Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Totes Thankful.

 Dearest Pratt Family,

This week has been a bit slow but just so happy filled with the holiday spirit! Monday was not our pday because of the holiday so we were just out and about. Tuesday was just wonderful! Sister Howell and I made breakfast for our district leader’s and it was just so much fun! Then we had a lesson with Sarah and her friends came over to join our scripture study so there were four young women! Oh one of them was Bishop Anderson’s daughter from WX!!! I was so happy! We had a lesson with Aiden and he is just so happy to be baptized! Then we went over to Rex and Jennifer’s home and decorated one of their Christmas trees! Oh it was the cutest thing ever! I just love decorating!

Wednesday was a wonderful day outside and so we walked down our road and visited a few homes! It was so much fun to look at the beauty of the earth and feel our Heavenly Fathers love! We had another lesson with Aiden and he is just full of cute adorbsness and knowledge! Did I say he is so happy to be baptized?!!?! Ha.

Thanksgiving was like totes amazing! Being our Pday it was great! I was doing my laundry upstairs and when I was coming down the stairs I fell... wahbam! It totes hurt and I just put ice on it and thought I would be fine.... I couldn't miss the most amazing dinners on my mission! So we went! We had two dinners. The first one was at 1:30 pm with the Vincent Family, they were past mission presidents in Australia and their family was all there and it was like a party! We then ate another dinner at 2:45 pm with President and Sister Bennet! They are just the cutest things ever! Love their family! We were able to help put a puzzle together and I so got into it! Also he makes like the best pumpkin pie ever!!! (President Bennet is the 2 counselor in the mission presidency!) We were able to go home and sit for like 5 secs. and we then went to this laser tag place and I of course went crae in the dark!!! It is just so much fun but odd! Haha. And we went go-carting too! It was completely not what I had expected to do on thanksgiving, but heck being with our zone was so much fun!!! Sister Howell was so super home sick, it's her first holiday being out and so I just hugged her as she cried and when we went back home I just cuddled her and we talked about her bf who is in Germany on his mission. I guess I don't have that issue of being home sick but I have others! Ha.

Friday was our District meeting and it was just wonderful, all about planning and Elder Bickley was led by the spirit for that meeting! Time is Love, we need to emulate the Love our Savior has for others. We then went to the Temple during lunch time because one of the sisters in our district, her friend was getting married! And we got pictures and shoot, I saw Alexis Eckel!!!! She is totes adorbs and it was such a happy day! We went to Rose's home to say hello and we were able to have some dessert! We had such a fun girls night with her mom and family that was over for a thanksgiving dinner! Rose's sister is planning on going on a mission so it was great talking to her! I just know that our family spirit is just so connected as I was able to feel of all your love on my closet door in my room that night!!!! I'm so grateful for the spirit that is able to help me continue on!

Saturday I was so not feeling well at all so Sister Hansen told me to go to Insta Care! NO!!!! It was such an eventful day.... Sister Powell took us and I felt so bad she had to wait... Sister Howell and I were going crazy.... for true, there were three people on cell phones, and one eating a sucker! Haha. I just let loose and had fun!!! haha. Just look at the pictures! Ha. So I now have like high power pain meds and I'm totes fine! ;) I think?! Ha.

Sunday was just a wonderful day of fasting and I could feel the spirit so strongly! All of the meetings were just so sweet and I know that we were to be in each of them. Sweet Brother and Sister Powell had us for a light dinner and we just had so much fun with them! Jason’s lesson was just so inspired as we knew Jason needs to know really who Jesus Christ is! He is doing CPR and is exercising his faith! We just need to be patient! We had dinner at 6pm with the Smiths.... I don't know why but at the end of our dinner we sang 'How great Thou Art' and the spirit was just so quiet and still! I felt so happy and tears just came to my eyes. I held them back but I could just feel Heavenly Fathers love. As we left their home the sunset was just amazing and I know I am being watched over here in North Salt Lake. Sister Uchtdorf gave us a hug when we saw them and then Elder Nelson was able to talk to us outside his home and thanked Sister Howell and I for our service! Tender mercies!

Just for fun Sister Howell and I had these cute Santa hats and did Christmas pictures for our Holiday cards, so here is a sneak peck! I just love you all and am so happy that you all had a super totes wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I'm so grateful for all y’all!!!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

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