was so wonderful! Then heck we did service in our boots and skirts! Service is so wonderful for the soul. Totes grateful for that simple opportunity!

Sunday was just tender to help with teaching the Jr. and Sr. Primary class in the 9th Ward! Oh how I love teaching to the children and shoot we had so much fun in singing time!!! Ps. a sister in one of our wards told me that 'I have a joyous and unfettered laugh!' Too cute, right?!!?!

I just love how our Heavenly Father still loves us no matter how many mistakes we make. During the EH sacrament meeting we sang the song, How Great the Wisdom and the Love. I need to totes have that every single day. I am trying my very best to do the things the Lord would have me do and change but it's a bit hard to do it all at once. So I just have to take one day at a time and understand the atonement a bit more. You know what I'm going to be studying this week?!!?! THE ATONEMENT! Lots of prayers! I just love you each so very much! I am so totes happy for this Thanksgiving week to really know and show what I'm thankful for! So I invite each of you to BE GRATEFUL! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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