Monday, December 16, 2013

It's the most Wonderful time of the year.

Dearest Pratt Family,

I'm so very busy and there is like no time at all on Mondays to email or to write anyone but I want you to know that I love you all so very much. This week has been one of the most humbling and reassuring weeks that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and all that is going on back home with friends and family and here on my mission with each of our investigators! Can I just say that Heavenly Father loves Sister Howell and myself?!!?! All of our lessons were just perfect and meant to be not just for those we are teaching but for me. I have been getting up every morning and I'm doing better but still super weak. The snow is just cold but I know I could be colder, so I just count my blessings. So the day that stood out to me the very most was one of an answer to my prayers!

We had our mission Christmas party on Wednesday! It was the sweetest thing ever! Oh Sister Howell, myself, Sister Hansen, and Sister Lazano sang Be still my soul and Silent Night at the party!!!! It was just so wonderful! I just love seeing the missionaries and knowing how much work they are doing and having fun while doing it!

I know it may sound all messed together so I hope you can understand this email... sorry! Haha. On Friday it was the hardest finding out about Justin passing away and not knowing what to do.... but to know that I really want to let his family know of the gospel! That is my goal; their family needs it at this time of year too.

Now here is where the Lord comes into my life, well more like I recognize His hands. Being so very stressed about the work and such (we have so many to teach and I'm like on overload!) Mamma Adams was so sweet as she invited us to the Christmas concert!!! We just needed to have a LA or investigator come with us... bummer. Sister Howell loves music and all and I needed time to do nothing, my eyes were puffy and all! Well, Rex and Jennifer were going with the Ballard’s and so we could go! But we didn't have tickets so we were going to wait in the standby line.... we were about to cross the street when a man was like who needs two tickets?! Shut up! So we didn't have to sit in the standby, we were able to walk around Temple square and see all the adorb lights and I just felt so much peace in my heart! I know that our Heavenly Father loves me! It's hard to recognize it but at times I'm able to see it and I'm so very happy about that! I will write a more detailed letter today... I was able to get cleaning done this morning so we can have time today to relax and I can get my thoughts together about our lessons for this week! Sometimes we get so busy and can't find the joy that comes with this cute holiday season and cold fluffy snow and lights all a glow on the roof tops with the blessing of our Saviors birth giving us this life. We feel we have to go, go, go and really we need to just relax. Take in the joy and love of our Savior every single day and understand that He knows us! He loves us! I know that as we are able to listen to the sweet spirit we can help others feel of this warm fuzzy that we feel. We can touch their hearts with understanding of our Savior, Jesus Christ and become more like him! Just one day at a time we can accomplish this! So this week will just be the very best! Loves!

Love your daughter and little sister,
Sister Sarah Jane Pratt

Ps. Dad, I forgot to tell you that I just loved the letter you sent to me a few weeks back with moms! You are so amazing and I'm so happy to have a fun, loving, Christlike father like you who is so tender and willing to help me/ give me the encouragement that I need! I look at my sticky note often that I have about you comparing the gospel to a diamond on your mission! I'm so very blessed and thankful for you and mom and the fam! Loves!

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