Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh happy day... with lots of snow!

Dearest Pratt Family,

I just absolutely totes love the Christmas season filled with too much snow, happy faces, and peppy songs in my mind and complete love in my heart for my family, friends back home and in other area’s I've served here in Utah!!! I just don't want any of these feelings to go away!

Monday we were able to go on a hike in our area and I just loved it so very much! I just love looking out over the valley and seeing for miles and thinking of our Heavenly Fathers love! Also the deer are just so close and they don't run/ prance like they do back home! Haha. We were able to have our lesson with Juan and we talked about baptism and confirmation. Church is just so very important to go, to renew our promises with Heavenly Father! I know Juan will make it back to church one day and receive all the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for him!

Tuesday was totes crae and I was so not ready for all the snow to come! We shoveled our drive and I was like, what?!!?! But it was so much fun with Gram and Gramps watching us throw snow balls! Haha. Sister Howell and I went up to SLC to practice singing with another set of Sisters for the Mission Christmas Party which is this week! Silent Night and Be Still My Soul! Totes adorbs! Then we came back and had Aiden’s lesson and it was just awesome! He was so excited to be baptized! We had 'story hour' on Baptism! When we got back home we had to shovel again.... Sister Bennett called us, we have a new investigator, Noah!!!

Wednesday we practiced again in SLC for our song again then we had a lesson with our second new investigator, Nattie! She is 15 and is a dry Mormon!!! Please pray her dad’s heart may be softened to allow her to be baptized! Did I say the snow is like crae up here in the mountains?!!?! Dinner was crazy to find but it all worked out... we had our last lesson with cute little Aiden and he totes passed his interview! Of course!

Thursday was slow but it was all good. Kathrine was able to come over for our 10 am companion study and we met with Sarah later that afternoon for our scripture study! It was like super awesome, 3 Nephi 14.

Friday was just amazing, planning and such then we made these cute visual aids for Aiden’s talk! He loves how we joint teach so we are doing the talk on baptism! The spirit was so strong and when Aiden came up out of the water, he just hugged his brother! It was so super tender! I can just see his family one day going to the temple!!!

I'll write you the rest of my stormy week of snow and tender mercies of the holiday season today and send it out tomorrow! But I have been so very much blessed and have felt your prayers!!! I just love decorating Christmas trees and if I do say so myself they all look like totes super adorbs! Really, I just feel so blessed that the other night I went upstairs and talked to Sister Powell and I just cried.... I know it's super silly but I was just filled with so much love and haven't felt that way in a while. Happy tears are the best ones! ;) Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Here are some pics, The hike, Aiden's Baptism and then Sister Howell and I in the snow!

Ps. I have totes mastered the skill of French braiding!!!! I know I was totes excited!!! :D
Our little Christmas tree!
Aiden's Baptism

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