Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Blessings!

Dearest Pratt Family,

The Christmas Season is over for the world, but in my life it still continues on! I just love talking about Christ and how wonderfully He blesses us! So the few days before Christmas it was just so much fun making visits and giving little spiritual thoughts and such to members and less active peeps in the Stake and of course handing out cute homemade Buckeyes!!! Shoot, I love being an Ohioan with Sister Howell! On Christmas Eve we went to a nursing home to sing carols and what joy that was to sing to the older class of the world! Their spirits are just so tender at the close of their lives! There are some that I just want to cuddle and hold in my arms forever! But we had to leave and continue our visits! We ate out for dinner with a family which I thought was a bit different but I know Heavenly Father had a hand in it because I was able to see Grandma and Grandpa Lingard! I couldn't believe it! It was just a year ago Sister Yates and I were at the Lingard’s making my first phone call home on my mission!!! Tear. They mean so very much to me. After dinner, Sister Howell and I stopped by this home that has their Christmas lights go off to music... yep, I was like heck, turn on the radio and watch the cute little lights all over! It's my last Christmas and so I was going to enjoy myself, plus I know Sister Hanson would allow it... I think?! Haha. Then when we got home I wanted to cry but I just kept it all in and got into my cute polka dot leggings, put on our happy David Archuleta MoTab CD and made Buckeyes and then helped Grandma Powell wrap her Christmas gifts to her grandchildren!!! It was the best thing ever!

Christmas Day was totes packed and so much fun there was like no time to think! We had an 8 am Breakfast with the Clark Family and their neighborhood! 9 am we had another Breakfast with our Zone! and then at 10:30 am we ate the best French toast at Mama and Papa Z's with homemade syrup! You know my feelings about French toast... MY FAV! ;) Then I just couldn't wait any longer to open my Christmas gifts that were sent and placed on our door step prior to this happy, joyful, sweet, tender, merry day! I just felt so loved by all of you! Then we went to our lunch at1 pm with the Bennett Fam in the RT ward! They were wonderful and my plate was so not even filled with the yummy food! Haha. I couldn't eat another bite! Haha. They had given us presents too and they were adorbs! Then we went home to sing to Grandma and Grandpa Powell and their family upstairs and watched them open their gifts! We then went to our 4pm dinner! No more food! I'm so totes fat! But we ate the dinner anyhow! They didn't have it ready until after we were at their home so that is why we were late seeing you! But I was just so happy to see all your bright smiling faces! And the gorgeous diamond ring with my new brother-in-law!!! I'm so happy for Anna-Marie and Drew! <3 I just love you all! and it seems so unreal that the next time I see all of you will be in April! I was able to meet Sister Howell's parents and I guess I'm the first to do that but what can we say... we’re Ohio sisters! After I cried my eyes out on Sister Bair I was able to go back out and share a few more Christmas messages! So we went to Mama and Papa Adams and shared a super cute message with their family and grandchildren! It was so wonderful! But we locked our keys in the car so we had to get a ride to our next appointment! No big deal! Haha. We couldn't stay long at the Warner fam but it was so super sweet! I love their family! I just know that Heavenly Father is looking out for me.

The day after Christmas I felt like a burnt marshmallow! Haha. Fat and totes burnout! But we managed to go out and about which was super fun! On Friday we had our district meeting and the spirit was just so strong. One of the elders had said something that touched my heart and I just cried. I had to go to the bathroom and clean up... He said something about, 'our heart is willing but our body is weak.' That is where I am right now as a servant of the Lord. I know I have made it so far and have understood the Atonement a lot more but I want to be in the big fluffy cloud and the few steps that I have to do to get there seem so far out of reach... I just can barely get to one of the steps. I'm so thankful for our Savior and our Heavenly Father who provides me with understanding that where I am right now is just fine. I can always do better but I'm doing okay with the circumstances that are in front of me right now.

On Saturday for some reason we stopped by Rex and Jennifer's. I felt bad they had friends over but it was perfect and just what I needed! Rex was just talking to Sister Howell and I and Jennifer was at the dinner table with their friends who are not members who live in Sandy. When we were about ready to go I felt like I need to say goodbye to the friends but to go over to them and give them a handshake and a hug... I was like ummm, okay! As I did that the mother looked at her little girl and said, 'Show her what Santa got you!' So this little girl Olivia shows me her doll and I asked her if she had a name. She said she did and it was Kit. Oh?! I then remembered that it was an American Girl Doll! I said that she should write Santa a thank you card and told her how wonderful she was and how Kit looks just like her, blond hair and pretty freckles on her face! ;) I'm so grateful for the sweet Christmas Blessings that have come to me!

During lunch on Sunday I had opened the Ensign to read and it was just wonderful! The Good News of Repentance. I can't tell you enough but Heavenly Father loves each of us! He knows us! Tears just fill my eyes as I am able to understand a little more about our Heavenly Fathers plan for me! In Matthew 11:28 it reads, 'Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' The song, Each Life that Touches ours for Good is so very true! My Heavenly Father has truly blessed mine and so many others! At dinner the Brother just asked us so many questions and I really had to think about them but I know that every single day I have a warm fuzzy and this family helped me laugh so very much! They said I helped them have an 'Internal woop, woop!' Hahahaha. How funny is that?!!?!

I just love you all so much and know that all will work out with the family... soon school, a wedding and baby Jones! Oh the blessings He has given to our family! Mom and Dad, just take lots of deep breaths and smile lots! Ha. Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

1. We were at Rex and Jennifer's and took cute pics!
2. The FX ward we made cute Gingerbread Houses!
3. Future Sister Kathrine will be going home to CA to go to the Temple and finish preparing for her mission to the West Indies! It will be so different not having comp study with her anymore!
4. We made cookies at Rex and Jennifer's with her family! I have never seen a sugar cookie with so many fun sprinkles on it before! It was the cutest thing ever!

1. Christmas Eve, watching the lights dance to the music!
2. Opening our one Christmas present on Christmas Eve night from Grandma and Grandpa Powell!
3. Christmas day opening my presents all over the floor! Haha.
4. First Breakfast with the Clark Fam.

1. Second Christmas Breakfast with the Bountiful Zone!
2. Third Christmas Breakfast with Mama and Papa Z!
3. Lunch with the Bennett Fam!

1. Present all over! ;)
2. Christmas Dinner!
3. Best Family Ever!!!
4. Mama Bair.

1. Mama and Papa Adams! I love them!

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